JBL column - how to distinguish a fake from the original


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Have you been dreaming of a speaker from a well-known manufacturer JBL for a long time, but are you afraid to buy because of the large number of unscrupulous sellers? We will tell you how to distinguish an original column from a fake, and what to do if you have already bought it.

Did you know that every third JBL speaker is fake?

The American company JBL has been manufacturing portable acoustics and audio equipment for over 70 years. This product is of high quality. The speakers are convenient because they are wireless and you can take them with you if you are relaxing outdoors or using them at home. Since the goods are in demand on the market, Chinese fakes began to appear. Usually, they not only have a wheezing sound, but also have external differences from the originals.

portable speaker jbl charge 2

Distinguish a fake from the original in appearance

Original JBL speakers have a number of external differences from fakes - color, shape, packaging.

Table - How to distinguish an original JBL from a fake

Criterion Original Fake
Package Has all the inscriptions There are inscriptions in Chinese
Equipment Complete, accessories arranged neatly Carelessly boxed items
Speakers Not afraid of water Paper
Battery In a separate compartment Bonded with epoxy
Buttons At the hull level Protrude unevenly
microSD slot Not There is

The original column looks like this:

JBL column fake and original differences

Cylindrical body. Thomas is a bit like an elongated Pepsi tin. It can be like a modified "barrel".

There is a logo on the side of the speaker itself - an orange rectangle with a white inscription "JBL" and a "!" Icon. For fakes, this rectangle is smaller, the letters and the icon are larger.

JBL inscription on a fake
JBL inscription on a fake

The logo of the original is recessed into the case. On a fake, it seems to be glued on top of double-sided tape, sometimes crooked. It can be peeled off with a fingernail without effort. The logo icon can be different in color, print quality from the original.

Logo on original and fake difference columns
Logo on original and fake difference columns

The power button for fake products is smaller, it protrudes like the rest above the body more than the original. There are gaps between the buttons and the body of the fake.

Power button on jbl speaker
Power button on jbl speaker

On the body there is a relief pattern - fabric. For fakes, this relief on the acoustic grill is different.

  1. The back cover is made of high quality material, it has a rubber seal around the perimeter, it opens easily. In a fake, it is soft, made of low quality rubber, does not open well, does not protect the insides when in contact with water.
    Speaker back cover photo
    Speaker back cover photo


  2. Along the perimeter of the compartment, from the inside of the lid, the serial number and country of origin are written in small print. The copy does not have a serial number.

    JBL serial number
    Serial number

  3.  The charging indicators inside the stand are protected from contact with water, while fakes do not.

    JBL charging indicator
    Charging indicator

  4. The passive radiators are not glossy and have the "JBL" logo on them. The counterfeit also has them, but they shine, and the logo is larger.
Passive radiator
Passive radiator



The original and fake have 3 connectors under the cover. But, the copy also has a micro sd slot for a card.

This connector is a sign of a fake

Case difference

The original speaker is packed in a soft foam bag, it contains information from the manufacturer. Other accessories are placed in transparent bags separately. The fake does not have an additional cover or is simple, the accessories are not packed.

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Differences between a fake JBL speaker in packaging

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The weight of counterfeit products is less. On the original box, the logo is printed, and on the fake box, there is a sticker in the same place, there is an orange rectangle on the column without an inscription.

The color of the column that is shown on the box is exactly the same as inside. And on fake ones, it is always black, although it may be turquoise inside.

On the back of the box there is a description of the parameters of the product and its functions, text about bluetooth and the manufacturer in different languages. On fake packaging, this text is only in English, there is no other information.

How to distinguish a fake JBL speaker by the box

The upper part of the box has a matte embossing, the name of the device. The fake has no embossing.

Top of the box
Top of the box

On the lid of the container there is a text about the manufacturer, importer, barcode, serial number of the device, EAN code. All this is not indicated on fakes.

Inside the box, a color image is printed on the lid. There is an additional cover, the name of the model is printed on it. The fake is soft, there is no image, the black cover of the box is a cheap foam lining.

What's in the JBL box

Complete set of original and replica

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Check JBL column by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

All the contents of the box are neatly arranged in transparent bags, to be in their places. Fake items are not packaged, everything is mixed up. The original package includes: instructions, adapters for various sockets, cable, charging unit, column, warranty card.

All accessories are orange.

JBL speaker package
Column package

The fakes have something similar to instructions - a piece of paper without a logo, the cable is inaccurately tied with wire, there is only one adapter for the outlet, there is a jack-jack wire. Accessories are usually black, not orange.. Everything is made of low-quality plastic, with defects - influxes.

Original and fake charger for JBL speakers

How to distinguish an original JBL cable from a fake one

Price difference

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Fake products are cheap. Speakers are 2-3 times cheaper, they can be sold at a promotion.

Buy original and fake JBL speakers prices

What to do if you have already bought a fake JBL speaker

You must do one of the following:

  1. Return the item with the box and receipt to the store where it was purchased and request a refund. The money must be returned within 14 days.
  2. Make a claim for the sale of fakes in 2 copies - one for yourself, the second must be filled out by the seller. There should be a mark that the seller accepted the claim on the copy of the buyer.
  3. Sue the seller and the store, write to the relevant authorities.
  4. Write to the manufacturer at ru_info@harman.com. They will help you deal with the store, stop its activities in the future, but not the fact that they will resolve the issue with a refund.

Claim to return fake jbl

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What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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    Why didn't I read this article earlier. Just at the first purchase I came across a fake, it failed after a month. The charge was enough for a couple of hours, the speakers wheezed a couple of buttons stopped responding. Very useful information thanks for your work 👍!