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How to distinguish original Apple equipment from a fake

Some fakes can be identified by eye or touch. But there are such high-quality copies that it is not so easy to expose them. How not to get into trouble?


In the case of Apple, you should not expect generous discounts. Therefore, the low price is already a reason to suspect that you have a fake in front of you. Chain stores sometimes hold their promotions, guarantee cashback, or offer to exchange an old model for a new one. But discounts in 60-70 % from the starting price It's something out of the realm of fantasy.


If you go for an iPhone to the market or to the transition, then most likely you will come across a fake from Uncle Liao. For an iPhone, you need to go to stores that are official dealers. Perhaps the price will not be so attractive, but you will have a real gadget in your hands.

When it comes to online shopping, the official websites are the most reliable option. If you want to order, for example, a macbook, then you must be sure that the site belongs to the brand or retailer. Usually, for such stores, the address looks like, say,, and not different derivatives like,, etc.


Apple is renowned for its high quality standards and attention to detail. From the first touch, the buyer understands that he is holding expensive and high-quality equipment. In tactile sensations lies the magic of Apple, under the influence of which the whole world fell.

Details give out a fake: large gaps, creaking of keys, surface roughness, some hieroglyphs, errors in names. No noble metals such as aluminum, sapphire crystals and other delights are used in the manufacture of fake devices. Only harsh plastic for both displays and housings.

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