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When you need to find social networks by the phone number of a friend, they use all kinds of Internet resources, applications and databases. Finding the right profile using your account is easy enough. The only obstacle in the search for data may be the wanted person himself. If he does not show unnecessary activity on the network and protects the account with privacy settings, then it will be problematic to detect him. The user will have to spend time collecting personal information and searching for verified spyware.

Social network
Social networks will help you find a person by phone number.

Telegram bots for information search

Get Contact

The same legendary bot that played an important role in the sensational investigation. The bot shows exactly how the mobile phone number is written in the address book of other subscribers. The piece of iron draws information from mobile devices of subscribers who have installed the Get Contact application, therefore, if this program is not installed on the phones of your friends, you will not receive any data. The bot allows you to send no more than three phone numbers per day.

AV info

A bot for checking data about the history of a car by license plate, VIN, PTS number, full name or phone number of the owner, which theoretically allows you to identify “outbidding”. With its help, it is not difficult to identify the owner of the vehicle propped up by your bucket in the parking lot of the supermarket. The capabilities of the bot are quite wide, and the price is relatively low: one report costs 150 rubles, but you can buy a subscription.


Quite an interesting bot that allows you to search by phone number (gives you a username, region, city, email, page in VKontakte, nickname and ID in Telegram, if any), by email (returns phone, name, VK page ” and city), by vehicle number, nickname or name in social networks, as well as by photo — the bot looks for similar ones.


A free bot that allows you to find by nickname which groups in the "Cart" this or that user is a member of. Theoretically, this information can tell you something about the interests and hobbies of the character you are interested in.


The bot works very simply: using the entered mobile phone number in the international format (+7XXXAAABBCC), GetFB finds the Facebook page registered for this phone. The bot does not ask for money for its work and works perfectly.

Preparing to check registration on social networks by phone number

Before starting to search for a profile, the user must collect all the necessary information about the desired contact. First you need to write down the number in the phone book of a smartphone or other device from which data is being searched.

When synchronizing contacts in VK, OK, Facebook, Instagram, network algorithms find the required profile automatically. The search is available upon confirmation or identification of the user. A mobile number is used to register in any social network. If the subscriber has not limited the ability to search for a profile by phone, it will be possible to find his account in a few minutes.

The next preparation step is to select a site for contact testing. If you know in which of the social networks the subscriber is registered, it is enough to activate only synchronization. This feature is provided by most services for online communication. It is connected through the menu with social network settings.

If you do not have any information about the contact, you will need to narrow the search - to identify those accounts that are registered using the given number. To do this is quite simple. You need to open the authorization form, or rather, the option to reset the password. Next, enter the phone number in the column with the login and make a request to change the PIN code. If the social network recognizes the data (opens the confirmation tab), then the account is valid. You can start searching.

Instruction for Android

To find friends and acquaintances on an Android phone, just follow 2 steps.


  1. Add a phone to the address book.
  2. Register with the service through which you plan to search.
Instruction for Android
You need to add a contact to the phone book.

Next, install the social network mobile application (open the site) and check the phone using any of the methods below. The choice of this or that algorithm depends only on the purpose and tasks.

For iOS

For the "eplovskaya" technology, the algorithm of actions is slightly different.


  1. Add a number to your address book.
  2. Make sure iCloud sync with Apple ID is turned on.
  3. Update the numbers in the iCloud Contacts app. Swipe down on the screen after opening the list.

Next, download the application of one of the social networks in the App Store (iTunes) or open the site of the same name and use one of the search methods below.

Basic methods and general rules for searching for a person in social networks

When checking a number in a particular service, both built-in tools (search string, buffer data exchange) and external features (browsers, programs, bots) are used.

Basic Rules:

  1. Synchronization of contacts gives a result if a person does not restrict access to a personal number.
  2. The search results of services are used to find active users offering any services or cooperation on the basis of advertising.
  3. External resources will help you find an account without the need to register (authorize) in the social network.
Search rules
Search results are used to find active users.

After analyzing the general rules, you need to build a strategy for searching the profile based on the data that is available.

Via personal account

To find a person by number, the contact is entered into the search bar. You can do this after logging in to the social network.


  1. Open the search page for VK, OK, Instagram or another social network.
  2. Specify a query containing a number in international format.
  3. View the output for the specified filter.

If a person left personal contacts for communication in the profile header or in one of the posts, the service will display the account in the list.

With the help of messengers

The easiest way to search is to find a given number in the bases of "common rooms". If a person does not hide contacts from strangers, it will be possible to find his profile in 1 minute.

With the help of messengers
With the help of messengers it is very easy to find a person.


  1. Save the contact to your phone.
  2. Open messenger Viber, WhatsApp or Telegram.
  3. Check if an account exists for the given number (synced contacts tab).
  4. Go to your profile by clicking on the round avatar icon. Zoom in.
  5. Take a screenshot. Trim the edges, leaving only the original photo.
  6. Use the image search in the browser or a specialized service (Search4faces, Findclone, etc.).

The issuance of the site will display all pages where this photo is present, as well as links to similar pictures.

Through the search engines "Yandex" and "Google"

Using search engines is a common way to find accounts. Many users leave contact details for communication, forgetting to hide them with privacy settings. The chance of finding a match by number is quite high.

Enter a number in the search bar, add the name of the social network and check the results on request. In order for machine algorithms to find an exact match, the browser includes the appropriate advanced search filter.

"Yandex" is used in the first place, because. the service is aimed at the Russian-speaking population and ranks the pages of VK and OK users. Google can be useful when checking accounts registered in foreign social networks Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. To optimize the query, the words “profile”, “profile”, “dating”, “sell”, etc. are entered into the search bar, depending on what the intended person is doing. Such a request will help you find the profile page, find out your full name, history of activity on the network.

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How to find people in different social networks by phone number

The search for a person on communication platforms is automated thanks to the synchronization function. Social media robots find the accounts of all the people you know in your address book, and also recommend the profiles of people who also have your phone.

"In contact with"

To check a person, you will need to install the VKontakte application.

In contact with
Install the Vkontakte application to check a person.


  1. Log in to the service.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Select the section with the account ("Other" tab).
  4. Turn on contact sync.
  5. Re-enter the menu. Select "My Friends".
  6. Click on the plus.
  7. View a contact by a given number.

If a person has blocked the number with privacy settings, it will be possible to find it through a messenger or a search engine.


To check the page, you will also need to install the application.


  1. Log in to the service.
  2. Go to the menu, select the section with friends.
  3. Go to the "Phone Contacts" tab ("View" option).
  4. Allow access to the phone book.
Odnoklassniki is one of the largest social networks.

After updating the application, questionnaires from the directory will appear in the section.


The account is searched on the social network website.


  1. Log in to Facebook.
  2. Click on the question icon (in the upper right corner of the screen).
  3. Select the item with settings.
  4. Open the "Privacy" tab.
  5. Scroll down and click on Media & Contacts.
  6. Turn on the continuous download of numbers (synchronization).
  7. Go to the "Start" tab. Allow access.
You can search for an account on Facebook.

The list of profiles will be loaded into the "Recommendations" ("Friends") section. If the contact does not appear in the list, then the account has not yet been registered. The service does not allow you to hide the number with privacy settings, like VK or OK.


Checking a contact on Instagram will give a result if the account was registered using a number (not e-mail).


  1. Log in to the app.
  2. Go to settings. Select an account section and activate synchronization.
  3. Refresh the page.
  4. Use the "People of interest" tab.
On Instagram, an account must be registered using a number.

The desired profile will appear in the recommendations.


If the account is registered on Twitter with a given number, the synchronization of contacts will give an accurate result, just like on Facebook.


  1. Log in to the site.
  2. Open the menu by clicking on the profile icon.
  3. Follow the link "Reading".
  4. Click on the person icon in the right corner.
  5. In the "Find Friends" section, select "Get Started".
  6. Allow access.
  7. Synchronize contacts.
Synchronization of contacts in Twitter will give the result.

Recommended accounts will appear in the proposed list. The search will have to be done manually by photo or name.

Alternative search methods

It is possible to find a person without data synchronization. If the user maintains anonymity on the network, spyware comes to the rescue. The generated data array is received legally, tk. users themselves merge contacts on the Internet. Programs only collect information into a single database.

Verified Services Functionality
true caller Issues full name, photo, mail address, name of mobile operator and region
RusFinder Searches for accounts by last name and first name, filter by city of residence is available
Telegram bots @howtofindbot and @smart_searchbot Looks for the ID of any social networks, additional information about the subscriber

If the search did not yield any results, you should contact a specialist - a private detective with a license. The price tag for the service is 1500-3000 rubles. At the same time, the user can be sure that the order will be completed on time with a guarantee.

Prohibited Services

There are many sites on the network offering to find any information about the right person. Services are created by hackers illegally leaking stolen data. Cooperation with such structures falls into the field of view of special services.

There is another category of fraudulent sites that extort money for a non-existent service. They mislead the victim by offering to use demo access, while simultaneously collecting a database for the client. The requirement to fill out a questionnaire with payment details is their distinguishing feature. Before turning to such sites for help, you should not only read reviews from the Internet, but also check the domain against blacklists of scammers.

Through a mobile operator

Search for accounts through providers is not available. The only thing that can be found in the databases "merged" into the network is the full name. and connection region. But even in this case, the reliability of the data remains in question. Information quickly becomes outdated, because. subscribers often change numbers.

Social networks are searched by phone number in 4 ways: through a personal account, messenger, browser or special tracking programs. The choice of the optimal option depends on the tasks and capabilities of the user.

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