How to check Xiaomi for authenticity and originality

How to distinguish a fake xiaomi phone from the original Technique

Xiaomi smartphones and phone accessories are very popular in our country. This is mainly due to the low price of the devices while maintaining a very decent performance. However, in some cases it may turn out that we are purchasing counterfeit equipment. How to authenticate xiaomi? Let's talk further.

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How to distinguish a fake

To check the authenticity of xiaomi, first of all, pay attention to the box. The box in which counterfeit phones are packed practically does not differ from the original. Same material, same durability. However, depending on the manufacturer, specification labels are better or worse.

Xiaomi in a box


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The box in which genuine Xiaomi gadgets are supplied is made of the most durable cardboard that can provide reliable protection for the mobile device during its transportation. Also on the surface of the box must be a barcode to help verify the authenticity of the phone. Fake boxes, on the other hand, do not contain a barcode and are made from a very fragile material.

Original Xiaomi box

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External signs

The back panel is always made of either durable plastic, pleasant to the touch, or metal. In a fake, the back panel looks like a very cheap gloss. On the main camera of a real Xiaomi smartphone, there is a matte opaque film, while for fakes it either shines through or is completely absent.

On most genuine models, the back cover is non-removable, and the SIM card slot is located on the side, matching the color of the case. It doesn't protrude from the side. If you notice that the phone does not match any of these parameters, then it is better to refuse to buy it.

Comparison of original Xiaomi and fake

TOP 5 most popular Xiaomi smartphones

Model Advantages Price
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro 6/128GB · Big screen.

· Image size 2400×1080 pixels.

· Damage-resistant glass.

· 4 cameras that produce incredible shots.

16MP front camera.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 4/128GB (NFC) Excellent rear camera.

· Affordable price.

13MP front camera.

· Bluetooth version 5.0 available.

MediaTek Helio G85 octa-core processor.

· 128 GB of built-in memory.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro 6/64GB · Beautiful shells with different colors to choose from.

Quadruple rear camera.

· Bluetooth version 5.0 is available.

MediaTek Helio G90T processor.

Optimal diagonal.

· Smart phone.

The most popular model on the market.

Xiaomi Redmi 9C 3/64GB (NFC) · Very capacious rechargeable battery.

Not a bad camera for the price.

· Good value.

· Bluetooth version 5.0.

· Contactless payment.

Good octa-core processor MediaTek Helio G35

Xiaomi Redmi 9 4/64GB (NFC) · Excellent price.

· Combination of excellent assembly and optional.

· High-quality screen, bright colors.

Quite nimble for its price range.

· Capacious 5020 mAh battery.

· Case included.

Excellent speaker, clear sound.

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It is worth checking the individual details of the smartphone for compliance. Very often, scammers replace the display, putting it in a low-grade and very cheap fake. Therefore, if you are going to purchase a gadget, take a screenshot of its screen. While viewing the image, check its resolution and whether it matches the one declared by the smartphone.

To make sure that the technical specifications are up to date, use one of the benchmarks. The most popular of these is AnTuTu. Download the program to your phone, and then run it and see what indicators were found during the study of the gadget. A fake Xiaomi will always give out numbers significantly lower than those indicated in the settings. So do not be lazy and compare the indicators to be calm about the authenticity of your smartphone.

Checking the original Xiaomi


Another way to distinguish a Xiaomi fake from the original is to check the operating system. This is an addition to the main testing, but quite truthful.

The fact is that in all real Xiaomi, the Android operating system contains the MIUI shell. Whereas non-original smartphones may have any other software. No matter how sellers advertise them and pass them off as unique, know that genuine Xiaomi is only MIUI.

Another important fact: it is impossible to install firmware on a fake.

That is, you won’t even be able to get Root-rights. During this operation, the phone will constantly crash, turn off, you may observe unclear characters and screens. All these are clear signs of imitation of the original product. And they are true almost on 100%.

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A real phone always has a proprietary MIUI shell installed. If your mobile device has any other OS, then this is a clear sign that you have purchased one of the counterfeit devices.

It is worth carefully studying the operation of the smartphone and its software:

  • on Mi and Redmi models, the Miui shell must be installed. Through the settings item, try updating the firmware, as a rule, fakes give an error;
  • an unknown mi account was entered (a sign of using a phone or an assembly from different donors);
  • interface slowdown, lags;
  • unstable operation of modules (camera, autofocus, microphone, speaker, cellular connection failure);
  • strong heating of the phone with clean firmware.

The last two points can mean both a fake and an ordinary marriage.

Checking with programs

Previously, the proprietary application "Verification tool" was used for verification, which no longer works. In addition to it, it was possible to use the Antutu Officer program from a third-party developer, but it also ceased to exist.

At the moment there are two ways.

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First way. Run a performance test using AIDA64, CPU-Z (or any other application that will show the technical characteristics of the device).

We go into the application, open the properties of your smartphone and compare the characteristics (display resolution, processor, frequency, battery capacity, etc.) with those declared by the manufacturer (the parameters can be found on the official website or other resources).
Checking the originality of Xiaomi using programsSecond way. Conduct a performance test using any benchmark (for example, geekbench 5). We start testing, get the power expressed in points, and compare it with the results of the same model (the data can be found on the Internet).
Checking the originality of Xiaomi using programs

Verification through the official website of Mi Verify by SN

Each device of this type has its own unique serial numbers and IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), thanks to which we can easily identify our xiaomi.

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How to check xiaomi smartphone for authenticity by serial number? Xiaomi has prepared a special page where you can check the originality. Just go to this address, and then enter the numbers. Just rewrite the code and click "Confirm".

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A more detailed algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. The "Verify your phone purchase" tab should be open.
  3. Enter the IMEI number or device serial number (S/N) in the dedicated field.
  4. Enter the verification code (captcha).
  5. Click "Verify" ("Verify" in the English version).
  6. You will see the result of the check, the green circle is the original, the red circle is a fake.

How to check Xiaomi for authenticity and originality

If all labels are displayed in English, you can enable Russian in the upper right corner of the site.

There are 3 test results:

original device

Xiaomi originality test positive

The authenticity of the device is not confirmed, high risk of forgery

Xiaomi originality check result

Invalid data entered. As a rule, the error “Your IMEI or S / N doesn't exist, please verify and enter again” appears. Double-check your data, make sure that there are no spaces at the beginning or end of the number.

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Xiaomi originality check result

This method is suitable for each model range of Xiaomi smartphones and tablets: Mi, Redmi, Mi pad, Android One (A series).

Additionally, you can try to enter the number in the search engine. If in the search results you see sites with the numbers of your device in the public domain, then most likely you have a fake or a device assembled from spare parts for used gadgets (this can be found on Aliexpress).

Check via IMEI

Each cell phone is identified with certain unique codes, thanks to which you can also check the phone and other xiaomi accessories for authenticity. These are ESN (Electronic Serial Number), MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier) and IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) codes. The first two are not of interest to us, because they concern US market phones operating in CDMA networks.

We are interested in IMEI, that is, a unique 15-digit code that uniquely identifies our phone - something like PESEL.

How to find out your IMEI

Where can I find the IMEI code? In several places: firstly, on a sticker on the box (and in the documentation for the purchased phone), secondly, on a sticker inside the phone (under the battery) - in the case of models with a non-removable battery, information can be found, for example, under the cover of the SIM- cards) and thirdly, by calling the code phone, in most models it is enough to dial the combination * # 06 # or go to "Settings", and then to the "About phone" tab. The dissimilarity of the number displayed on the phone's screen with the sticker on the box may indicate that someone has tampered with the device's software to change the IMEI.

Xiaomi IMEI on the box

First you need to find out your IMEI and serial number, there are three ways.

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Method 1 - there is a sticker with numbers on the box from the device (sometimes it can still be found on the back cover of the smartphone or on the battery).

IMEI on Xiaomi box

Method 2 - Enter *#06# in the phone's dial menu to display the IMEI

IMEI on Xiaomi phone

Dual SIM phones will show 2 imei numbers, this is normal.

Method 3 - go to "Settings" -\u003e "About phone" -\u003e "General information", where you can find the serial number (SN).
Determining IMEI on a Xiaomi phone

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Special websites allow you to check by IMEI number, make and model of the phone, the place where it was first registered and the correctness of the IMEI code, and also, if the parties cooperate with operators, whether this model has been blocked. Sites worth paying attention to: IMEI Info (, IMEIpro ( or IMEIData (


You can also compare the IMEI indicated on the box and on the phone, if they match, then the phone is original with a probability of 90%.

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Check Xiaomi by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

Verification via Antutu officer app

The AnTuTu Officer app tells you if the device is fake or not. After downloading the app on your Android device, just go to and scan the QR code. AnTuTu will scan and find additional information about the device. For full testing results, check the site again. You will see additional information about your phone, discovered by the antutu benchmark app and based on the data already stored on the AnTuTu server.

The application acts as a testing machine to determine if the settings meet security standards. Please note, if you can't install the AnTuTu app or if the device can't scan the QR code, there's a good chance your phone is fake.

AnTuTu Officer application

Checking for originality through a security code

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On the official website, there is another way to verify:

  1. Follow the link
  2. By clicking on the link, a second tab should be opened called "Xiaomi Product Authentication".
  3. Take the box from your Xiaomi device and then look for a secure field on it that can be erased. You have seen such fields on mobile recharge cards;Xiaomi originality check with security code

Recently, not every model (especially new ones) has a similar code on the box!

Having erased the protective layer, we will find a 20-digit code, the numbers from which we enter in the first field. Enter the captcha in the second field and click the "Verify" button ("Verify" in the English version).
Xiaomi originality check with security codeSo you will be able to understand whether your device has passed the test for originality. A positive result will display the number of checks for the given code, which must be no more than one.

Specification check

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Before buying, please check the technical data of the original device. Counterfeits often offer completely different components.


It is not always possible to determine a fake here. The most experienced "pirates", who earn thousands of dollars on their fakes, have learned how to draw them up with such accuracy that the average user very often falls into the network of lies.

But, as a rule, Chinese deceivers save expensive non-original smartphones for their own compatriots, and send cheaper and low-quality goods to other countries. It's easy enough to identify them.

Checking outward appearances does not give confidence to 100%, however, these factors may warrant a more thorough investigation.

Look at the photos of the original smartphone and compare with the one you are going to buy. At this stage, you can already notice the differences, if any. Pay attention to workmanship and quality of materials, the original will be assembled well and without play. Xiaomi redmi note is made mainly of plastic, but there are exceptions. In any case, before buying, it is worth reading the information about what the model you are going to buy is made of.

It is worth paying attention to external features:

  • low-quality materials of accessories - the power adapter, headphones, cable are determined by touch. As a rule, the plastic feels unpleasant or the assembly itself is flimsy and does not inspire confidence;
  • models that must have a metal or glass case are made of plastic;
  • the display or case is very quickly covered with scratches or even cracks;
  • the device is discharged very quickly from the first days - some sellers on Aliexpress sell phones with fake batteries;
  • the screen has graininess, eyes get tired of it and unnatural color reproduction is visible;
  • striking large black frames around the screen;
  • the location of the buttons and ports differs from the images from official sources.

Genuine xiaomi redmi note

Signs of a fake phone

Both phones and various accessories (for example, powerbank) can be fake - outwardly they are almost identical to the originals, the problem is in the details. Counterfeiters install cheaper and weaker parts that have worse performance and a much shorter service life. As a result, our device will simply be less efficient, and may also quickly get various malfunctions or more serious breakdowns.

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In such a situation, we cannot count on warranty or official service. The problem with counterfeit products is related to the distribution of Xiaomi devices.

Among the most obvious signs are the following:

  • cheap bendable plastic, which constantly leaves scratches and dirty marks;
  • fragile body;
  • low quality display; screen shattered from minimal damage;
  • a high-performance camera takes terrible pictures, the flash does not respond to distant objects;
  • the sound is noisy, the speaker is crackling, the interlocutor is almost inaudible;
  • non-original operating system;
  • poor build quality;
  • different IMEI on the box and on the smartphone;
  • The declared technical characteristics do not correspond to the real ones.

Fake and original xiaomi

Check at the point of purchase

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If you buy a phone in a local store, then it will be problematic to immediately identify a fake. Of course, the first thing you should pay attention to before paying is the bad appearance, as mentioned above. Ask the seller to review the actual settings as they may differ from the specifications shown. For example, the description says 16 GB of internal memory, but in fact there are only 8.

Also pay attention to the packaging of the goods.

Depending on the device model and cost, additional gadgets differ, but in any case, a charger is required along with a USB cable. And, of course, an instruction (it is possible that it will only be in Chinese) and an official guarantee.

Check the IMEI code, you can find it here:

  • under the battery.
  • On the back of the case - Many newer phones use built-in batteries that cannot be removed. In this case, serial numbers and IMEI are placed on the back of the case - or directly on it.
  • On the box - the numeric lines are on a special plate that the manufacturer sticks next to the barcode.
  • In the SIM card slot - this mainly applies to models with a built-in battery. They have special slots in which we insert a SIM card or a micro SD card. The information we are interested in is often placed on a small retractable part.

Check the box. It must have special holographic stickers.

Check your charger. The original cable is soft and bends very easily.

xiaomi original phone in box

Video instruction

We invite you to watch a helpful video that will help you understand the issue:

How to avoid fakes

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To avoid fake technology, the investigator should follow the rules:

  1. Do not buy where the lowest price is (with the exception of well-known brands of stores).
  2. Purchase goods only from reputable stores.

If possible, check the device before purchase

When buying from Aliexpress:

  1. Read reviews carefully.
  2. Choose a seller with a large number of purchases and a rich assortment.
  3. Do not make deals with new sellers (these may simply disappear after a while).


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In some situations, we can see several differences in the design of the original and fake versions. Most often they relate to the information presented on the battery, as well as on the charger cable. In original devices, there is no USB logo on them, in fakes - on the contrary.

However, the best method is to check serial codes, IMEI and security. Thanks to them, we can be sure that we have equipment from the manufacturer.

We can also check the authenticity of the phone and other xiaomi accessories thanks to the information on the box. This is a 20-digit security code, which is located under a special film. Just erase it.

Check the body of the device. It happens that a fake xiaomi smartphone is in some places of a different color, for example, you buy a white smartphone, and the side frames are made of gold-colored plastic, most likely it is a fake. Xiaomi often paints the side frames silver.

Pay attention to the location of the buttons. Again, it all comes down to the fact that you need to study the original model, for example, from photographs. Check the location of the connectors and holes on the case.

You can also check the operating system, on the original phone it is smooth and not “lagy”.

Firmware version The version of android it's running on Release date
MIUI v5 4.1 - 4.4 April 9, 2013
MIUI 6 4.4 - 5.0 August 16, 2014
MIUI 7 4.4 - 6.0 August 13, 2015
MIUI 8 4.4 - 7.1 May 10, 2016
MIUI 9 4.4 - 8.1 July 26, 2017
MIUI 10 6.0 - 10.0 May 31, 2018
MIUI 11 7.0 - 10.0 September 24, 2019
MIUI 12 9.0 - 11.0 April 27, 2020
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No hangups
Great camera
Large memory
Perfect color rendering
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