A complete review of the Stihl Chainsaw: features, lineup, repairs, how to distinguish a fake and price range

Chainsaw Stihl Technique

One of the leaders in the market of sawing equipment is Stihl chainsaw. Her firm position is fully justified. For a long time, she has been a reliable assistant to the owners of garden and summer cottages, and timber procurers. The model range was gradually expanded, improving systems that provide the most comfortable use.

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About the manufacturer

The main office is located in Germany. Long time country production was in the USA, but later it became impossible. Now the saw is made at the Stihl factory in China. The build quality has not deteriorated, which confirms the great popularity among not only amateurs, but also professionals. You can still sometimes find American-made instruments.

Stihl Chainsaw Factory

Application area

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The Stihl range includes chainsaws designed for simple to more complex woodworking. Tasks that are solved with the help of power tools:

  • Trimming branches of trees, shrubs. 
  • Thinning out small weeds. 
  • Preparation of fuel wood. 
  • Construction and installation works. 
  • Sawing ice and removing bark, using additional nozzles

The extensive scope of application causes a large consumer demand. 

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You can buy an original Stihl chainsaw here

The most popular model is the Stihl ms 180 with specifications:

  • Power - 1.5 kW. 
  • Torque at 5500 rpm - 1.5. 
  • Weight - 3.9 kg. 
  • The maximum speed is 9 thousand rpm. 
  • Idling - 2.8 thousand rpm.

Available with 35 cm (50 links) and 40 cm (55 links) tires. 

The Stihl MS 180 C-BE has been upgraded with the ErgoStart easy start system and quick chain tensioning.

Standard equipment

Equipment Stihl ms 260

Basic equipment includes:

  • The quickstop brake is a safety device during operation. It can be activated by pressing the front stop with your hand. With strong kickback, an automatic stop occurs.
  • Anti-vibration system. Designed to prevent chronic circulatory disorders in the hands. 
  • Capacitor for carburetor. fixture, reducing exhaust and fuel consumption, reduces the frequency of cleaning the air filter. The latter becomes necessary only with a significant decrease in power. 
  • Single lever control. Hot, cold control launch, operation and shutdown is carried out by one lever. 
  • The Ematic lubrication system is created thanks to a special design tires and chains. As a result, it is reduced oil consumption half. 

Some models are equipped with additional systems. 


You can buy an original Stihl chainsaw here

The table can help with the decision, what chainsaw best suited to the task at hand. 

Model range Stihl ms Power, hp Vibration level, m/s2 Oil tank volume, cm3 Fuel tank volume, cm3
170 1,8 4,9 145 30,1
180 2,0 7,2 145 31,8
211 2,3  3,5 265  35,2 
230 2,7 7,35 200 42,8
250 3,1 6,2 200 45,4
260 3,5 4 290 50,2
361 4,6 3,6 325 59
362 4,8 3,5 325 59
440 5,4 7,5 275 70,7
660 7,1 7 360 82

Stihl ms 170

Stihl ms 170


  1. Compact, maneuverable, light weight - 3.9 kg. 
  2. Automatic shutdown in case of overload thanks to the QuickStop brake system. 
  3. Easy and secure setup. 
  4. Low vibration. 
  5. The Elastostart program provides a soft start. 


  1. Noisy at startup. 
  2. The need for frequent maintenance. 
  3. Lack of air and HD2 filters. 
  4. The system does not automatically supply lubricant to the parts that require it.

Suitable for non-intensive work in the garden and suburban areas. It is used for sawing fuel wood and trimming tree trunks.

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Stihl ms 180

Stihl ms 180

You can buy an original Stihl chainsaw here


  • Light weight - 3.9 kg. 
  • Anti-vibration system. 
  • Automatic brake automatically turns off the device under heavy load.
  • One lever control. 
  • Equipment with a compensator, the purpose of which is to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.
  • Easy removal of the housing for access to the filter. 
  • Ematic lubrication system. 


  1. High noise level during operation. 
  2. No HD2 filter. 

Usage tool relevant for work in the garden and suburban areas. The saw is used in construction, repair work, sawing trees. 

Stihl ms 211

Stihl ms 211


  1. Single lever control system. Starting (cold and hot) is done with one click. 
  2. The QuickStop brake protects the tool from extreme loads. 
  3. Comfortable use thanks to the anti-vibration system. 
  4. Possibility of use in negative air temperatures with preheating of the carburetor. 
  5. The presence of an air filter that removes heavy particles to the outside. 
  6. Lubrication savings due to the Ematic system, which automatically delivers the lubricant to hard-to-reach places. 
  7. Fuel savings created by four-channel technology. 
  8. Easy to open fuel tank. 
  9. The design of a saw protects hands during the work with it. 


  1. No HD2 filter. 
  2. Noise in operation. 

Powerful enough chainsaw calm, despite its small size. Designed for sawing trunks with a diameter of not more than 10 cm. 

Stihl ms 230

Stihl ms 230

You can buy an original Stihl chainsaw here


  1. Single lever control. 
  2. Automatic stop system under extreme loads. 
  3. Protection against contact with a sharp chain. 
  4. Upgraded anti-vibration system for safe and comfortable use. 


  1. High noise level. 
  2. Lack of air and HD2 filters. 

Great for logging and construction work of any complexity. 

Stihl ms 250

Stihl ms 250


  1. The QuickStop brake makes it easy to stop the saw in an emergency. Automatic shutdown occurs with a strong impact. 
  2. The presence of a primer that determines the supply of fuel to the carburetor manually. 
  3. Fast chain tension function. 
  4. Possibility of work in the winter period at preliminary warming up by the carburetor. 


  1. Noisy work. 
  2. Frequent maintenance requirements. 
  3. No additional filters. 
  4. There is no precision lubrication system. 
  5. Lack of easy access to the fuel tank. 

The high power level ensures long-term operation. The filan is used for garden operations, firewood harvesting, construction work. It is allowed to cut trees with a trunk diameter of not more than 30 cm. 

Stihl ms 260

Stihl ms 260


  1. Modern anti-vibration system. 
  2. Program for stopping the saw with the QuickStop brake. 
  3. Equipped with a depression valve, which reduces the necessary force to press the start button. 
  4. Oil dosing accuracy. 
  5. Regulation of the carburetor by a compensator, which protects against breakdowns and the need for frequent maintenance. 
  6. Installed catalyst that reduces the amount of exhaust gases. 

Negative side:

  1. Noisy work. 
  2. No additional filters. 
  3. High price. 
  4. Lack of precision lubrication system. 

The model is relevant for those who are actively involved in the procurement processes of wood, construction work and installation using wood. Suitable for gardeners and owners of private houses where cutting, thinning, cultivation of trees and shrubs is necessary. 

Stihl ms 361

Stihl ms 361

You can buy an original Stihl chainsaw here


  1. Easy pressing of the start button at the expense of a complete set the depression valve. 
  2. High precision oil supply for lubrication. 
  3. Four-channel system that increases engine efficiency. 
  4. Brake system QuickStop. 
  5. Relatively light weight 5.6 kg. 


  1. High price. 
  2. No HD2 filter. 
  3. Noisy work. 

The model is popular among foresters. It is recommended to use for trunks with a diameter of no more than 30 cm. It can be used for thinning out thickets of plants. 

Stihl ms 362

Stihl ms 362


  1. The M-Tronic system allows you to control fuel consumption depending on the operating mode. 
  2. One lever for cold and hot start. 
  3. The air filter brings out large particles. 
  4. The HD2 filter is excellent at removing fine particles. It is also easy to maintain and clean. 


  1. High noise level during operation. 
  2. High cost. 
  3. Lack of “smart” oil supply to the required place. 

The chainsaw copes with various types of logging work. It is impossible to cut trees with trunks whose diameter is more than 0.3 m. Not relevant for small saw cuts. 

Stihl ms 440

Stihl ms 440


  1. The function of warming up the carburetor, which allows the use of the tool in negative temperatures. 
  2. The work of the carburetor is regulated by a compensator. 
  3. Possibility of safe settings chains. 
  4. Convenient access to the fuel tank. 
  5. Equipped with an automatic chainsaw stop system.


  1. Inability to control fuel consumption in different operating modes. 
  2. Lack of air and HD2 filters. 
  3. Loud work. 
  4. There is no precise oil supply. 

It can be used in sparse forests for cutting down medium-sized trees. Differs in high productivity. 

Stihl ms 660

Stihl ms 660


  1. Providing an easy start function. 
  2. Modified anti-vibration system for comfortable operation. 
  3. Improved lubrication system allows longer working period. 


  1. Heaviness 7.2 kg. 
  2. Noise during operation. 
  3. Lack of additional filters. 

Professional consumer grade model. It is used in sawmills and when felling trees. 

User manual

You can buy an original Stihl chainsaw here


The saw has a fairly simple design. 

Stihl chainsaw instruction manual

The robust body is made of polyamide coated with fiberglass. For easy starting and a secure grip when working, a front tubular handle and a rear handle are provided. On the body are the covers of the fuel and oil tanks. 

Chainsaws are equipped with a two-stroke engine. For longer service life, a chrome sleeve is installed. The carburetor has one speed control bolt.

The QuickStop brake ensures safety when loads increase. The convenient location of the lever allows the user to immediately turn off the tool. At very heavy load, an automatic shutdown is triggered. 

Preparation for work

Benzoyl Stihl at work

Before starting work, you need to check:

  • the fuel system for tightness, as its absence can provoke a fire;
  • serviceability of the brake, front hand protection;
  • correct installation of the guide rail;
  • correct tension and chain;
  • mobility of the gas lever and its lock. The throttle lever must return to its original position after it is released;
  • easy installation of the combined lever in the STOP, 0 position;
  • the tightness of the contact tip of the ignition wire;
  • enough fuel mixture and chain lubricant in the tank;
  • cleanliness and dryness of the handles for a stable grip of the saw. 

To avoid accidents, the saw must only be used in perfect condition. 

Break-in period

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In the usual sense, running-in for a Stihl saw is not carried out. But it is important for operators to know the following points:

  • During the first 4-8 fully depleted fuel tanks enjoy the saw must be in a gentle mode with its regular stop for cooling. 
  • The first hour of operation must be divided into periods: 2 minutes of work, 10 seconds of rest. Idling in excess of 10 seconds adversely affects the safety of the spark plugs. 
  • It is important to use a quality prepared mixture. 

An important question is what gasoline better to use. According to the instructions, it is recommended to use fuel with an octane rating of at least 90. Based on the practice of using domestic fuel It is better to use gasoline with an octane rating higher than 92. 


Stihl chainsaw maintenance

Before starting work, the following checks and adjustments are carried out as required:

  1. The state of the chain, its sharpening, degree of tension. 
  2. fastener density. 
  3. Filling tanks with fuel and oil. 
  4. Chain lubrication. 
  5. Idling. 

For sharpening chains proprietary equipment should be used and machine. The original sharpeners perform their function precisely and without damage to the saw chains. 

After operation it is necessary:

  1. Clean the chainsaw. 
  2. Loosen the chain tension. 
  3. Sharpen the chain if necessary. 
  4. Check the condition of the tire and filters. 

The saw must be stored in a dry place inaccessible to strangers and children. 

Possible malfunctions and their solution

To extend the life and correct operation of the chainsaw, it is important to follow the recommendations:

  • Use of fresh, high-quality gasoline AI 92 and original Stihl oil. 
  • Timely check and replacement of filters. 
  • Monitoring the state of the saw headset. 
  • Careful attitude during operation and storage of the tool. 

The Stihl chainsaw is quite stable in use. Chainsaw malfunctions occur due to natural wear and tear of components and its improper operation. 

You can buy an original Stihl chainsaw here

How to start a Stihl chainsaw

correct way start a chainsaw important for the safety of its use and long service life. Despite the wide variety of models, they all start according to the same scheme:

  1. Activate the chain brake by moving it forward. Remove the protection from the tire. 
  2. Press the decompression valve or fuel pump (if any). 
  3. Set the combination lever to cold start mode.
  4. Install the appliance on a level surface so that the chain does not touch the ground. 
  5. Put the toe of the right foot on the right handle. Grasp the front handle with your left hand, and grab the starter (starter cable) with your right hand. All manipulations must ensure the stability of the chainsaw before turning it on. 
  6. Gently pull the starter cable until you feel a noticeable resistance. After that, a few more sharp movements are necessary for a short-term start of the engine. 
  7. Move the single lever to half-gas mode by opening the throttle. 
  8. Pull starter again. At the moment of turning on the engine, press the throttle lever. The combination lever then moves to the idle position. 
  9. Carefully lift the saw off the surface. 
  10. Pull the auto brake handle towards you until you hear a click. This will unlock the circuit and allow it to travel on the bus. 

It is allowed to turn on the saw by holding it between the knees or thighs. The chain brake must always be in the active position.

It happens that a saw without a manual pump does not start after a long period of inactivity. How to start in this case:

  1. Remove air filter cover. Remove the filter itself and pour a few drops of gasoline into the carburetor through a syringe. After half a minute, vapors are formed, after which you can pull the starter cord again. 
  2. Remove the spark plug. Drop some gasoline into the cylinder. Reinstall spark plug.

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The latter method should be used as a last resort. 

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In winter, it is more difficult to start a saw. To facilitate starting, the tool and fuel should be stored in a warm room. This is especially important if tire and chain for stihl chainsaw already worn. Otherwise, the installed chain may damage the tool when it is turned on. 

No spark on chainsaw

On modern models, the spark visually seems weak. In order to find out the validity of its absence, the check should be carried out in shaded places. 

Excessive filling of fuel, as a result of which the chainsaw candle is moistened, can be a single one. As a result, the engine does not start, but cause not a malfunction of the carburetor. 

elimination Problems:

  • Unscrewing the candle. 
  • Purging the combustion chamber by pulling the starter several times. 
  • Wiping the candle, drying it on the flame of a burner or burner. Can be replaced with a new spark plug. 
  • Spark test, spark plug installation. 
  • First run without suction. 

If after 3-4 times the saw does not turn on, then you need to press the pump cap two or three times. Try running the tool again. 

The proportions of oil and gasoline

It is not allowed to operate the chainsaw only on gasoline. A mixture is required proportions of oil and gasoline for a chainsaw - 1:50 (1 part oil plus 50 parts gasoline). 

You can only use gasoline with an ethanol content of not more than 10 %, that is, with a minimum octane rating of 90 ROZ. 

When self-mixing, you can use a motor oil for two-stroke engines Stihl chainsaws or other high performance oil. 

Mixing order: first, oil is poured into the canister, then gasoline is added. The mixture is thoroughly mixed. Fuel mixture is not allowed pour into a chainsaw after 30 days. At the same time, performance deteriorates when exposed to high and low temperatures, as well as direct sunlight. 

Carburetor adjustment

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The factory setting of the carburetor provides for supplying the optimal air-fuel mixture to the engine in all operating modes. 

Carburetor adjustment for stable operation Stihl chainsaws:

  • Check the air filter, if necessary - replace it. 
  • The idle speed is adjusted by turning the bolt counterclockwise until you feel a tight fit. After that, make two turns clockwise, since the standard is LD \u003d 2. 

TOhow to adjust a carburetor for idle:

  • Turning on the engine warming up. 
  • The idle speed is adjusted with a bolt. In this case, the chain should not move. 

In the case when the engine speed is very low in idle mode, it is necessary to turn the bolt clockwise until the chain starts to move. After that, return the bolt half a turn back (counterclockwise). 

If the chain moves at idle, then it is necessary to turn the bolt counterclockwise until the chain stops. Then return the bolt 1/2 turn back. 

How to start a chainsaw with a decompression valve

The valve is used to facilitate cranking the engine (cold and hot).

Launch algorithm:

  • Valve activation.
  • After the disappearance of the first flash, the valve turns on in normal operation.
  • After the engine control lever is set to the open position, the engine continues to start.
  • Pressing the decompression valve again.

The decompression valve does not speed up, but facilitates the starting process.

How to distinguish an original from a fake

You can buy an original Stihl chainsaw here

When buying professional products from well-known brands, there is always a chance of getting a poorly working imitation instead of the original. If the buyer needs a Stihl Chainsaw, then you need to know how to distinguish the original from the fake.

Often scammers counterfeit expensive popular products, setting prices on them that are not much lower than the cost of the original product. Focusing only on a plausible price and failing to identify a fake, the buyer will suffer twice: he will spend a large amount in vain and will be left without the right thing.

Place of purchase

Original STIHL chainsaws are sold only through authorized dealers who provide service and consulting support.

Purchasing from unverified suppliers, markets and Internet sites leaves the quality of the goods in question. In such cases, it is necessary to inspect the chainsaw, packaging, check the product labeling and its compliance with the documentation.

Identification of counterfeit by serial number

It is necessary to start the inspection of the product by studying the type and areas of the serial number. On the original chainsaw, it will be applied as follows:

  1. In the form of a stamp on the body of the chainsaw near the muffler.
  2. On a sticker located on the body under the muffler.
  3. On a sticker on the packaging box of the chainsaw.

In these three places, the serial number must be identical, and the numbers indicating the country of manufacture must correspond to the product documentation provided by the seller.

Serial number

Serial number 2

The original Stihl chainsaw is marked with a number, where the following figure is in the first position:

  • 1 - for Germany;
  • 2 - for the USA;
  • 3 - for Brazil;
  • 4 - for Austria;
  • 5 - for the USA and Great Britain;
  • 8, 9 - for China.

Numbers 6 and 7 are reserved, while 9 stands for third party.

It is necessary to make sure that there is an “X” symbol in the last position of the serial number, which means that the product has been tested for operability before being sent to the warehouse.


To label consumer products, a system of special codes is used that contains complete information about the product, its place of manufacture and movement. It is enough for the buyer to understand the fragment of the barcode that identifies the product:

  1. The code of the country of origin of the goods is contained in the first three digits.
  2. The product manufacturer's code is indicated in the following six digits.

Table of barcodes that may be present on the original product:

The code The country
000-139 USA and Canada
 400-440 Germany
 500-509 Great Britain
 690-695  China
 789-790 Brazil
 900-919 Austria

You can check the barcode using this form:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

External signs

Unfortunately, a reliable barcode and serial number does not give full confidence in the purchase of genuine products. Therefore, you need to know how to distinguish the original Stihl chainsaw during an external examination.

It is necessary to evaluate the features that characterize a quality product:

    • Real saws are distinguished by their perfect workmanship, careful finishing of not only the main, but also minor details, characteristic smooth lines. Signs of unprofessional casting of plastic parts, mold residues, burrs, sagging, scratches give out a fake product, the purchase of which must be abandoned.

Poor quality plastic

Good quality plastic

    • The company logo is present on the muffler next to the serial number, on the fuel tank cap and on the screws on the inside of it.

fake cover

Original cap with inscription

Fake and original caps

    • The logo on the original is always engraved.
    • A real saw only uses star screws, so there are no hardware for a flat or Phillips screwdriver.
    • There is only one hole on the tire of the branded product. There is no lubrication window.
    • The chain included in the kit has an "S" stamped on each intermediate link.

Unmarked chain

  • The two large nuts on the left side of the saw have an “S” stamped on them.
  • There is a serial number sticker on the back of the original.
  • The air filter is made of thick material and is painted white on the top and brown on the back.
  • The filter holder is engraved with the article number.
  • The trigger cover of the original is bright orange.
  • The brake lever has a characteristic shape and is fixed on both sides.
  • The caps on the fuel and oil tank of the original design have a specially patented design.

The inscription on the original saw

Unmarked starter

original starter number

Wire without label

The inscription on the original wire

Carburetor without inscriptions

The inscription on the carburetor

Pen without inscriptions

Pen with inscription

Fake fake number

Old view of the original saw

original saw

No numbers or inscriptions
Numbers and inscriptions on the original


You can buy an original Stihl chainsaw here

If, after an external examination, the buyer has doubts about the origin of the instrument, it is worth paying attention to investments. The original product is completed as follows:

    1. There is an instruction, translated into Russian without grammatical errors.
    2. The tool kit includes only a multi-purpose screwdriver and a "candle" wrench with company engraving without packaging.

Fake equipment

Original packaging

  1. The tire cover and chain packaging are marked “Stihl”.
  2. The original tire is usually supplied in a cardboard case.

Tire in a carton

In the case of a fake, the kit includes several screwdrivers, a fuel canister.


Despite the fact that the packaging boxes of fakes are very similar to the original, there are several characteristic features that you need to pay attention to. On the original box you can see:

  • Color and font designed by the manufacturer.
  • Clear and crisp printed text.
  • Thick cardboard.
  • Mandatory presence of a sticker with manufacturer's information: chainsaw model, country of origin, serial number.
  • The presence on the left side of the sticker with the serial number required for service in the service center.

sticker on the box

Factory number

A fake box is likely to be shorter than the original packaging by 2 centimeters.

Examples of counterfeit detection

You can buy an original Stihl chainsaw here

The range of Stihl brand chainsaws includes tools for domestic and professional use, so the products are in constant demand. Experienced craftsmen know how to distinguish fakes of the most popular models from original chainsaws.

One of the most common signs of a fake Stihl MS 180 saw is the presence of a fuel canister in the package. There may also be an oil supply hole on the tire. However, the original saws do not need additional lubrication. The fake tire is packed in a plastic bag, not in a cardboard case.

extra hole
The length of a fake saw can be 5-10 centimeters longer. Accordingly, the length of the packaging box is longer than the original. There is no serial number sticker on the package.

Counterfeits of the STIHL 660 model can be distinguished by the faded color of the case, convex oil and fuel tank caps, the presence of a sticker with the company logo instead of an engraved inscription. Another characteristic sign of a fake is that the air filter cover screw is located on top, and not on the back side, like the original.

The STIHL 362 professional chainsaw is often counterfeited by unscrupulous manufacturers. The main signs of a fake:

  1. Extra hole in the tire.
  2. Poor cylinder casting quality.
  3. The muffler is black instead of silver.

A complete guarantee of the quality of the product is provided by the purchase of a chainsaw from an authorized dealer with a certificate.

Video: how to distinguish a real STIHL (Calm) chainsaw from a fake?

Features of the Chinese chainsaw "Calm"

Branded chainsaws of the Shtil brand are produced not only in Germany, but also in China, and, more specifically, in the city of Qingdao. The Shtil company values its reputation, so the quality characteristics of Chinese-made saws are at a high level. The enterprises carry out strict control of compliance with the technology at each stage of production, and this serves as a guarantee of the identity of the assembly of products in Germany and China.

The fact of factory testing and the confirmed level of quality are marked with the stamp "TR" or "QC" for both Chinese and German goods.

However, Chinese manufacturers use materials of inferior quality, which to some extent affects the durability of the tool and limits its scope. The disadvantages of the appearance of parts made of Chinese plastic are clearly visible during visual inspection.

If the chainsaw is supposed to be used from time to time, without exceeding the loads, then the existing differences will not interfere with the effective use of this cutting product. Nevertheless, it is always useful to know complete and accurate information about the instrument purchased.

When buying, you need to pay attention to the following signs of Chinese production:

  • The serial number printed on the tool will begin with the number 8. The numbers 1, 2 or 5 indicate the countries of origin: Germany, USA and Brazil.
  • The cost of the tool will be lower while maintaining the same warranty period.
  • The model range of Chinese products includes products that are no longer manufactured in Germany.
  • Individual parts, such as the air filter housing, are made of cheap, easily deformable plastic.

You also need to know that if the purchase is made through an online store, then there is a high probability of purchasing a chainsaw made in China.

According to customer reviews, in the process of using a Chinese-made tool, the following shortcomings appear over time:

  1. Failures of the sawing headset.
  2. Rapid loss of elasticity of the starter spring.
  3. Rapid scoring in the cylinder.
  4. Regular drop in power.
  5. Bar and chain failure before the specified service life.

Nevertheless, buying a Chinese-made Stihl chainsaw can be justified if the purpose of using the tool meets its capabilities. But the buyer must be aware of the origin of the product in order to consciously use the tool and correctly calculate the loads. In this case, the chainsaw is guaranteed a long service life to the complete satisfaction of the owner.

Service and repair

You can buy an original Stihl chainsaw here

Warranty - 12 months from the date of transfer of the goods to the buyer. However, it does not apply to components: chain, starter, tire, filters, spark plug.

Free service includes:

  • Checking components, saw design, cutting elements.
  • Sharpening the installed chain.
  • Checking the brake system and controls.
  • Filling the oil tank with branded oil.

In some cases with renovation you can handle on your own. For more complex questions, it is recommended to contact service specialists. Convenience lies in the fact that it is not difficult to purchase as original Stihl chainsaw spare partsand cheaper analogues.

Which chainsaw is better: Stihl or Husqvarna

Popular chainsaw models are often compared Calm or Husqvarna. The competitor of the Stihl 180 is the Husqvarna 135.

  • Both saws are identical in power (1.5 kW).
  • Husqvarna has a Husqvarna cylinder capacity of 40.9 cm3, Stihl - 31.8 cm3. This difference speaks to Husqvarna's higher fuel consumption.
  • Stihl 180 is half a kilogram lighter.
  • The Husqvarna filter can be quickly removed for cleaning and reused many times, which is not the case with Stihl.

Consumer demand in Russia confirms what's better Stihl models have proven themselves, despite a slightly larger price.

Advantages and disadvantages

The entire model range complies with the requirements of regulatory documents, operational standards and safety regulations. Saw equipment is reliable and durable. An excellent indicator of high quality is that some chainsaw manufacturers prefer to use a Stihl headset.

Based on the opinions of users, the disadvantages include:

  • engine sensitivity to a low octane fuel mixture;
  • the high cost of service repairs after the expiration of the warranty period;
  • correct operation only with original components;
  • in remote areas, there is a problem with the availability of branded components and chainsaw chain oils

Serious operational and structural deficiencies are not noted. Disadvantages are formed by incorrect operation of the operation.


You can buy an original Stihl chainsaw here

The power and equipment of a chainsaw determine its cost. The simplest model Stihl ms 170 can be purchased from 9990 ₽. 

Stihl ms 180, which is in demand, is presented in the price range of 11990-13990 ₽, depending on the model. 

The professional model Stihl ms 660 50 can be purchased for 59990 ₽. 

Owner reviews

- The saw is simply indestructible, the quality is not just good, but excellent. Starts and runs in any position. The chain does not blunt for a long time.

- The best saw in its class, really very powerful and reliable, you can go into the forest with it even for a whole day, it will not let you down. Starts with half a kick.

- Light, compact, cuts quickly even dry larch, starts cold from the second time, hot from one cycle without wisdom.

- Ease of use, easy start mechanism, quick tension mechanism, 16-inch tire, trouble-free stable operation in any weather, does not overheat, does not stall.


You can buy an original Stihl chainsaw here

The Stihl chainsaw should be chosen depending on the tasks assigned to it. For finer delimbing work, the MS 170 is ideal. For shorter gardening jobs, the MS 180 is suitable.

The MS 362 is the solution for those who frequently use saws for woodworking, construction and gardening.

What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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OriginalPoddelka - how to distinguish a fake from the original
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  1. Maksim

    I want to say that the saws of this company are of really high quality. They work for a very long time and almost never fail. Several times I almost fell for a fake, but thanks to a detailed study, I refused to purchase it.

  2. Marat

    Competently. Very useful. Thanks

  3. Vadim

    Well I do not know. A friend of mine has an original Stihl saw, sometimes it constantly stalls, sometimes it doesn’t start. I bought in a company store with a guarantee. Worked exactly until the end of the warranty and then rushed! After the repair took almost as much as it costs new, he spat on it and bought another. Such cases are quite frequent. Personally, the same calm from the same store has been working for me for the 7th year. Under-killed of course, but it will still work for a long time. This is despite the fact that every year firewood up to 10 cubic meters is sawn for the winter. Yes, and I help my friends to drink somewhere.
    I'm not saying that this is the worst model. She is very good in capable hands. There are much worse. If you take it for the price / quality, then as for me it is 4+, maybe even 5-.
    Yes, and often you can hear something like: "take the calm - you will not lose." In addition, it is not expensive to repair and spare parts are readily available.
    Something like this.

  4. Nicholas

    I've been using it myself for over 5 years now. For the winter, I cut firewood for 5-8 cubic meters. Plus, they ask friends to drink something. Repaired several times. Once he was to blame - he ran into nails and bent a tire, and the second time he gave it to an idiot - he did not pour oil. For the price-quality of inexpensive saws, this is the best option. Of course they break, but if you take the original in a specialized store and hands from more than one place, then it will work for a long time and well. Of course they break, but there are much worse and even for a lot of money. In general, if you understand little - take the calm. Spare parts are readily available and not expensive.