A selection of Top 10 frameless phones

A selection of Top 10 frameless phones Technique

Modern mobile devices have long ceased to be just a means of communication. Among the developers is a real race for new technological advances. Every year there is a small (and sometimes big) revolution in the smart device industry. The peak of current trends is frameless smartphones. That is, those in which the screen occupies almost the entire area of the front panel.

Rating of the best frameless smartphones

Each rating sins with subjectivity. Each top can be challenged. After all, personal preferences play a very important role in choosing a phone. But there are relatively objective criteria - technical indicators. Based on them, we present to your attention an overview of the 10 best frameless smartphones.

Rank 10 - Apple iphone 11 pro max

Apple iphone 11 pro max

This frameless smartphone was released by Apple in 2019. This model is inferior in popularity to the iPhone 11, but in some respects it surpasses its counterpart. First of all, it's a display. The screen performance of this iPhone has been named the best in the industry by experts from many analysis groups. There is a particularly increased brightness, color accuracy, reduced screen reflectivity and reduced (compared to other models) energy consumption of the screen. In general, among some fans and experts in the field of mobile technology, there is an opinion that this is the best screen in the world of smartphones today. While the screen itself takes up 82.1% of the entire front of the device. For example, OnePlus 7 Pro has 88.1%, while Samsung Galaxy Note10 has 90.9%.

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iphone 11 pro max has three cameras. Such a bunch gives the images more detail and a wide dynamic range. Improved portrait and night modes were noted by all experts. And of course, the main trump card of all iPhones is video shooting. The main and front cameras can shoot video in 4k resolution at 60 frames per second.

Apple iphone 11 pro max - 3 cameras

Among the shortcomings, one can single out a relatively high price, interruptions in the work of Face ID, the lack of the promised fingerprint scanner, and the thickness of the body that is not very comfortable.

In general, there are interruptions in the operation of some functions that were not observed in previous models. Therefore, 11 pro max from Apple takes 10th place in our ranking.

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Place 9 - Honor 20 pro

This phone model from Huawei is a very good and worthy alternative to more expensive models. The relatively low price is one of the most attractive qualities of this smartphone.

Honor 20 pro

In general, Honor 20 pro has all the characteristics necessary for a modern mobile device. A strong battery, a high-performance processor, a set of four cameras make it quite an attractive model.

But the owners of Huawei equipment noted a decrease in the quality of the screen. Instead of the OLED panel that was used in previous versions, the new Honor 20 uses an IPS LCD system. The result is a decrease in color saturation. But you can get used to it pretty quickly. Another feature that for some may be a serious drawback is the lack of a headphone jack.

What does Honor 20 pro look like?

The model has an aesthetic design, the main feature of which is a completely iridescent back panel. Users especially note a very strong charge. The battery can hold a charge for 2 days.

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In general, the smartphone is very equipped and reliable. Plus it's relatively cheap. Some gaps in displays and equipment are balanced by an acceptable price. Deserved 9th place.

Seat 8 - Oppo reno 2z

This smartphone can be given a separate prize - for a stylish design. The developers did not follow the general trends, but decided to do something truly original. And they did it. The back panel is entirely made of curved iridescent glass. The model is available in two colors: moonlight and shining night.

Oppo reno 2z

Another feature is unexpectedly good equipment. In the box, in addition to the smartphone, there is a power supply, good headphones, a high-quality case, a USB cable and all the necessary documents. A protective film is installed on the screen of the device at the factory.

The 6.5-inch frameless display has a resolution of 2350 x 1080 pixels. The owners note the predominance of blue shades in the display, but this can hardly be called a disadvantage. It is enough to reduce the gamma to warmer tones in the settings and the problem will be solved.

Specifications Oppo reno 2z

The beautiful glass design hides one of the disadvantages of the device - a predisposition to increased slip. This phone is meant to be carried without a case, but like all smartphones with a glass case, there is a high chance that it will slip out of your hands.

In general, a fairly decent model that deserves 8th place.

Place 7 – Xiaomi mi 9t pro

The model, released at the end of 2019, has all the advantages of modern smartphones. The device is quite compact - the gadget is easily located in one hand.

Quite a stylish glass case - the back panel shimmers with a fiery gradient.

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xiaomi mi 9t pro

The display in the new xiaomi turned out to be quite successful. The image comes out very clear and detailed, the colors are juicy and contrasting. All this thanks to AMOLED technology. In bright sunlight, the image does not fade.

The screen itself occupies 86% percent of the front panel surface. This is a low figure for frameless smartphones, but even visually it does not stand out in any way.

In general, the model is distinguished by its high performance. The device supports any games, easily copes with multitasking, there is no overheating. The battery is also a pleasant surprise - the 4000mAh battery is one of the strongest to date. Charging is very fast - up to 100% the phone will charge in 30-35 minutes. However, there is no option for wireless charging.

Package contents Xiaomi mi 9t pro

As disadvantages, we can note the lack of an IR sensor, moisture protection, and most importantly, there is no possibility to increase the amount of memory.

But in general, the mobile phone is not bad. Stable 7th place.

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Seat 6 - Oneplus 8

Some reviewers after the release of this flagship positioned it as the best android. It is unlikely that in the conditions of such a large selection and constant changes one can draw such loud conclusions, but the model is really very worthy.

The screen occupies the front panel of the smartphone almost completely. The front camera in the form of a small eye is located in the upper left corner, which is quite unusual in itself. Also at the top there is a speaker, which, thanks to the design, is almost invisible.

one plus 8

The model has one design feature - the screen glass has a slightly rounded shape on the sides. The characteristics of the screen itself are among the top ones for today. With a size of 6.55 inches, the display has a resolution of 1080x2400 pixels. The brightness indicator stands out - 1000 nits. Parameters such as saturation, color reproduction, brightness, sharpness are at a very high level.

The touch fingerprint scanner, which is now built into the screen, works without interruption, and is not inferior to a physical scanner. Recognition happens instantly. The face recognition system is also not satisfactory.

kinds of oneplus 8

Among the few negatives - there is no headphone jack, moisture protection and wireless charging. Also, due to the location of the volume up / down buttons, it is not in all cases convenient to use the smartphone with one hand.

But in general, the model is very worthy and rightfully deserves 6th place.

Place 5 - Huawei p30 pro

When developing this model, the manufacturer clearly wanted to make something stand out. And he did it. In general, Huawei P30 Pro looks very bright and stylish. The double glass case has a metal frame on the sides. There are four cameras on the back. The gadget is presented in five color options.

The screen is quite large - 6.47 inches (the largest diagonal of the entire line). At the bottom of the front panel is a finger scanner button. It reacts to the slightest touch and works without interruption. With it, you can bring the phone out of standby mode - if you put your finger on the sensor and the screen lights up.

Phone Huawei p30 pro

Well, the main technological feature of this smartphone is that it does not have a speaker. Huawei applied a new technology - the so-called. bone conduction. Its essence is that the sound during a conversation is transmitted through the screen. This is the first example of this technology from Huawei. The screen is able to vibrate and thus create sound.

Huawei P30 Pro is a clear success of the manufacturer. Although you can find reviews about inconvenient controls and lower sound quality, the pluses here overlap the minuses.

Place 4 – Xiaomi mi 10

Relatively inexpensive flagship smartphone. The first distinguishing detail is a very large screen (6.67 inches). Supports Full HD+. The feature of its display is the DC Dimming mode. It allows you to reduce the frequency of flickering of the front panel, adjust the color gamut and determine the frequency of the display.

Xiaomi Mi 10

In general, the display is a very strong component of the Mi 10. Moreover, in terms of brightness, there is no congestion, which some manufacturers sin. All colors look very natural, there is no excessive brightness.

But in the maximum brightness mode, a small problem arises - the screen begins to “blind” under the sun. But there is an opportunity to fix this - if you switch to auto-brightness mode, the display becomes brighter. The optimal brightness value for indoor use is 80-85%.

Xiaomi mi 10 camera

In general, it is quite difficult to find fault with the technical characteristics of the model. A very productive system, a strong battery (like all xiaomi), fast charging up to 100% and a very high-quality camera (it can shoot as much as 8K) - what else does a modern mobile gadget need?

But there will always be flaws. In this case, many complain about the impossibility of installing a memory card. Well, for some reason, manufacturers decided not to install a system of protection against moisture and dust. But if you really want to, then you can close your eyes to it.

Well, now let's move on to the top of our rating.

Place 3 – Samsung galaxy s20 ultra

The Galaxy phone lines have always been distinguished by the very high quality of their displays. In general, this is one of the strongest points of these devices. From model to model, manufacturers improve the quality of their screens, seeking to outdo themselves.

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In the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the display specifications seem to be the height of perfection. The use of Dynamic AMOLED technology, combined with a screen resolution of 1440x3200 pixels and a refresh rate of 120 Hz, makes the picture quality fantastic.

Samsung galaxy s20 ultra black and silver

Due to the high refresh rate, the image becomes so smooth that it feels like the phone is running several times faster. Vision receives an incomparable pleasure, especially when scrolling through the display. It seems that this is a whole new level in the operation of mobile gadget displays.

Samsung galaxy s20 ultra interior

Particularly noteworthy is the size of the device. The smartphone is not just big, it is truly gigantic. It is impossible to use it with one hand. For some, this may seem like a disadvantage, but it's more a matter of taste.

The camera in the S20 Ultra is also a leap into the future. This version added an ultra wide angle lens. Images come out incredibly realistic, and with the help of video you can shoot a full-fledged movie.

samsung galaxy s20 ultra camera

Autonomy and battery capacity are very high. The 5000 mAh battery ensures the safety of the charge even during long and intensive work.

The device turned out to be very technological and convenient. Users note some failures and inaccuracies in the operation of the fingerprint scanner, which is located in the display. The system may not always work accurately. But this small flaw is still not able to spoil the impression of an ultra-smartphone.

Place 2 – Samsung galaxy note 10

The second place is also taken by the flagship from Samsung. Immediately after the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note10, it was dubbed the iPhone killer. To some extent, such an epithet is quite justified.

samsung galaxy note 10

Among all its colleagues and competitors, Note10 is one of the most bezel-less smartphones. The screen occupies 94% of the entire panel surface. This is a very large indicator. The front camera in the form of a circular cutout is located at the top of the display, while having a surprisingly small size - 3mm in diameter.

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samsung galaxy note 10 bundle

Another success and victory for the manufacturer is the combination of a retractable camera with a water protection system. It seemed that it was impossible to solve this problem, but in this model Samsung took a step forward. The phone is protected from water jets, and it is also difficult to safely drop it into the water without fear of malfunction.

The quality of the picture leaves no chance for competitors. This is achieved through an incredibly high dot density, which is 401 ppi on the Note10 and 498 ppi on the Note10+.

A feature of the Note line is special branded styluses that make it easier to work with a smartphone. The new accessory is protected from water and can work without charging for 20 hours. This is a very noticeable upgrade, because the stylus on the previous model could only last 30 minutes without a charge. An additional and very interesting feature is the ability to draw with this stylus while shooting video. The drawing is included in the video, thereby creating an additional reality of the video.

Three phones of the Samsung galaxy note 10 line

In terms of its capabilities, Note10 is the most dense and stuffed with various interesting Android finds to date. The price matches - this is one of the most expensive models of recent times.

Seat 1 - Vivo nex 3

The leader of our top is the Vivo NEX 3 smartphone. Vivo's most experimental development is a completely new word in the world of mobile technologies.

Vivo Nex 3

In general, all Vivo gadgets are created with one goal - to reach new technological horizons and demonstrate technical innovation. Vivo NEX 3 is simply woven from innovation. Among them: a retractable front camera, a fingerprint display scanner, a curved screen, a complete lack of keys, a system of three cameras, the main one of which has a 64 megapixel module.

Vivo NEX 3 looks like

The screen is made in a technology called "waterfall". It is bent until the edges are completely covered. Well, the absolute record for framelessness has been set for today. The display occupies 99.6% of the entire front panel. Given the screen size of 6.89 inches, this gadget can be called the best mobile device for watching videos.

Waterfall Vivo NEX 3

This device is ideal for any of the most complex tasks facing modern smartphones. The largest of all OLED phones, you can watch videos of absolutely any quality and play games with the most intricate graphics. The camera has incredible shooting capabilities, images come out very clear and realistic.

Vivo NEX 3 embodies all the best developments and achievements in the world of smart gadgets. It is difficult to predict where this industry will go next, but today the most advanced flank of mobile technologies is concentrated in this model.

And here you can watch the video:

Where could I buy

Of course, the entire modern range is not limited to this top ten frameless smartphones. You can choose the model that suits you at any hardware or cellular device store (for example, DNS or Svyaznoy). And you can make a purchase using the online store. In the second case, of course, there is no way to touch the phone personally, but you can find a good discount or a good offer.

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