Как отличить оригинального котика Басика от подделки?

Cat Basik Toys

Lop-eared toy the cat immediately after its appearance drew attention to itself. After the project “Voice. Children ”the character received wider fame and“ lit up ”on the screen. Increasingly, the network began to be interested in what same such title bass, on forums and social networks appeared more and more a photo with the cutest hero.

You can buy the original Basik here

Basik with a passportHow did Basik the cat appear?

You can buy the original Basik here

In 2011, the Budi Basa company appeared on the Russian market, explaining its name in Old Slavonic: there will be beauty. This is what they have been doing for almost ten years. Budi Basa logoThe company aims not only to promote the Russian brand, but also to create a unique product with a unique history. The first toy made was plush Scottish fold cat, whose name, Basic, reflects the brand name. This traveling cat in a box won the love of children and adults very quickly.

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Soft toy overview

cat by name Basik may have different size in a sitting position: 19 cm, 22 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm. bass cat, presented as pillow 40 cm 

Dimensions of Basik toy

Package Made of kraft cardboard corresponding to the size of the toy. According to the company, this is where the cat lives and travels in it. This is not surprising, especially to those familiar with the habits of living whiskered friends. Each box has a sticker with a description of the traveler (eye color, coloring, wool), care tips, a line for entering information about the owner.

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Cat Basik pillowThe toy is intended for ages 3 and up.

You can buy the original Basik here

Soft toy absolutely safe cat basik Made from materials that do not cause allergies. These include artificial plastic, textile materials, metal, natural fabrics for tailoring.The growth of the cat BasikDescription of appearance is presented in the table. 

Detail Description 
Head Round with slightly curved ears. 
Eyes Beautiful honey color. The right eye is slightly larger than the left. This is not a marriage such the idea conveys naivety and sentimentality in the look of a cat
torso Pretty plump, soft, with foam granules inside, which allow you to steadily seat the cat. 
Front and back legs Short with embroidered soft pads and voluminous thread claws. 
Mustache Represented by white threads hanging down. Despite this, they are very firmly held, do not move inward and do not come off. 
Cloth The stylist team is constantly developing new stylish outfits for Basik. 

In 2016, a series was released, which is represented by cat basik baby: in the cradle in a sling, in a diaper and in other variations. For them, you can choose toys and change clothes. Despite the intended age, the size of the baby does not differ much from adult cats. His height is 20 centimeters, his tail is short, his paws are pale pink, his fur is even softer than that of older Basses. The packaging of the baby is also different. It is square, light lilac in color with white polka dots, decorated with a yellow bow. 

Popular types

You can buy the original Basik here

The image of the toy is given by the designer clothes and accessories. Popular among children of all ages are toys with mice, small fish, as well as in the images of various professions. 

In order to cat “not cold” designers come up with a variety of sweaters, hoodies, jackets and coats, hats, scarves. You can dress up the “pet” according to the season.

Cat Basik with a scarf and a hat

Some people have whole families of Basiks, and then they get the same costumes for them (Family look for cats). 

The cutest series is Basik the cat gentle pajamas. Collections are regularly updated, so it appeared Basik the cat cream coat And yellow jacket. In general, new outfits are released for the cat every season. 

There are already many forums on the net dedicated to creating clothes for Basik. Needlewomen exchange patterns, patterns of knitting and sewing.

Who can give a Basik

You can buy the original Basik here

cat bass won not only children's hearts, but also adults. Many sentimental grandmothers, girls, women do not remain indifferent to the cute huge eyes of a cat. But, whatever one may say, it is the children who get the maximum delight from Basik.

Gift for a child cat Basik

Models with this calculation are adapted for different holidays: in sweatshirts, New Year's costumes, with bouquets of tulips or roses, in a tailcoat with a big red heart. 

For example, a coffee lover will please cat basik in the image barista. Adults will be pleased pillow in the form of a cat measuring 40 centimeters. Basik cat - Cute doctor will help kids not be afraid of going to the doctor, and can also be a great gift for a doctor. Subtle nature of the dreamer will conquer cat basik astrologer. It can also help to captivate the child with astrology. 

The gift will not need additional packaging, the accompanying box is a stylish and creative solution. It is decorated with an elegant bow that turns into carrying handles. 

The difference between an original and a fake

You can buy the original Basik here

The growing popularity of the Russian toy has led to the production of numerous fakes, the quality of which is far behind that of a real cat. And the fake toy costs less, which is explained by cheaper materials and the lack of manual work. Some nuances easily give out a fake toy. If cat basik will in a sweatshirt then its quality will not be worse than well-known brands. Outerwear of excellent quality with carefully crafted seams. 

Original the cat is necessarily represented by a matte nose with noticeable nostrils, which maximally displays a live cat of this breed. The fake nose is glossy with a smooth finish. bass cat - scottish fold cat original cat - with ears slightly tilted forward, but not completely sewn. 

Boxes may be labeled “Basik & Ko” and “Basik & Co. Both are correct, the difference is only in the years of release. 

What else distinguishes the original production “budi basa” consider further in more detail.


You can check the toy by barcode here:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

Branded packaging

The original packaging of the cat Basik

The original cat is always accompanied by a cardboard box with satin ribbons, thanks to which it can be used as a carrier. For the plausibility of the fact that there is a live cat inside, the box is equipped with perforations on the sides. Such concern for the flow of air to the cat looks very nice.

You can buy the original Basik here

The box contains information about the cat's pedigree, care tips, and a label with a QR code is required.

Labels on the toy

Label on the toy

The difference between the original is fabric labels, which are necessarily sewn onto the toy itself and mark all the clothes. Fake often happens without them at all, and the available ones are of very poor quality. Sometimes there is an honest label that the product is made in China.

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Basik cat clothes

Fabric for clothing is always made from natural materials with carefully finished edges and seams. It is durable, withstands several washes and numerous games, while not losing its shape, color, brightness. These qualities also apply to the accessories used in tailoring. 

For fake, synthetic materials are used, the seams of which quickly spread, and the edge of the sweaters usually twists up.


Wool on the Basik toy

Wool "grows" from top to bottom, like a real cat. The manufacturer seeks to use furwhich resembles natural wool. It is soft, smooth, tactilely very pleasant. It retains its properties for a long time, does not fall off and shines. After washing, the original appearance returns, you just need to brush it a little. It is impossible to pull a hair out of a real cat. A fake toy usually loses the villi very easily, which crumple during use.

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Toy filler

used soft filler from a special elastic material. When pressed, it quickly returns to its original shape. Stuffing - polymer fiber and polyethylene granules.

Fake toys are stuffed with synthetic winterizer or low-quality foam rubber, which eventually deform and lose their shape. Balls can be of poor quality or completely absent. As a result, the toy is poorly or not fixed at all in a sitting position.

Cut quality

Quality toy cat Basik

In the original, you can see what parts the toy consists of, but the seams are practically invisible under the wool. On the original toy and clothes, the cut is of very high quality. The seams on the clothes are also made very carefully, on some things they are not noticeable even from the wrong side, because they are hidden inside.

Where could I buy

You can buy the original Basik here

The most reliable way is the official website budibasa.com, where a complete catalog is presented, according to which you can appreciate How many manufactured products are offered by the company. In the same place, in addition to the character you like, you can choose clothes, accessories, toys for him. Including, in many children's online stores in big cities you can buy a travel friend. This is convenient because you can choose a seller in the region of residence. Price varies from 900 ₽ to 2000 ₽.


On the network, users are very enthusiastic about the purchased toy. 

Basik is a toy that we are delighted with. I am very pleased that beautiful and cute high-quality toys from Russian manufacturers appear in stores.

I recommend making such a friend to both children and adults. This is a wonderful toy that pleases with its appearance every day.

—  In general, Basik fell in love with the whole family, and he does not gather dust on our shelf, but wanders from the eldest child to the youngest, and sometimes even falls into the hands of his mother.

The husband gasped in surprise. Well, it's a handsome cat! And the sports suit is very effective with a hood. The clothes are of good quality too.

They fascinate with their appearance so much that you involuntarily take a soft cutie in your hands, press it to your chest ... and now you are already at home, convulsively thinking about how to keep this cutie intact until the kids are squeezed.


You can buy the original Basik here

Cat Basik is an ideal gift for a loved one and a child. The ability to change images turns into an exciting game. At the same time, you do not need to worry about the safety of materials and the quality of workmanship. The Russian manufacturer is creative in the manufacture of both toys and accessories for it. The disadvantage can be considered the price, but, given the approach of the manufacturer, it fully justifies itself.

Cat Basik in pajamas

This cat definitely has a hypnotic ability to influence not only children, but also adults of any gender. After the acquisition, he becomes a full member of the family, who is looked after. He is combed, bathed, fed, put to bed and taken with him on travels.

What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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