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The rapid development of modern technologies and techniques is associated with the need to transfer a huge amount of information. This procedure can be simplified by using the cuar code. Let's try to figure out what it is, how to get a qr code and decrypt it.

Do you often see QR codes?

How to read qr code

For reading, you can equally successfully use a smartphone or computer.

How to read qr code on smartphone

When using a mobile phone, it is enough to have a good camera. There is no need to use special applications.

How to read qr code on smartphone

You just need to turn on the camera by pointing it at the code. Then click on the notification that appears. This will open the content (links from the browser, contacts from the address book, etc.).

How to read qr code on computer

When working on a computer, it is recommended to use one of the free online services. Thanks to this, it will be possible to read information from the image by using a webcam or uploading an image. After a couple of seconds, the encrypted information will be displayed on the computer display.

How to get a qr code - an overview of the TOP-7 services

There are several free applications, the use of which allows you to decrypt the encoded information. We offer you to get acquainted with the most popular and frequently used services.




This generator is used to create a cuar in black and white. By working with it, you can quickly encrypt a specific text, link, business card or message.

You can download the service after clicking on the link. It should be noted that the generator consists of a small list of templates needed to read the two-dimensional code.




Its use makes it possible to transfer several types of information (URL address, video images, location, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram profile, text data, email address, and Wi-Fi).

A distinctive feature of the application is the presence of such a function as the ability to change the color of the code.




By generating a cuar using this service, you can transfer the URL, message, phone number, social network profiles.




Working with this generator, it is possible to transfer not only the above information, but also such formats as JPG, SVG, EPS, MP3 and PDF.




This site was created in Russian, has a simple interface, which makes it easy to work with it. I would like to note the limitations of the application. Working with it makes it possible to transfer text information, mobile messages, and form a business card.




Despite the fact that the site was created in English, it has a simple interface.

Working on this platform, you can encrypt a video on YouTube, all kinds of information on Twitter or Facebook.

Equally important are also features such as event coding and changing the color scheme at your own discretion.




It is considered one of the simplest and most functional services that transmits information in the form of a link. After its activation, the user is redirected to the desired site.

What is qr code

The name comes from the English Quick Response, which translates as a quick response. It is a two-dimensional (matrix) qr-code. Represented as a black and white image in the form of a square or rectangle.

For reading, a special easy-to-use digital device is used. To preserve information, a series of pixels arranged in a grid is used.

Differences between qr code and barcode

The difference between the two types of codes is that the kuar is read several times faster. In addition, decoding can be carried out in 2 directions (horizontal and vertical). Due to this, the code can contain more information.

The difference between the two types of codes is presented in more detail in the table.

Characteristics QR code Barcode
Matrix type 2D Linear
Scale No more than 7000 characters No more than 70 characters
Picture view Points located in the grid Lines and spaces located


purpose Storage and transfer of text information, URL address, music, contact data Storage and transfer of information about

product and its manufacturer

Application area As a business card, to convey various types of information shopping malls, medical

institutions, entertainment

zones, etc.

Now, when choosing one or another type of code, it is recommended to take into account such factors as the amount of information that it should contain, the purpose for which it is supposed to be used.

QR code and barcode

Types of qr codes

Several types of kars are known. When classifying them, they are guided by such factors as the method of encoding information (input mode) and the scope.

Types of qr codes

Designer cuar codes

Hare qr code

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Make designer QR codes you can here qrcode-monkey.com

The input methods are divided into the following types:

  • digital (when it is generated, decimal numbers from 0 to 9 are used. Kiar can contain no more than 7089 characters. This type is considered one of the most capacious and complex options for data preservation);
  • alphanumeric (to create it, numbers from 0 to 9 are used, symbols such as $, %, *, +, -, ., /, spaces and capital letters, starting from A and ending with Z. Kuar is able to store not more than 4296 characters);
  • binary (capable of storing 2953 characters that are used in ISO-8859-1 encoding);
  • kanji (has the ability to store Japanese hieroglyphs with a capacity of no more than 2 bytes. When they are generated, the Shift JIS encoding is used. One of the disadvantages of this type of character is the ability to store a small amount of information in itself - 1817).

If we talk about the classification of cuar by area of use, we can distinguish the following types:

  • statistical - are used if there is no need to periodically update the information contained in it. These may be one-time promotions. They include a URL that belongs to a specific destination. The address acts as a quar pattern;
  • dynamic - have the ability to update when necessary, which gives them more options. For example, consider the images printed on food labels. The URL contained in the QR code has the unique ability to redirect users to the target site. The target address of the site can be changed if necessary. In this case, the short address remains unchanged.

Dynamic codes are much easier to scan. For this, a scanner is used. This is due to the fact that they consist of fewer characters. You can create a password that will securely protect the dynamic kuar. In addition, the password will make it possible to track the number of code readings and the device with which the operation was carried out.

What is a qr code for?

QR codes are quite common today: on goods, tickets, clothes, business cards, on the Internet, etc. Their use has become commonplace. Users do not think about such questions as how to get a qr code, how to generate a qr code, what and how to scan a qr.

It is safe to say that the coir acts as an optical type label, which contains the information volume of certain data.

Symbols, numbers and letters can be used for this.

qr codes have a wide range of uses. For example:

  • with their help, you can transfer a video picture, text, mobile message, music, data from social networks;
  • they may contain an email address and addressee coordinates for sending a letter;
  • their use helps to determine the geolocation and location of the object;
  • the presence of a cuar opens access to a Wi-Fi network;

Using the qr code, you can save entries in the event calendar and important calendar dates-reminders of various events and events.

According to the survey, 97% respondents met qr codes in everyday life, and 62% respondents used them in transport, when presenting tickets, to follow a link to a website, etc.

It is safe to say that qr codes are one of the most reliable ways of storing information, as well as its fast transmission.

Dynamic QR code

How qr codes work

Kuar consists of a white frame and 4 squares located in the corners. In addition, you can see the horizontal and vertical components in the picture. Their location has a specific structure. For example:

  • search - have a red tint. Determine the location of the cuar;
  • synchronization lines - blue components of the image, which provide information about the scale of the matrix;
  • correction levels are shown in yellow. They contain data on the type of encoding, control the correction of errors in QR recognition;
  • version code is green. Informs about the type of encoding;
  • alignment marker - shown in purple. Indicates to scanners the location of the couar elements;
  • indents - are presented as a white frame located along the outline of the picture. Shows the scanning device exactly which place it needs to check;
  • information cells - are considered the basis of the code. They give information about the link to which the kar leads, text, phone number.

The presence of these components in the image provides the most accurate and complete information about the product.

How a QR code works

How to use qr code

You can decrypt the qr code using a modern smartphone or computer. Consider the use of a smartphone.

The device must have a good camera.

To get started, you need to turn it on and direct it to the picture. After that, a link will appear on the display, which you need to click on. After a few seconds, the full information about the product will be displayed.

It is possible that a situation may arise in which the camera does not have the ability to read the cuar. In this case, it is recommended to use a special application. There are quite a few on Google Play or the App Store.

QR code reading

Advantages of qr code

Coir is a regular barcode that has a wider functionality and an unusual look. It is very popular among both users and manufacturers. This is due to its inherent advantages:

  • technologies that are used in the generation make it possible to transfer users to online mode;
  • qr codes are mobile (they can be placed in different places: chair back, wall, shop window, business card, taxi, etc.);
  • carry a huge amount of data;
  • are distinguished by low price and simplicity of the printing process;
  • you can recognize them pretty quickly. It is enough to have a smartphone with a camera;
  • damage does not affect the quality and speed of qr code decoding.

Among the main advantages inherent in codes of this type, a wide area of their application is also of no small importance.

Where can i find qr codes

In the FMCG business (the area of goods that are in daily demand), cuars are extremely popular. Due to the fact that people use this type of goods on a daily basis, they prefer to purchase products from manufacturers already known to them. 

The use of the cue code by manufacturers makes it possible to increase sales by several orders of magnitude. It is also worth noting the opportunity for manufacturers to study the target audience and increase its loyalty.

QR code

Examples of using qr codes in marketing and advertising campaigns

There are many ways to use QR. Among the most popular are the following:

  • invite guests to any event - in the process of preparation, the organizers use every opportunity to advertise the event in order to increase the number of invitees. When reading a barcode, people receive information with an invitation to the action, the location of the box office, ticket prices, a link to social networks, where they can learn more about the landing program. If the event was held at a high level, from the picture you can get acquainted with the coordinates of its organizers, get acquainted with the terms of cooperation with them, scroll through the musical selection of the event;
  • use as a business card - it can encode information that will contain contacts, address, link in social networks about the event. This advertising option will act as a modern feature, and will also save the organizers from the need to manually print out the data. An image with a business card is enough to print and place on any surface;
  • organize a gathering of people in a chat - this move will be useful in organizing any business, if you need to organize a large number of people. Thanks to this, it will be possible to gather everyone in one chat, where they can communicate, discuss the event, ask any questions and receive answers to them. Speakers will also be able to present their checklists to chat participants. Beauty salons and craft stores will be able to advertise the list of their services, their cost, the delivery time of a new product with an indication of the size;
  • put forward an assumption about the possibility of paying for purchases - each entrepreneur has the opportunity to independently generate an image. To do this, just use the qr-code generator. In it, provide data on the amount of payment and indicate the purpose of the payment. The buyer only needs to scan the picture and complete the payment process;
  • provide comprehensive information about the product, service or product - the data may contain components that were used in the production process, its expiration date, weight, size, terms and conditions of payment, etc.;
  • attract more buyers - interactive type advertising is more popular with users than advertising on banners and posters. It is also important that the user can get acquainted with interactive advertising at any time and in any convenient place;
  • connect to the loyalty program - reading the code gives users a unique opportunity to connect to the loyalty program, purchase a virtual card to accumulate bonuses. They can spend them as they please. Or for the purchase of a specific list of goods;
  • Motivate to make a purchase - a call to action directly contributes to an increase in the level of sales. This service is often used during the sale of cosmetics;
  • give full and detailed information about the object - this feature is often used by the organizers of the tourism business. Near the sights, they have a coded image. From it you can read not only interesting data about objects, but also get acquainted with navigation.

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The use of quick read codes increases sales, advertises goods and services, attracting more users.


Not only beginners, but also experienced users of fast-reading barcodes often have questions. Their subject matter is quite broad. Let's try to answer some of them.

How many people use qr codes?

According to a recent statistical survey, about 97% of the population are familiar with or encountered this type of information encoding, and 67% had the opportunity to use them in everyday life. The number of new users is increasing exponentially.

My qr code is not working what can i do?

It is possible that the generated code cannot be read. There may be several reasons for this. For example:

  • the picture is not shown in black and white, but in color (red, purple, blue, etc.). Such images are attractive, but, unfortunately, every scanning device has the ability to read them;
  • the image does not look clear enough and contrast. This may complicate the procedure for its decryption or make it impossible;
  • smartphone camera does not have enough power;
  • the picture is too small. As a result, weak cameras cannot recognize it;
  • when generating a statistical code, a large amount of information is encrypted in it, which increases the number of pixels. This creates some problems for reading.

QR code reading

If you still have problems with decryption, you should follow these recommendations:

  • check the correctness of the entered data. It is possible that a typo or error occurred when entering the address. This may lead to disruption of its operation;
  • reduce the amount of information in the code. If too much data is encoded, this leads to decoding difficulties;
  • remove the applied logo;
  • check the presence of contrast between the colors of the foreground and background of the picture. The front should be a few shades darker than the back.

If these steps did not help decrypt the code, you should download another code generator.

Reading qr code

Do qr codes have an expiration date?

QR codes do not expire. They can work all the time. It is worth noting that static codes are not amenable to change and adjustment.

Does qrcode save my data?

The data is not saved in any form. Information is cached on the server for 24 hours. Thanks to this, it is possible to optimize the process of the cuar as much as possible.

Is there a limit on the number of qr code scans?

Since the codes do not expire, there is also no limit on the number of downloads.

Can I use the generated qr code for commercial purposes?

Regardless of the type of free generator through which the kuar was created, it can be used for any purpose, including commercial ones.

Does a qr code have to be black and white?

The image does not have to be black and white. Other colors can also be used.

In this case, it should be borne in mind that the foreground should be darker than the background.

You should also not forget that not all scanning devices have the ability to decode color images.

Color qr codes

Why is my vcard qr code not showing the correct fields

Contact fields can be confused due to the fact that not all scanners support the official vCard standard. It is recommended that you use a different scanning program to resolve the issue.

vcard qr code

Can a qr code use multiple encodings?

Provided that the correct version of the encoding is specified, QR-codes can use several encoding options.

How safe are qr codes?

As noted above, when scanning the code, the user is redirected to a link that contains the information necessary for him.

It is possible that this will be a site containing a malicious virus (Trojan code). As a result, the device that was used to decrypt and scan the QR will suffer.

There are also many cases when embedded viruses were used to copy important information from the device or led to the transfer of funds to another account. For the person himself, codes are not at all harmful.

qr code

How to protect yourself from malicious qr codes?

In order to minimize the possibility of a collision with malicious codes, experts recommend remembering the following principles:

  • before decoding, you should make sure that there is no second image that overlaps the main one;
  • after opening a link or downloading an application (program), you should make sure that this is the right site. It will not be superfluous to also check the name of the developer, read the comments and reviews. You should be especially careful with sites that require you to enter personal information, a password or login;
  • install security applications on your smartphone or computer. They will pre-check each downloaded site for the presence of a Trojan code or other virus.

It will not be superfluous to install a secure QR code scanner on your phone.

Создайте свой QR код за 10 секунд

How to create a dynamic qr code

You can get a qr code of a dynamic type yourself. To do this, you can use a free online code generator.

How to create a dynamic qr code

After that, you should decide on the type, for example, URL, JPG, PNG or PDF. Depending on the choice, the necessary information is entered (address, contacts, link to a social network or form, etc.).

Before you create a qr-code, you should make sure you have an account. It allows you to edit the code. If you don't have an account, you need to create it yourself. To do this, go to the registration page and enter the necessary data.

A distinctive feature of dynamic codes is that the information encoded in them can be changed and edited. In addition, you can also change the color of the picture or logo.

In this case, it is recommended to pay attention to the amount of encoded data, image quality, code scale. Only in this case the QR will be scanned quickly and correctly.

How to create a static qr code

You can also get a permanent qr code using a generator. You should first decide on the qr type, as well as the purpose for which it will be used. After that, you can enter the necessary information and data, logo and image, link to the page and contacts.

How to create a static qr code

At the final stage, you need to upload the generated code in existing formats (vector, raster).

A prerequisite is to pre-read the finished code using a reader.

How to create many static or dynamic qr codes at once

In order to receive a qr code of any type (dynamic or static) in an unlimited number, it is recommended to use a special mobile module (batch generator).

The essence of its use is the ability to create a QR as a result of downloading a package of files in CSV format. To form them, it is enough to have a text editor or Excel.

It is also possible to create a qr code, working in the software interface STQR API. With it, codes are generated automatically. There is one drawback: you can work with the module only if you have an unlimited tariff.


QR codes are popular among users and manufacturers. This is due to their significant advantage over barcodes (the ability to encode a large amount of data, ease of generation and decryption, mobility).

To read it, it is enough to have a smartphone (on android) with a good camera or a computer. Everyone has the opportunity to create their own code through the use of a free online generator.

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