What signs can distinguish fake Elf oil?

Oil Elf Technique

Elf oil is chosen by many motorists. The question of how to distinguish an original from a fake arises for almost everyone, because a product that is popular and in demand among car owners is often falsified.

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The Elf name is a proprietary trade name for one of the product lines manufactured by Total. Synthetic and semi-synthetic oils labeled "Elf" are sold in stores in one hundred and thirteen countries. It is in demand not only among amateurs, but also among professionals.

Why Choose Elf

The engine oil of this series is used in the maintenance of cars in the following competitions:

  1. WSR Renault.
  2. Open Endurance Races.
  3. WSBK and WSS Kawasaki.
  4. Rally Dakar.
  5. Moto GP series.

Rally Dakar

"Total" is a partner of a large alliance of companies "Renault", "Mitsubishi", "Nissan". In other words, these giants of the global auto industry use Total products, including the Elf line.

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What to look out for

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The original Elf oil is not without reason popular, although it is quite expensive. Its use pays off. The distinctive properties of the oil are an extremely low percentage of phosphorus and sulfur with other components, a small sulfate ash content.

popular motor oil

These features of the composition significantly reduce the friction of parts, which prevents their wear, and in addition, reduces fuel consumption. But of course, fake oil does not have such characteristics.

Original and fake oil Elf

When buying a product, you need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • price;
  • appearance;
  • marking and other information;
  • oil characteristics.

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Of course, a rare seller will allow you to open a canister before paying for it. Therefore, before evaluating the characteristics of the product, you will have to buy it.

Where to buy

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Paradoxically, few motorists know that Total has opened an official website for Russians who prefer products from the Elf series. Its address is www.elf-lub.ru.

Official site

It contains a complete catalog of products with this trade name, useful information, an online selection of technical equipment. In addition, there is a shop on the site. Although it does not yet sell products directly from the manufacturer, it provides links to official distributor stores.


Store selection

Of course, you can buy real oil not only at the outlets presented on the official website. But this should be done in large chain stores that care about their reputation. As a rule, they work directly with manufacturers. In small shops that do not have a large turnover, discretion when buying does not hurt.

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The Elf engine oil line, consisting of a natural chemical base and semi-synthetic oils

Name Purpose Approvals and specifications
mineral oils
Evolution 500 Diesel 15W-40 It is poured into engines with a diesel fuel system and operated in conditions of long intercity trips, regardless of the season ACEA A3, B3, API SL, CF, Renault Diesel (cars manufactured before October 2007), VW 505.00, MB 229.1
Evolution 500 Turbo Diesel 15W-40 Designed for diesel engines of passenger cars. ACEA A3, B3, API SL, CF, VW 501.01, 505.00, MB 229.1
Evolution 500TS 15W-40 Designed for all types of engines installed in cars and light vehicles ACEA A3, B3, API SL, CF, Renault (cars manufactured before October 2007), VW 501.01, 505.00, MB 229.1
Semi-synthetic oils
Evolution 700 Turbo Diesel 10W-40 Designed primarily for turbocharged diesel engines with direct injection systems, but without diesel particulate filters ACEA A3, B4, API SN, CF, VW 501.01, 505.00, Renault (diesel without particulate filters), MB 229.1
Evolution 700 ST 10W-40 Can be poured into any engine ACEA A3, B4, API SN, CF, VW 501.01, 505.00, Renault RN0700, MB 229.1
Evolution 700 STI 10W-40 Relevant for cars with medium and high mileage ACEA A3, B4, API SN, CF, VW 501.01, 505.00, Renault RN0700, 0710, MB 229.1
Do you buy Elf oil for your car?

What amount to target

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The price of original synthetic motor oil cannot be too low. For example, if the price tag shows a figure of 500-600 rubles for a five-liter canister, then this is a fake.

The average cost of a 5 liter canister is 1700-2600 rubles. The prices of four-liter and liter canisters are slightly lower. But a 1 liter canister does not cost less than 800 rubles.


It is not difficult to recognize a roughly made fake, small details will be given out for a fake.


It is recommended to start identifying fake Elf oil by inspecting the canister. There should be a sticker on its front side. In the original, it is placed neatly and has no printing defects. The fake label is pasted unevenly. Under it, air bubbles and folds are possible.

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To determine a fake, it is recommended to turn the canister upside down. Significant flaws indicate the fake origin of the Elf lubricant. It is worth noting that branded canisters may differ from each other depending on the country of production. This complicates the definition of a fake on the bottom.

The bottom of the canister of fake and original Elf oil

Also a small sign of a fake is the Elf lubrication level scale. For branded canisters, it does not reach the bottom a little.

Lubrication level scale for fake and original Elf oil

It is also recommended to pay attention to the date of manufacture. It is preceded by the manufacturer's country code. On Elf oil you can find:

  • 10 - Belgium;
  • LOT - Romania;
  • N - Poland;
  • 31 - France.

Country of production on Elf oil canister

In conclusion, it is recommended to evaluate the overall quality of the manufacture of the canister. Pay attention to the weld seam. It doesn't stand out much from the original. For fakes, the seam has sagging, which can sometimes injure your hand.

Check Elf oil by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:


Recently, it has been noticed that there are a large number of Elf fakes on the market, on the label of which there is an exclamation mark in a rhombus. The original doesn't have it.

Exclamation mark on fake Elf oil

The most low-grade fakes do not have a label on the back at all. It should be noted that the original has a double sticker and can be opened.

No label on fake Elf oil

If there is a double label, it must be opened. The original splits easily. The company label does not have an adhesive backing.

For fakes, it is sometimes possible to open the sticker only with a knife or a thin screwdriver. The label sticks to the hands, as it has an adhesive backing. This is the most important feature in identifying a fake Elf.

Double label on original Elf oil

There is also a slight difference between the original and the fake in the fonts used on the labels. With Elf branded oil, all inscriptions are more readable. For fakes, the font differs in boldness and is sometimes blurry.

Font on the label of fake and original Elf oil

Font on the label of fake and original Elf oil


You can determine the original Elf oil by the lid. For a fake, it unscrews along with the bottom ring. The branded lid has neat ribs and is made without visible defects.

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Fake and original Elf oil cap

There is a filling tube under the lid. The original is slightly translucent. The fake filler tube is completely matte.

Filler tube on fake and original Elf oil


Canister details Original Fake
Lid Under the lower thin ribbed rim is a relatively wide polished protective rim.

The upper face is rounded, the lid itself is black and shiny.

The lid ends with a ribbed rim and does not have a protective strip, or, conversely, is devoid of a ribbed rim.

The top edges are flattened, the lid looks like a washer and lacks shine.

Bottom A ribbed ribbon of three stripes is cast on the plastic, wide enough. The tape is absent or is narrow, with flat elements.

Original cover

Fake cover

Gap between lid and canister

Bottom of the original

The bottom of the fake

The color of the plastic canister is saturated blue, with a gloss. If the canister is of a different shade, for example, purple or blue, there is an imitation in the window.

plastic color

Marking and information on the label

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You can identify a fake by reading the information indicated on the label on the back of the canister.

The original has an easy to read barcode, the digital signature on which corresponds to the country of manufacture of a particular canister.

To the side of the barcode strip is a miniature square sticker readable by mobile devices. If this is not the case, an imitation is presented in the store.

Barcode on the original canister

Barcode on a fake canister

Phrase on the original

Date of manufacture on the original

Date of manufacture on a fake

Real oil does not have the phrase "Best Performances" on the back of the label. On the original, the date of manufacture is indicated at the bottom, on the plastic, under the front label, in light ink.

Imitation manufacturers use black ink and often label the canister on the bottom or on the back.

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Oil characteristics

The differences between the original and the counterfeit are noticeable even to a novice motorist.

"Elf" is characterized by the following:

  1. Color and transparency similar to cognac.
  2. Homogeneous structure, no delamination, sediment, inclusions.
  3. Viscosity.

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Before pouring Elf into the engine, it is recommended to evaluate it. The fluidity of the lubricant must fully correspond to the specified viscosity. Too thin or thick oil is a sign of falsification.

Oil flow test Elf

Next, it is recommended to check the color and smell. Branded grease should not be too dark or light. Its smell does not have notes of burnt rubber or vanilla.

Checking the originality of Elf oil

Oil is simply impossible to spill, it is viscous and pours slowly. Counterfeits, as a rule, characterize the following qualities:

  • dark color;
  • lack of transparency;
  • the presence of bundles;
  • precipitation;
  • turbidity;
  • too thick consistency or, conversely, liquid.

The counterfeit often contains impurities, blotches that look like "floating spots" resembling "amoebae". When separating in low-grade synthetic mixtures, a gray precipitate is formed. The smell of imitation is specific, corrosive and sharp. The original is characterized by a neutral smell.

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What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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