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On the territory of the Russian Federation counterfeit medicines are rare. However, the absence of a 100% guarantee that the purchase of a legal product requires a responsible approach to purchase. There are several ways to identify counterfeit medicines. Let's consider in the article which services are reliable, how to use them and what rules to follow in order to avoid the attack of scammers.

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You can check the country of origin by barcode. According to experts, there are no more than 1% counterfeit medicines in our country. However, if you believe the statements of some market participants, these figures are only approximate and do not reflect the entire situation that has developed today. If you believe them, then the share of some counterfeit funds can reach 30%, which is already catastrophically high.

Life hack: If you are not sure about the product - barcode check online

Signs of a fake

Fake drugs

Buy low quality product you can even in a pharmacy. At the same time, pharmacists themselves are often confident in originality products, as the supplier provides certificates. 

The table shows external characteristics that will help in identifying fakes.

Indicator Description for counterfeit
Price Significantly below average. 
Packaging quality Thin, easily deforming cardboard. 
Typographic elements Illegible, “floated” text. The inscriptions are crooked and asymmetrical. 
Insert-instruction It resembles a photocopy, not a printed sheet in a printing house. 
Best before date  The indicated dates differ on the box and on the vial or plate itself. 

Verify compliance with external parameters is possible on official international medical platforms. 

Verification methods

Online check Barcode of medicines

In order to verify the authenticity medicinal drugs applied in several ways:

  1. Request a certificate for pharmaceutical products at the pharmacy. Submit a request on the Roszdravnadzor website indicating the data received. The information in the certificate confirms or refutes the inclusion of the drug in the State Register. 
  2. Verify any medicine for authenticity can by barcode. This is done manually by arithmetic operations or with the help of special services and applications. 
  3. Through the platform "Quality.rf" or the website of Roszdravnadzor on series number and name medicines
  4. "Honest Sign". The application provides information about the drug through the Data Matrix code.

Since July 1, 2020, the rules for labeling medicines have changed in the Russian Federation. Each package must contain a data matrix code. The image is applied in the form of small squares enclosed in a large square. 

The developed application "Honest sign" allows you to determine the originality. After scanning a legal drug, the system provides information about it. 

The notice “The code is out of circulation” indicates its duplicate, which is prohibited. An unrecognized product is a fake. In this case, you can file a complaint in the same application. 

Barcode verification

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

Any product manufactured at the factory is marked with an indication hatch code. This is an international norm, without which the commodity movement of the product is impossible. 

Hatch the code - a unique combination of dashed lines and numbers, containing information about the country of production, the product and its characteristics. At the end of the numeric line is a check digit. Consider how manually verify the authenticity of the medicine specified barcode. 

Calculation algorithm using the combination 5995327155760 as an example:

  1. We add the numbers in even order and multiply the resulting number by three: (9+5+2+1+5+6) × 3=28 × 3=84.
  2. Let's sum the odd positions (except the last one): 5+9+3+7+5+7=36. 
  3. We add the two received numbers: 84+36=120. 
  4. Check correspondence of received and control digits. We take into account the last of the number - 0. In the considered variant, it is equal to the control one. This completes the check. 

In the case when in the third paragraph a number is obtained that ends with any other digit except zero, the calculations end by subtracting this figure from 10. For example, if the number 68 is obtained in the 3rd paragraph, then 8 is taken into account. After - it is subtracted from ten: 10-8=2. And then the result is checked against the check digit. 

Authenticity not 100% confirmed hatch code. However, the calculation result, which does not coincide with the check digit, makes it possible to unambiguously define counterfeit. 

Check medicine for authenticity by barcode can is free in online mode. In a special field of the Internet resource, the number indicated on the dashed code

Exists services for checking medicines by barcode, on which the verification is carried out by automatic calculation according to the above method, as well as having access to the State Register. 

In addition, mobile applications have been developed that, by scanning define the correctness of the barcode. 

Check by series and number

The Federal Service of the Russian Federation for Surveillance in the Sphere of Healthcare openly provides online platform. It allows the user to receive information about drugs and find out the latest news about preclinical and clinical trials of drugs. 

After following the link select "Advanced Search". To get information you need to know:

  • trade and international name;
  • manufacturer;
  • country;
  • series and number (located on the package next to the date of manufacture). 

If, as a result of the analysis, the system notifies about the lack of data, then the drug has not been withdrawn from circulation, that is, it is safe. 

Portal “quality.rf” is a specialized website about medicines. In addition to information about the quality of the drug, here you can learn about modern developments and get acquainted with the Russian pharmaceutical market. 

How not to buy a fake

To protect yourself from the risk of purchasing low-quality goods, the observance of the following rules helps:

  • Purchase medicinal products only in pharmacies. Little-known and unverified stores are best avoided. There is no need to shop “by hand” or from consultants who offer their goods on the street or over the phone. 
  • In controversial situations find out a pharmacy employee has certificate data. Online, you can instantly verify the presence of this drug in the State Register. 
  • Remember what is most often done fake well-known and expensive drug. The counterfeiting procedure is a crime, therefore, for fraudsters, the sale of expensive drugs is assessed as a justified risk. 
  • Purchase medicines as prescribed or recommended by your doctor. The analogues offered in the pharmacy may not correspond to the dosage of the active substance and include other components in the composition. 
  • Use mobile services, portals for barcode, qr-code, data matrix code scanning right in the pharmacy. The check is done instantly. 

In order not to become a victim of pharmaceutical market scammers, you should follow the local news feed. 

Where to go if a fake is found

The conclusion about counterfeit products is made on the basis of several studies of authorized laboratory centers. They are in every region. 

To find out the location of the nearest laboratory, you can use the website of Roszdravnadzor. Select "Drugs" from the list. facilities“, and after the subsection “Quality control of drugs”. Lastly, go to the help section. Here are the addresses where authentication medicines. 

To get acquainted with the required conditions, it is necessary to contact the laboratory center. In case of detection of a fake, inform the authorities of Roszdravnadzor. 

Most mobile applications have a built-in complaint function, which is convenient and fast to use. 

Before buying, you need to use a combination of methods. A discrepancy in the results indicates a suspicious product.

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