How to choose "Kinder Surprise" with a collectible figurine

How to find out which toy is in Kinder Surprise Toys

Chocolate eggs with a surprise are popular not only among children, but also among adults. Many people collect original figurines, depending on the release series, they assemble puzzles and construction sets from individual elements and are interested in how to find out which toy is in Kinder Surprise without violating the integrity of the chocolate product.

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Many people collect chocolate egg figurines.

How to identify a toy in Kinder Surprise

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Without opening the package and breaking the egg, it is impossible to determine exactly what is inside. It is possible to make assumptions about a surprise only by indirect signs.

Collectibles, unlike other toys, inside the eggs are packed in orange capsules. The rest of the figures, puzzles, transformers - in yellow. But it's impossible to see the color of the plastic without damaging the egg.

Some inexperienced buyers believe that you can get all the figures from the collection by buying a whole package of chocolate eggs. This is not true. The manufacturer completes the box in such a way that toys from one collection make up a third of the entire package, the rest consists of products from other series. When buying a second box, there is a risk of getting existing copies, while spending a considerable amount.

To get a new toy from the collection, it is better to purchase a mini-box consisting of 3 eggs. Inside one of them there will definitely be a figure indicated on the package, a chocolate bar with a surprise is much heavier than other specimens.

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Retailers can mix collections by combining products from different packages, so it's important to consider the release date when looking for a series of interest.

Basic ways

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Thanks to Kinder Surprise lovers who have been fond of chocolate eggs for a long time, it turned out to establish several ways to determine which figure is inside the product.

According to outward appearances

When looking for toys of the desired collection, you need to pay attention to the packaging of the product. The series to which it belongs is drawn on the wrapper. But the image of the desired heroes does not guarantee that these figures are hidden inside. The design of the packaging indicates that there cannot be toys of other series in these chocolate eggs.

According to outward appearances
When looking for toys, pay attention to the packaging.

By weight

"Kinder Surprise" with a serial figure is much heavier than without. But this difference is small, it is impossible to determine it by holding a chocolate bar in your hands. You can find out the exact weight with the help of highly sensitive mini-scales with divisions up to a gram.

Product type Weight, g
Chocolate egg with a simple nesting 28-30
Egg with serial toy 32-34
Egg with figurines from the Hello Kitti series 36

Even with special weights, this method is unreliable, so it is better to use it in combination with others.

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You can determine what content is in Kinder Surprise by sound. To do this, shake the egg and listen. Puzzles and parts of the designer knock on the wall deafly. Users have noticed that specimens from the Fixies series rattle loudly. Collectible figurines, when shaken, make a rolling sound similar to the sound of glass on plastic. This is due to the fact that serial figures are made of high quality material.

By ear, you can try to determine what is in the egg.

It is important to remember that the manufacturer puts educational pictures and paper instructions into the egg, due to which the toys are tightly held inside the egg and do not make any sound when shaken.

By marking

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"Kinder Surprise" is packaged in foil, which contains various information, including composition, weight, barcode and batch number. A special letter code is applied under the barcode, in which the bottom row, consisting of letters, is important.

If only 2 letters are used for marking, then a figurine from the collection is hidden inside the egg. But this does not exclude the acquisition of identical copies.

If the code consists of 3 letters, any figure, constructor, puzzle or decal can be hidden inside.

This method is not suitable for all collections. It can be used when searching for fairies, pirates and toys from the Hello Kitty, SpongeBob series.

Other ways to choose "Kinder Surprise" with a collectible figure

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Kinders are in demand not only among children, but also among the adult population. Such a hobby as collecting figurines has led to the emergence of additional ways to get the desired copy:

  1. Purchasing at various online marketplaces. Many collectors insert toys for sale or auction, sometimes you can find quite rare items.
  2. Exchange. In this way, experienced collectors increase their collections by exchanging figures they do not need for specimens of interest.

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All of these methods, with the exception of buying and exchanging from hobby comrades, do not give a full guarantee to determine what is inside Kinder Surprise, but they suggest with a high degree of probability the presence of a collectible figurine, while not buying chocolate eggs in numerous boxes.

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  1. Oleg

    Well, it's actually a classic. As a child, they tried to define it. Basically, of course, by weight, and by sound. Sometimes I had to change, again and again. It was a whole adventure and the search for a good toy, and if a collection that you already have came out, then the holiday was immediately multiplied by two 🙂 It's a pity, only worthy toys are no longer coming out.

  2. Nicholas

    Of course, there are a lot of fakes now and you need to be very careful when receiving the goods, but sellers must also do everything so that there is no substitution of goods.

  3. Egor

    As a child, I was engaged in a collection of figurines, spent money on kinders, but I came across a lot of identical toys, oh, this article would have been then, I would have been able to determine and not spend so much.

  4. MaraOrda

    Well, the exchange and purchase of already “opened” toys turns out to be the most adequate way. Especially if you are a collector and not a chocolate fanatic, and you don’t have a lot of money, otherwise you won’t be able to look at it soon, not what it is. Yes, and the figures are now worthwhile ...

  5. Anatoly

    I am also very sorry that such an article did not come across. How much money my wife and I spent on these kinders for children. It was especially insulting to buy expensive goods, and there so-called repetitions constantly come across. Well, now let's be more careful.

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    It’s a pity that collecting now is not as relevant as before, I collected a collection, spent a lot of money, but I came across the same ones, oh, I would have this article at that time, so it would have been less cost, thanks.

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