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The Apple Watch is known for its superior quality and many features. They are often faked, trying to pass off as branded ones. There are several ways to distinguish the original Apple Watch from any fake.

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Apple Watch

How to spot a fake Apple Watch

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There are many replicas on the market. Some of them are not of poor quality, but differ significantly from branded watches. It is not difficult to identify a fake, it is enough to carefully examine them before buying, paying attention to a number of details.

Comparison of original and fake Apple Watch


You can already determine the originality of a smart watch by its appearance. A fake is distinguished by cheap material, a rough fit of all elements. They have a grainy screen, large bezels.

But it happens that a fake of a sufficiently high quality. Then it is difficult to determine the authenticity of the watch. Then attention should be paid to the back side. The original Apple Watch has sensors, and the cover is non-removable.

Non-branded goods also have micro usb connectors and slots for a SIM card. The original has no inputs.

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The Apple Watch only comes in two sizes, unlike copies. A fake is easy to calculate by the material, color of the strap.

Real smartwatches are distinguished by the presence of charging based on magnetic induction. This is a docking station or a special charge that is applied to the back cover. Charging analog is carried out through a special connector.

Original Apple Watch


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Authenticity can also be determined by price. The average cost of an Apple Watch is 30,000 rubles. Fakes are much cheaper. You can buy them for 5000 rubles.

The price of a Chinese fake can be as low as 1,500 rubles.

Analogues are always much cheaper than the original, because they are created in order to be bought more often than the brand.


The only advantage of a fake is the ability to put a memory card up to 32 GB. Without it, the device does not allow you to enter the gallery, there is no Facebook client and many other functions. There is also no built-in memory.

Chinese copies of replicas from other manufacturers are also distinguished by the lack of good sound. They are loud, but annoying, since most of them have only 64-voice polyphony.

Apple watches have many features, great sound, nice appearance.

Dreaming of an Apple Watch?


Original smart watches are distinguished by the quality of the materials from which they are made. According to the manufacturer himself, the future shell is first of all pressed, then subjected to heat treatment. To achieve perfect smoothness, the body is coated with a special diamond suspension.

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Each case is made within a few days. An alloy of aluminum and steel is used, shells that protect against dust and moisture.

Some Apple Watch models can be left on while swimming.

Fakes are made of cheap plastic, they are not durable. They have no protection against water and dust. The screen of such a fake is most likely made of rough plastic. The manufacturer prudently applies a matte film on it. The surface of the replicas is rough, rough.

Waterproof Apple Watch

Operating system

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The Apple Watch has a proprietary operating system. They work great, do not freeze, do not fail. This distinguishes them from fakes of any quality.

The software of watches from other manufacturers is characterized by poor translation, the presence of freezes. Certain features are missing or not working.

The android operating system, which is poorly designed. It is not always possible to connect them to the phone on the first try; a SIM card must be installed.

Brand watches can be easily connected to the iPhone, all functions work in normal mode.

Comparison of original and fake Apple Watch

Features and features

The authenticity of the watch can also be established by the capabilities of the gadget.

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Apple Watch iwatch
A simple Facebook client, it is possible to correspond with WhatsApp, read tweets. Easily connect to the iPhone and become its complete complement. It is easy to read all notifications, send messages, receive calls.
Unresponsiveness of the system, lack of a normal accelerometer. The screen lights up only when the button is pressed. The system works without fights, there is an accelerometer. The menu scrolls easily.
If the phone is dead, the call can be made from the watch. To do this, they have a SIM card installed. It is not possible to call from the watch if the battery on the phone is dead.
They connect via Bluetooth, but many control functions are not available. You can fully control the clock from your phone.

Inspection of the gadget is a sure way to check for authenticity before buying an Apple Watch. A fake gives out the quality of the material, the lack of many functions, the price.

Serial number of original Apple Watch

Check Apple Watch by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

How to find the serial number of Apple Watch or imei

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To find out the serial number, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. On your Apple Watch, open Settings.
  2. Go to "main".
  3. Find the "About device" item.
  4. Scroll down the screen to "serial number" or "imei".

When the clock is not around, you can check through the iPhone. To do this, you just need to go to the Apple Watch application, go to the "my watch" tab, select the "basic" item, find the "about device" field.

Comparison of original and fake Apple Watch

Top 10 Apple Watch Analogs - 2021 Rating

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Copies of smart watches Apple Watch can be of good quality. The rating includes the most popular models that are very popular.

Top 10 Iwo hw22 series 6

The model is distinguished by the most accurate appearance, especially in red. The advantages of iwo hw22 series 6 are the ability to measure the level of oxygen in the blood, receive calls. You can also switch music in the player using the clock. But the manufacturer warns that oxygen readings are inaccurate.

With constant wear, you will have to charge the watch every 4-5 days. To connect them to your smartphone, you will need to install a special application.

The replica has not fully developed software, low quality parts. Often there is a factory marriage. But for the amount of 2990 rubles on aliexpress, this is not a bad enough option, in which not every function after connecting to the phone may turn out to be working.

Original watch Iwo hw22 series 6

Top 9 Haylou ls02 global

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A copy of the Apple Watch with the lowest price. Produced in China, a subsidiary of Xiaomi. The gadget sits perfectly on the hand, has a pleasant to the touch strap. Externally, the watch looks more expensive than it costs, due to the metallic-painted case. The advantages are:

  • heart rate monitor;
  • 12 special programs for sports;
  • moisture protection.

To connect to a smartphone, you need to install a special program. This is where the advantages of the model end. Among the shortcomings, the lack of a GPS sensor is noted, which is not surprising at a price of 2190 rubles for aliexpress.

The application often freezes, has a strange, poor-quality translation.

Very often, the gadget lacks protection against moisture, which, at the first contact with water, disables the watch.

Haylou ls02 watch

Top 8 Amazfit gts

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As with Apple smartwatches, there is a fairly large screen. But that's the only thing they have in common. They look quite expensive due to the accurate assembly and more or less high-quality parts. They sit comfortably on the hand, fully charged in just a couple of hours.

A special advantage of the watch is the ability to work not only with Android smartphones, but also with Apple. The gadget monitors the level of illumination around, is able to count steps, pulse. There are 12 training programs installed. You can expand the functionality by installing a special program, which is a little unfinished. Lots of bugs and freezes.

The cost of such watches is from 8600 rubles. Are made in China.

Amazfit gts watch

Top 7 Realme rma 161

One of the budget replicas of the Apple Watch on Android. The cost of the gadget is 3800 rubles. The clock has several useful features:

  • measurement of oxygen in the blood;
  • connection via bluetooth;
  • work with a proprietary application;
  • 14 training programs;
  • pulse measurement;

They work only on android, so owners of smartphones on ios will not be able to connect them to their device. The charge is enough for about a week.

Among the shortcomings, you can also highlight the thick bezels, which reduce the display area.

Watch Realme rma 161

Top 6 Xiaomi mi watch lite

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Pretty good alternative to the Apple Watch. This is not a bad gadget of acceptable quality that works via bluetooth connection. It is easy to connect and manage. Has 11 training modes, protection against moisture. According to the manufacturer, you can not only take a shower with them, but also swim at shallow depths. In appearance, they are very similar to an apple, it is difficult to distinguish them during a cursory examination. Despite the fact that the manufacturer has long established itself in the market, there are sometimes defects among the watches. The cost of such a gadget is 4500 rubles.

Watch Xiaomi mi watch lite

Top 5 Honor watches

This is the best analogue of the Apple Watch for training, almost repeating their appearance. It has a large screen, but the set of functions resembles a fitness tracker. Of the advantages, one can single out ease of connection, management and configuration. Batteries last for a week, and charges in just 3-4 hours.

With detailed settings, the watch will automatically determine the type of physical activity that the owner is engaged in. There is also a function for measuring oxygen in the blood, but it provides not quite correct information. There are 95 training modes. The cost of the gadget is 7000 rubles.

Honor watch es

Top 4 Huami amazfit bip lite

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Another fake smart watch, characterized by long work on one charge cycle. The model is perfect for those who love to travel. Connects via Bluetooth wireless connection.

When you turn on the simple mode, they work up to 5-6 weeks without recharging.

The manufacturer claims that there is reliable moisture protection. But the watch can only withstand small splashes. You don't have to swim in them.

Determine the pulse, monitor the calories burned and the quality of sleep. There are only 4 modes for training. The price of such a model is 4100 rubles.

Huami amazfit bip lite watch

Top 3 Honor band 6

Honor is considered the most recognizable brand, the company also produces smartwatches that perfectly combine price and quality. The cost of the model is only 4000 rubles. Combine the functions of a smart watch and a fitness tracker. They have a bright, large display, measure the level of oxygen. The main advantage is the ability to connect to both android and ios.

Among the shortcomings, users note the incorrect operation of the pedometer, turning off the gadget when it overheats. It is perfect for those who love style, leads a healthy lifestyle.

Honor band 6 watch

Top 2 Huami amazfit bip u

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A beautiful knockoff of an Apple Watch. It has a presentable appearance. The model has 60 training modes, the ability to measure oxygen, receive incoming calls, control the camera of the connected phone. Equipped with connectors on the body.

The bracelet is made of pleasant to the touch material, perfectly sits on the hand. The screen in the sun is a little dim, but it does not interfere with work. The only significant drawback is the occurrence of glitches when connected through a native application to an iPhone. The cost of huami amazfit bip u is only 4500 rubles.

Huami amazfit bip u watch

Top 1 Huawei watch fit

The most popular model, similar to the original. The watch not only completely repeats the appearance of an apple, but also surpasses them in functions. There are 96 modes for training, have the ability to track the type of activity that the owner is engaged in. Perfectly counts calories burned, measures the level of oxygen. Precise enough for a non-medical device.

Without charging, they work for 10 days. They can swim at shallow depths. The average price of the model is 8500 rubles.

Huawei watch fit

A small reminder of the differences between the original Apple Watch and fake

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Software Branded Apple third party
Ease of connection In automated mode May require additional manipulation
Appearance Irreproachable Have a distant resemblance to the Apple Watch

Advantages and disadvantages of Chinese smartwatches compared to the original Apple Watch

Chinese Apple Watch replicas might not be that bad. They have their pros and cons. The disadvantages include:

  1. Made from cheap materials.
  2. The strap and clasp quickly become unusable.
  3. There is no protection against dust and moisture.
  4. The screen does not always respond to pressing and touching.
  5. Short service life.

Even with a quick inspection, it is clear that the watch on hand for 5,000 rubles is not original. They also have advantages:

  1. They are several times cheaper.
  2. The sound is loud.
  3. You can call from them by inserting a SIM card.
  4. It is not a pity to lose or break.

It is hard to find a worthy replacement for Apple smartwatches. Analogues still will not work like the original.

fake apple watch

What to do if you got a fake

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There are many ways to check the watch for originality. But there are times when this is not possible. First of all, when buying a fake device, you must return it to the seller as a product of inadequate quality.

You should also ask the seller to provide all the necessary certificates for any model of Apple Watch that he has in stock.

Even in the case when the seller accepted the goods back and returned the money, the buyer has the right to contact the relevant authorities.

Apple authentication does not take long. Therefore, before buying, you should carefully examine the watch and make sure that it is original. You should not buy a similar product on the Internet, where there is no way to determine its authenticity.

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