How to identify fake HQD

How to identify fake HQD Technique

The popularity of any product attracts scammers to make money on counterfeit goods. Along with the increasingly popular electronic cigarettes, HQD sell fakes in large volumes, which often leads to negative consequences for the health and life of the consumer. The danger of such a product lies in the fact that toxic components enter the lungs with steam. In order to protect yourself when buying HQD, you need to be able to distinguish between the original and the fake.

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HQD Electronic Cigarette Kit

What are the models

The principle of operation for all types of electronic cigarettes is the same.

hqd models

Due to the absence of combustion by-products, the products cause much less harm to the health of the smoker. Disposable devices allow you to forget about chargers, liquid bottles or burnt cotton. They do not have evaporators and buttons. It is convenient to use HQD anywhere. The ideal e-liquid strength with the right heater power allows you to vape comfortably.

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All types of HQD electronic cigarettes work on the same principle. The line consists of a large number of disposable types with different characteristics.

A line of 8 disposable models is presented in the table.  

Model Frame Number of puffs Battery capacity, mAh Liquid volume, ml Content of salt nicotine, mg
HQD cuvie Plastic 300-400 280 1,25  


stark 300 280 1,25
V2 200-300 260 1,1
Rosy 400-500 280 1,4
Maxim Metal  400 280 1,4
Ultra Stick  500 370 1,8
Cuvie Plus 1200  950 5
Super Soft-touch finish 600 400 3

50 mg of nicotine is equivalent to 4 packs of cigarettes. 

The most popular are HQD Cuvee, Cuvie Plus and Rosy. The manufacturer claims that a certain number of puffs is presented for each type. The minimum amount is 200, the maximum is 1200. The amount may vary depending on the strength and duration of the smoker's puff. In simple terms, it is very difficult to do more than 10 pulls in one smoke break. The average session length is 5 pulls.

Not so long ago, the manufacturer released several more disposable vape models: IZI MAX, IZI XII, IZI, IZI X8, MEGA, King, MINI, NOVA, MAC, MELO, MAXX. New products differ in nicotine content, the number of puffs and other characteristics.

Note! 20 mg of nicotine is contained in 2 packs of regular cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes HQD

How to distinguish from a fake

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The market is saturated with fakes of famous brands. Selling a finger is a tempting idea for scammers, because thanks to a well-known brand, you can make good money. How to check the purchase for originality? 

Life hack: If you are not sure about the product - barcode check online

First thing to do:

  1. Before use, erase the security code and enter it in a special window on the official website of the manufacturer This product will be confirmed by a corresponding message. 
  2. Consider a hologram. The logo (letter H) is displayed on the light. 
  3. Find out the originality through a QR code in a special smartphone application.
  4. Check the manufacturer's country by barcode.
Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

Authenticity check via HQD QR code

In addition, you should know how the appearance of a fake differs from the original.

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The comparison is shown in the table. 

Indicator  Original HQD  counterfeit
Stub Missing.  May be present. The workmanship is poor, the device may leak. 
Brand and series name on the device The letters are convex, even, the paint coincides with the boundaries of the characters.  Applied on a flat surface, there are no convex elements. 
Recycling signs on the bottom, SE marking The edges and symbols are clear, evenly convex, even in shape.  The icons have a curved, fuzzy outline. 
A hole on the bottom for air intake through which the LED is also visible. Has a bevel.  Without bevel. 
Do you smoke electronic cigarettes?


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Manufacturers of the HQD brand have developed 3 different flavor categories, so every vape lover will find the perfect option for themselves. Please note that only those fragrances that are declared by the manufacturer can be purchased in the original version, but they can be combined with each other.

  1. Original. Among the original flavors you can find tobacco, mint, nutty, coniferous, as well as aromas of cinnamon, chewing gum, cola and pink lemon.
  2. Berry. This category includes sweet cherries, juicy strawberries, rich blueberries, fragrant watermelon.
  3. Fruit. Fruit flavors are the most diverse. You can choose from ripe lychee, mango, banana, juicy multi-fruit and orange, sour pineapple, real fragrant lemon tart, as well as peach, apple, grape and melon flavors.


More details in the table. 

Berry fruity Original
  • Strawberry;
  • blueberry;
  • Cherry;
  • banana;
  • watermelon;
  • lemon pie;
  • peach;
  • a pineapple;
  • grape;
  • multifruit;
  • an Apple;
  • melon;
  • mango;
  • Orange;
  • litchi.
  • cinnamon;
  • gum;
  • tobacco;
  • mint, needles and wild berries (shoria);
  • nut;
  • cola;
  • pink lemonade;
  • mint. 

Several of the flavors listed in the table may be formulated in one cigarette. The choice is based solely on personal preference.

In some models of ashkudi, one or another taste is missing.

And on the official website, not all types are constantly available. 

HQD Cigarette Flavors

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HQD rating for flavor range:

Name HQD

                            HQD flavor

Pineapple Unusual, pleasant, enchanting taste of pineapple
Ice Mango An amazing combination of fragrant mango with gentle menthol
Tobacco Solid composition of musky tobacco
blueberry Pleasant wild berry with a powerful taste and delicate sourness
mixed fruits Fruity composition of bright, juicy summer fruits
Grapey Intense Isabella with a powerful grape aroma
Cantaloupe Unique fragrant melon with hints of musk


The cigarette, individual packaging and pack must have the same logos.

Since the letter Q in the brand name was borrowed from competitors (IQOS), the use of this logo was prohibited by a court decision. The company, in a short time, came up with a new logo that did not violate the copyrights of competitors. Naturally, products with the old letter Q did not have time to be withdrawn from sale, so you can find HQD with the old design on sale.

Also, confusion with the letters Q was made by not too smart sellers and consumers. The manufacturer warned about the change of one letter and that it was removing products with the old logo from sale. He also warned that if you see an updated letter Q (with two dashes) on the plastic packaging, and inside you find a product with the old letter Q (with one dash), then this is a clear sign of a fake:

Original hqd and fake logo

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At the same time, the design on the manufacturer's website is the same. In any case, on the territory of the Russian Federation, the sale of cigarettes with a logo, where Q 1 risk is considered fake.

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A sticker is glued to the individual and cardboard box indicating:

  • a hologram with the letter H visible;
  • QR code;
  • numbers under the protective layer to identify the originality of the product. 

A special space appeared in the original individual packs and, looking closer, the imprint of the device itself is noticeable. The date of manufacture must also be indicated. Such details will help to recognize the original products. 

electronic cigarette sticker

QR code

The packaging marking includes the obligatory presence of a sticker with a qr-code, a secret number and a hologram. At the same time, you can distinguish the original from a fake by the fact that for Russia there is no HQD inscription on the hologram, for America it is present. 

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To protect against counterfeiting, HQD has come up with a security hologram. On which the letter H shimmers.

Hologram on original hqd

The hologram is necessarily present on the cardboard and on the individual polyethylene packaging of each product.

Until the end of 2020, there may be products with a protective sticker only on cardboard packaging (may be absent on individual ones).

The presence of an iridescent hologram with a qr code and a number under an erasable protective layer (scratch me) is a sign of originality.

Checking by qr code

There are a lot of HQD fakes, the company is taking various measures to combat them, but not entirely successful. The site periodically updates the rules on how to distinguish the original. In order for the consumer to check the HQD for safety, the box contains a QR code, which is a guarantee of authenticity. 

To check the originality of the qr code, you must turn on the smartphone's camera and point to the code. If the code is real, a site will open with information about the originality of the product, the date of verification and the number that matches the number under the protective layer. An error message will open on the fake code.

Checking QR code on original hqd and fake

Checking is possible only when the mobile or Wifi Internet is turned on on the phone. If it is impossible to check the phone's camera, you can manually check the code under the protective layer.

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The inability to check the qr-code does not deprive the consumer of finding out the necessary information, since you can distinguish a fake by the number indicated under the protective layer using the link

hqdtech QR code verification

Or check the manufacturer's country by the barcode from the package:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:


If the check turned out to be a scorched pod, then a window opens with an error and a call not to buy the product, as well as to report the discovery of a counterfeit. The screen shows a large red circle with a white cross inside. 

fake hqd


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The originality of the checked cigarette is confirmed by opening a website with information (date of check, number, which must match the one indicated under the erasable layer). The text is issued in Chinese and English, which should not be frightening if they are ignorant, since the absence of a red circle allows you to determine the authenticity.


On the original product, the name, brand name are convex. On a fake, they are equal:

The appearance of the original hqd and fake

Recycling signs (contains electronic components, subject to separate disposal), SE marking (the product is not harmful (dangerous) to the health of its consumers, and is also harmless to the environment) are marked with clear edges on the bottom:

The hole at the bottom of the original HQD, for air intake and through which the information LED is visible (on - the product is working at full capacity, blinking - the battery is dead, off - dispose of) has a chamfer


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Products are disposable and non-separable. After use, they must be disposed of. For those who want to know what's inside, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the photos of the disassembled product.

The original product consists of: a battery (280 Ah), a reservoir with liquid (1.25 ml), a heating coil, cotton wool, a pressure sensor, an LED and wires.

hqd disassembled

How much is enough

The manufacturer declares a certain number of puffs for each model. From 200-300 (V2) to 1200 (Cuvie Plus). However, these data cannot be 100% confirmed in practice. The strength and duration of the tightening is individual for each. 

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For clarity, it can be explained as follows. It is difficult to make more than 10 puffs in one smoke break. The line includes HQD Pods (Pod) with a strength of 5% or 50 mg per milliliter of liquid, which is considered above average. Salt nicotine instantly saturates the blood. 

On average, one session consists of 5 pulls. The simplest option may be enough for 2-3 days, more autonomous sticks for a week. 

How the HQD electronic cigarette works

Harm hqd

Replicas are a potential danger. Fakes are sold at a price lower than the original. Their cost is lower due to:

  1. Poor quality nicotine. 
  2. Cheap flavors that cause poisoning and death. 
  3. Low quality components.

The official HQD website states: “This product does not exclude health risks and is addictive.” Most likely, people with individual intolerance, allergies are at risk.

Fake and original hqd

How to refuel

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Theoretically, refilling is possible, but in practice, the result does not meet the expectations of users. Also note that the battery needs to be recharged.

Ashkudi electronic cigarettes are not recommended for refilling. Their size is not designed for disassembly and maintenance of the elements inside, which requires cleaning the coil and replacing the cotton. 

Check hqd by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

How to recharge

The fact that the battery is discharged is indicated by an LED that starts flashing during puffing. After that, the cigarette must be disposed of, like any batteries, at a specialized recycling center. 

The battery can be recharged manually. The methods are described in numerous videos, a link to one of which is -


Покупать электронные сигареты рекомендуем here

Checking the authenticity of electronic cigarettes must be carried out without fail to eliminate the risk of danger to one's health and life. The company is taking measures to reduce the production of fakes, but they still appear on the market. On packages with fake devices, the address of the official manufacturer is indicated. In the case of serious consequences for the human body, it is almost impossible to find the culprit. 

The consumer is responsible for their own health. You can understand that the product is original using a qr-code that automatically links to the official website. In addition to it, the identification of goods is possible through a secret code. Any collision with counterfeit products must be reported to technical support, to the e-mail address of the company's website. 

HQD cigarettes are not designed to be refilled, so recharging and refilling is not recommended.

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What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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