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realme 7 Technique

Realme 7, a Chinese smartphone launched in mid-September 2020, features a larger battery and an IPS display with enhanced color reproduction.

Support for 4G LTE networks is provided, several lenses are located inside the case. To protect against unauthorized use, there is a fingerprint scanner, user identification by face (Face ID) is provided.

Smartphone Realme 7.

Description smartphone Realme 7

The Realme 7 smartphone has a rectangular body with rounded corners and edges, in addition to the global version, there are modifications for Asian markets.

Local models are distinguished by a reduced resolution of the camera module and the characteristics of the NFC block (there are options without support for the contactless payment function).

On the back of the case there is a camera block that protrudes relative to the case cover and does not allow the smartphone to be placed tightly on a flat surface.

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Basic equipment

The standard set (packed in a box of yellow thick cardboard) includes:

  • a telephone set with a protective film pasted on the display;
  • charger Dart Charge;
  • USB Type-C patch cable;
  • a protective case for a smartphone made of transparent silicone;
  • a device for removing the tray with a SIM card;
  • brief instruction manual;
  • warranty card.

Phone appearance

The phone fits snugly in the hand, the rough surface reduces the risk of the case slipping. The display has a narrow bezel made of glossy black plastic that protects the glass from damage when dropped.

The control buttons are located on the side edges, on the bottom there is a socket for the charger, speaker grill and microphones. There is a round plug with a diameter of 3.5 mm for connecting headphones.

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New mirror design

The back cover of the device is divided into 2 asymmetrical sections, differing in the quality of surface treatment. Due to the different roughness, a difference in reflective abilities was achieved.

The semi-matte finish reduces lid smudges from greasy marks or fingerprints. The incoming light is reflected in different directions, allowing you to see the dividing line of areas with different finishes.

Camera and back panel.

Available colors

The manufacturer provides coloring in colors:

  • mirror blue;
  • mirror silver.

Realme 7 dimensions

Dimensions and weight declared by the manufacturer:

  • height - 162.3 mm;
  • width - 75.4 mm;
  • thickness - 9.4 mm;
  • weight (without case) - 196.5 g.

Smartphone Specifications

The smartphone is built on the basis of an 8-core microprocessor and a separate graphics core, it supports wireless Wi-Fi networks of a/b/g/n/ac standards (frequency 2.4 or 5.0 GHz).

There is a Bluetooth 5 controller and an NFC block. The phone supports GPS, AGPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and Beidou navigation systems, the user can determine the current location or build the direction of movement to given points.

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Processor Realme 7

The phone is based on the Mediatek Helio G95 microprocessor, which scores about 300 thousand points in the AnTuTu performance test. The crystal is manufactured using a 12-nanometer process and contains 8 cores (a pair of Cortex A76 with a frequency of 2.05 GHz and 6 pieces of Cortex A55 with a frequency of 2 GHz). For graphics processing, the Mali-G76 chip was used, which supports the 8K video format.

First smartphone with Helio G95 processor.

Cooling system

To remove excess heat from electronic components, a carbon plate is used. The element dissipates heat through the body and display glass, no additional cooling elements are provided. According to the test results, the maximum case temperature in front of the CPU does not exceed +40°C.

Cooling system
Carbon cooling system.

Smartphone battery

Lithium-polymer type battery is integrated into the case, partial disassembly of the phone is required for replacement. The battery has a capacity of 5000 mAh and supports fast charging protocol (30 W adapter included). A fully charged battery is designed for 8 hours of use in the mode of reading and watching videos.

Up to 50 % charges in 26 minutes.


Sensors included in the design:

  • for reading a fingerprint (the sensitive element is located in the side key);
  • acceleration (accelerometer);
  • illumination (adjusts the brightness of the backlight and provides camera settings);
  • gyrometer (responsible for determining the angular velocity);
  • proximity (required to turn on the screen when you bring your finger).

Operating system

The smartphone comes pre-installed with the Android 10 operating system. The manufacturer has integrated the Realme UI shell, which contains utilities for working with the camera, documents, or graphics. The user can install additional utilities compatible with Android 10.

Memory and RAM

The device is offered in 2 modifications, which differ in the capacity of LPPDDR4x RAM. The base model has 6 GB of RAM, the upgraded version comes with 8 GB.

To store the operating system and user files, UFS 2.1 format drives (64 or 128 GB) are provided. There is an additional slot for an external microSD memory card.

Screen and IPS matrix

The design of the smartphone uses a touch matrix of the IPS standard, which has a diagonal of 6.5″. The screen resolution is 2400x1080 pixels at a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

The user must manually set the maximum frequency, the parameter can be reduced to the standard 60 Hz to increase battery life.

The increased refresh rate is used in premium devices, Realme was the first to introduce the technology on mid-range equipment. The screen is covered with impact-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass.

The screen refresh rate is 90 frames per second.

Photos and videos from Realme 7

The design of the smartphone uses a block of 4 cameras on the back wall and a front lens integrated into the display. You can shoot video with a refresh rate of 30 or 60 frames per second, there is a slow-mo mode with a frequency of 120 FPS. There is an LED flash that allows you to shoot in low light conditions.

The smartphone has:

  • 6-lens main camera with a 79° field of view and a Sony IMX682 sensor that allows you to take pictures with a resolution of 48 MP;
  • 8 MP wide-angle lens;
  • an additional depth sensor and a macro lens (focus 40 mm) with a resolution of 2 megapixels;
  • 16 MP front camera with Sony IMX471 sensor (used for taking pictures and unlocking the face of the owner).
Smartphone quad camera.

Wide-angle module for panoramic shooting

For shooting panoramas, a lens with a capture angle extended to 119 ° is provided. When the mode is activated, software image processing is automatically turned on, which allows to improve color reproduction without loss of sharpness. But when the lighting conditions deteriorate, the image becomes blurry.

Users note the unstable operation of the wide-angle lens even in normal lighting conditions (for example, the fisheye effect is noticeable in the frames).

macro photography

Shooting from a short distance requires backlighting of the object, with insufficient flow, noise and blurry areas appear on the frames. After enabling the function, the user needs to select a distance to the subject that provides good image quality.

A photo
Photo from a smartphone.

When you switch the camera to manual mode, you can adjust the white balance and other functions. When determining the balance, increased accuracy is achieved through the use of a separate sensor. The f/2.4 focal length module supports 6 filters.

Artistic portrait function

When shooting a portrait, the background is blurred. The person's face has clear boundaries, the colors are not distorted when the frame is processed. When the lighting deteriorates, the sharpness of the image decreases.

Photos and videos taken with a smartphone

The presented sample photos, taken under normal lighting conditions, show the detail of objects with correct borders. When switching to video shooting mode, the resolution corresponds to the 4K standard (at 30 frames per second).

The design does not provide for a stabilizer, but the quality of the video does not suffer due to hand tremors. There is a function of zooming without stopping shooting (selected from several fixed values). At FullHD resolution, stabilization is turned on, but floating focus is visible on the rollers (lack of firmware).

Sound on smartphone

To listen to music, a speaker is provided that sharply reproduces high frequencies (a drawback is standard for mid-range smartphones).

The user can install headphones, which allows you to equalize the sound. Simultaneously with the inclusion of the stereo mode, the frequency range is cut from above and below. The built-in equalizer does not allow you to correct the sound picture.

Connection quality with Realme 7

The microphone has good sensitivity, when talking in windy weather, the quality of the transmitted sound does not deteriorate. Manual adjustment of the sensitivity of the speaker and microphone is provided.

The smartphone can operate in GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz or WCDMA 850/900/2100 MHz cellular networks. There are cells for 2 cards of cellular operators, the choice of the number is carried out through the software interface.

What else is interesting Realme 7

The smartphone manufacturer guarantees the operation of the device for 36 months from the date of sale. But the period of free replacement in case of detection of a factory defect is 2 months, in other cases, phone repair is provided.

The set includes an original silicone case with a cutout for the camera unit, which protects the body from damage and allows you to put your smartphone on flat surfaces.

Smartphone packaging.

Quality certification

The manufacturer declares the presence of the German TUV Rheinland certificate, confirming the low level of electromagnetic radiation and compliance with other European requirements.

To obtain the document, the smartphone passed several dozen tests that simulate standard operating situations. The mobile phone has a Russian certificate that allows the free sale of equipment on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Should I buy a Realme 7 smartphone?

In terms of price-quality-performance ratio, the Realme 7 model can be recommended for purchase.

The device is suitable for those who like to run 3-dimensional gaming applications, the processor has low heat dissipation and does not heat up the case.

A capacious battery can withstand watching videos for several hours. The phone has one of the best cameras among the equipment based on the Android operating system.


The main benefits noted in the reviews:

  • high quality display with support for a refresh rate of 90 Hz;
  • support for accelerated charging with a standard adapter;
  • a separate headphone jack is provided;
  • high gaming performance and light weight.


The disadvantages of a mobile phone include:

  • the case is not waterproof (the manufacturer did not certify the smartphone for compliance with the IP68 standard);
  • wireless (inductive) charging is not provided;
  • decrease in the quality of photographs when the lighting conditions deteriorate.

Competitors and prices

The price of the starting modification with a 64 GB drive for December 2020 is 21 thousand rubles, the version with a 128 GB card will cost 1.5-2 thousand rubles. more expensive.

Direct competitors in the Russian mobile communications market are Redmi Note 9 Pro and Poco X3 smartphones. The phones have similar body dimensions, but the Poco X3 has a feature to adjust the refresh rate.

In terms of performance, smartphones show close results (both in games and in applications or when watching videos).

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    Pretty good phone for the money. There is everything you need and nothing more. I recently purchased one for myself. I want to say that I completely miss it!

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    I agree that the smartphone is good for everyday use: calls, music, radio, surfing and instant messengers. And about fast charging, I met in the recommendations that it is not at all useful for batteries.

  3. Ilya

    Похоже 7-ю модель выпустили, специально для тех, кто не успел определиться и из за сомнений не купил 6-ю, дабы не переметнулся потенциальный покупатель на xiaomi или другие бренды. Нашел на Али продавца у которого указано, что торгует глобальной версией (есть 4G бэнды 3/7/20, NFС), правда урезали модуль камеры с 64 до 48МП, цена $180.77 (со скидкой по купону в 1$), это дешевле чем в Индии.

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