How to distinguish the original Makita from a fake?

How to distinguish a Makita screwdriver from a fake Technique

Thanks to their excellent quality, power tools manufactured by the Japanese brand Makita are highly appreciated by connoisseurs. This leads to an undesirable effect - there are a large number of low-quality copies of popular screwdrivers and rotary hammers on the market. Buyers of Makita products need to know how to distinguish the original from the fake.

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Counterfeit products have a lot of signs by which they can be distinguished from branded goods, but not all of them are obvious and clearly visible. Sales professionals and craftsmen who intensively use power tools can accurately identify a fake. Ordinary buyers should carefully inspect the device itself, and the packaging case, and the attached documents.

Where are Makita Power Tools Made?

Since Makita brand products are manufactured under license in several countries, it is necessary to know how to identify factory production by the number indicated on the device and distinguish it from the work of a private entrepreneur. The country of origin will be indicated on the nameplates attached to the tool body and storage case.

Manufacturer Makita does not manufacture tools in the CIS.

Original labeling and countries where there really are Makita factories:

Marking The country
A United States(USA)
D Germany
E Japan
G United Kingdom (GB)
R Romania
Y/K China

It is generally accepted that most counterfeit devices are made in China. This is true, but screwdrivers made under license in Chinese factories are of high quality and are considered as original products. Their main difference from the products of European manufacturers is the absence of double quality control.

Now on the market you can find "gray" models of electrical appliances. They are original, but not all markings are present on them. The main difference is that such Makita tools are illegally imported into the country. Even despite their authenticity, these models are not supported by the manufacturer. Therefore, there will be no warranty repair.

original Makita tool

Purchase rules

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It is necessary to purchase a Makita screwdriver only in specialized stores at the price set by the manufacturer, which can be found on the company's website. This is the only way to buy Japanese brand products without doubting their origin. In other cases, you need to make sure that the goods comply with the specified marking.

Screwdriver Makita

It is important to understand that quality items cannot be sold at too low prices. Therefore, you should not trust the sellers in the market and online services about the sale of the warehouse or seasonal promotions, which thus explain the low prices for Makita brand products.

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It is necessary to check the package of documents attached to the product. If the fake is supplied only with instructions in English, then the following will be attached to the original device:

  • passport for a screwdriver;
  • passport for the charger;
  • quality certificate;
  • instruction manual in English and Russian.

Passport of a genuine screwdriver

Fake passport

It should also be borne in mind that a branded product is never included in tool kits, and you can only buy it as a separate device. The factory device is always sold in a case for storage and transportation. Before buying, you need to check the characteristic features of the branded packaging: the color and shape of the suitcase, the quality of workmanship, the presence of markings in certain places, the type and method of applying the brand name.

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The item must be unpacked and subjected to a thorough inspection. There are a lot of signs that allow you to detect a fake. The presence of even one difference from the original is sufficient reason to refuse a dubious purchase.

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The main feature of any branded product is the quality of workmanship. Screwdrivers and punchers of the Japanese brand are characterized by the absence of defects and flaws, the use of high-quality plastic without an unpleasant chemical odor. The tool body and case have a certain greenish tint. All inscriptions are made by casting. Makita's signature font means even letters of the same size with no gaps between them.

Varieties of fakes

It is not always possible to understand at first glance that this Makita tool is a fake.

It's all about the copy level. There are devices whose differences are minimal. And there are products of a frankly low level of performance. From the common with genuine devices there is only the name on the packaging.

In fact, there are 3 types of fakes.

Illegal products. These are not copies. These are original instruments, but intended for sale in other countries. They do not pass official certification in the Russian Federation. Although these are genuine devices, they are not covered by warranty service. Plus, Makita for the same USA is designed for a different voltage and power supply parameters. By connecting it in Russia to 220 V, the instrument may burn out.

Burnt Makita screwdriver

good quality copies. It's already fake. But well made. Selling at a price slightly lower than the original. There are good examples. But they do not reach the level of a real Makita. There is no guarantee, the service will refuse service.

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Cheap fakes. Chinese consumer goods. Outwardly issued for the original. In fact, the tool is assembled from cheap consumables. They denigrate the Makita brand. A superficial examination makes it clear that this is a fake. They work for a minimum of time, and then burn out.

Fake Makita screwdriver

That is, even a high-quality copy does not give any guarantees.

And it is unlikely that a person will want to spend money on Makita, getting a miserable parody instead of a well-known brand.

Check Makita tool by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

Start simple. There are 3 key points:

  • Price. The popular brand has earned trust and is also in demand. By definition, a tool cannot be cheap. High quality, good components, etc. If they offer a device whose cost is noticeably lower than the average market price, this is a reason to refuse. 99% fake.

The cost of the original Makita

  • Marking and manufacturer. The company's factories are located in different countries. These are the USA, China, Great Britain, Romania and Japan. In Russia, the assembly is not carried out, as well as in the CIS countries. If you see a different country of manufacture, this is a fake.
  • Assembly. This is a whole complex of signs that need to be considered separately. But on a power tool, at least there should be no defects and obvious flaws. Plus, consider the presence of a pronounced unpleasant, as well as a chemical smell. High-quality raw materials cannot smell like that.

So that there are no questions about how to distinguish a fake Makita, choose the right place to buy. These are official dealers and company stores.

It is not worth buying Makita in transitions, in the markets of electrical goods and through dubious sites. Through them, the bulk of fake instruments are distributed.

Original Makita screwdriver

External signs of the original and fake

It is not difficult for the trained eye of experts to identify an imitation, even if it is very similar to a branded product. The branded thing gives the impression of good quality and ease of use. It is distinguished by high-quality polished surfaces, smooth lines, careful fitting of parts, neatly executed inscriptions, evenly glued information tags.

Experts advise paying attention to the following points common to all models of the Makita brand:

  • The original plastic suitcase is additionally packed in a cardboard box with information about the manufacturer and the screwdriver.

Information box

  • The color of the suitcase matches the color of the tool, the latches are black, there is a specific place for each part. If you come across a seller in the market or on the Internet who offers Makita without a case, immediately refuse. It doesn't matter what excuses he comes up with. The case is a must.

original tool case

Case with a fake

  • On the surface of the case there will be an inscription with the name of the company and a sticker indicating the EAC certification, marking and serial number of the tool. The manufacturer's name is embossed. The letters are embossed on the plastic. If you see only a sticker, or raised letters, then this is a fake.

Fake on the case have only a sticker with the name. It is easy to check this fact. Take a knife, or tear off the sticker with your fingers. If the sticker has moved away, and there is nothing under it, no embossing, then 100% is a fake.

original inscription

Label sticker

Fake case sticker

  • The latches are also embossed with the Makita brand name on the original case. Plus the latches themselves are glossy. The copies have nothing written on the latches. Naked plastic. The latch material itself is matte.

Name embossed latch

Latch without inscription

  • The charger of the original consists of two parts - the control unit and the charging unit. For fake, a different type of charger is used, which combines the charging unit with the control board.

original charger

Data on original charger

Data on fake charger

  • Clearances. The suitcase has gaps between the elements. In genuine cases, the gap is uniform everywhere, of the same shape. Or the parts fit snugly together. The fakes have crooked gaps, and are also made frankly handicraft.
  • Backlash. A real Makita suitcase has no backlash. The details are solid. Copies rattle, go to the sides. The backlashes of the original are made very high quality, without dirt. A fake cannot boast of this.

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Is the popularity of Makita power tools deserved?

We study power tools

The next step on the path to how to identify a fake Makita is to study the electric tool.


Each device has an information label. This is a data sheet. The copy is poorly made, has a different font, word errors, blots, washed out paint, and other signs of poor copying. The original nameplate is made in the form of a metal insert. Some copies have a paper sticker.

Nameplate on the original and fake Makita

The original has Makita lettering in a duller color. While the fake directly cuts the eyes with bright red. Now for the markings:

  • On these nameplates, the serial number of the device is located next to the brand of the model. In fake ones, the location of the production number is below the table;
  • In genuine Makita devices, the table contains markings for use;
  • The Japanese manufacturer on the original instruments is indicated as follows - Makita Corporation Anji, Aichi, Made in PRC In fakes, the last inscription is missing, or has other letters - China, Malaysia.

Serial number

Always located near the model brand on the nameplate. For fakes, the serial number is written at the bottom, under the plate.


As a manufacturer, they always write something like this - Makita Corporation Anji, Aichi, Made in PRC If you see a different name, then leave the store. This is a copy. Just keep in mind that the country of manufacture may change.

Now on the market you can find "gray" models of electrical appliances. They are original, but not all markings are present on them. The main difference is that such Makita tools are illegally imported into the country. Even despite their authenticity, these models are not supported by the manufacturer. Therefore, there will be no warranty repair.

Screwdrivers Makita

How to spot a fake

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The original product is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a marking sticker. One screw will be sealed, high current cells are supplied by Sony or LG, the battery capacity is 10.8 volts and the capacity is 1.5 amps per hour.

The Chinese fake is equipped with a battery of a different capacity, and there are no stickers on it. Counterfeit batteries resemble batteries for household flashlights.

Fake screwdriver

original battery

Fake battery

The original has a charge indicator, the indicator can be seen after pressing the button. The battery fits well and is easy to install.

Non-separable battery

Collapsible fake

The appearance of a fake product, at first glance, differs little from the original, but there are small features:

  • The body color has a bluish, not greenish tint.
  • The force adjustment dial is grey, not black.
  • Double sleeve cartridge.

Original and fake cartridge

  • The counterfeit handle is made of hard plastic, while the original handle has rubber inserts that increase ease of use and anti-vibration properties.
  • The handle of the original has a number that is not on the fake.
  • The mains cable of the original is made of flexible and durable rubber, the parts are well fixed, the plug has a characteristic "expensive" look.
  • A tag with information about the product is affixed to the fake, and the factory number is stamped on the original with the obligatory indication of the production date.

Name on the original screwdriver

Name on the sticker

Embossed serial number

  • The hook for fastening to a belt on a fake is installed only on one side, and on the original there is a fastening on both sides.

Belt hook

Original and fake switch

original and fake motor

Mode switch

Popular fake screwdrivers

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Most often, scammers counterfeit the most popular models of Makita brand screwdrivers and rotary hammers. Compared to originals, Chinese fakes remain operational for 1-2 weeks, so it is advisable to avoid such situations and carefully check the device.

Fake 21 volt

A characteristic feature of imitation is the difference in indicating the power of the device:

  1. Makita df330dwe in the original version is designed for a power of 10.8 volts, while the counterfeit has 12v.
  2. Drill drivers Makita DF457DWE and DF331DWE can be distinguished by the power parameter of 24 Volts and 18 Volts.

A distinctive feature that characterizes fake screwdrivers is the indication of Japan as the country of origin, and not China.

Video: how to distinguish a fake from the original Makita

Popular fake punchers

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Chinese manufacturers often fake Makita 2450 and Makita 2470 rotary hammers. Imitation is determined by the following general features:

  • inaccurate execution, unacceptable for a branded product;
  • bluish hue of body and case, not greenish;
  • the absence of embossed inscriptions with the brand name and the presence of stickers.

Original and fake puncher

Experts may notice other differences:

  1. The fake Makita 2450 has no lettering on the black part of the case, and the lettering on the green part can be removed without much effort.
  2. There is no inscription on the side handle, although it was applied to the original by indentation.
  3. Mode switch symbols should be prominent and neat.
  4. The original Makita 2470 has two inscriptions on the side handle - raised and depressed letters, while the fake does not have them.

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Given the above signs, we can conclude that for an attentive and pedantic person, identifying a fake Makita power tool will no longer cause difficulties.

Original Makita

What is the danger of fakes

Buying a fake tool, a person risks not only money.

Yes, it is unpleasant to spend money, counting on the original, and at the same time get a frank counterfeit.

But there are other implications as well:

  • the risk of injury from a flying cutter, drill, saw blade, etc.;
  • the threat of electric shock;
  • damage to electrical wiring;
  • violation of the terms of construction and repair;
  • penalties for non-compliance, etc.

The consequences are unpleasant, as well as dangerous to the life and health of the user.

To avoid this, choose a reliable and trusted seller. Then there will be no problems.

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