Top 21 Best Wireless Headphones: 2022 Ranking


Today, smartphones have become much more important to people than just a device with which we communicate with other people. Every day, this device gives us the opportunity to pay in stores and make purchases in applications, store documents and even scan them, take photos and videos, monitor our health, watch movies, listen to music. The list of possibilities of electronic gadgets is endless, and progress in the development of new and interesting features does not stop for a second. Related products continue to appear and are in great demand on the market: powerbank, smart watches, wireless headphones. Let's take a closer look at the latter.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the following points:

  • The main functions and characteristics of wireless headphones.
  • Types of wireless headphones
  • How to choose wireless headphones?
  • The best wireless earbuds.
  • The main functions and characteristics of wireless headphones.

Wireless headphones “blew up” the world of electronic devices in 2016, when the well-known apple company introduced the first Airpods model to the market (although in fact similar devices were developed back in the 1990s and 2000s, but all these attempts were unsuccessful). Compact and elegant, white headphones have conquered millions of users. And a set of additional functions, in addition to being used only as a headset, finally brought them to the lead, leaving their wired counterparts far behind.

The rest of the leading corporations that produce smartphones and other electronic equipment have joined this race and began to develop their models of wireless headphones, expanding their functionality, offering customers other shapes, colors (Airpods were originally only white) and much more.

Functions and characteristics of wireless headphones

Approaching the choice of this device, it is important to first determine the functions that it will perform. In other words, why do you need wireless headphones? Do you want to play sports and listen to music, you need to often talk on the phone while driving or on the run, you just want to be a modern and advanced person in the subject of gadgets, and therefore wireless headphones are vital for you.

To begin with, let's define the main functions that are typical for most gadgets (since certain models may have advanced functionality).

  • Button to turn on and off the device;
  • Buttons with which we adjust the volume of the headphones and with the same buttons you can switch musical compositions to the next and previous ones and rewind;
  • Ability to pause/play music
  • Accept call button, which is also used to end a call.

The presence of so many possibilities does not mean that all of them can be connected at the same time. In some models, you can control the list of functions of your wireless headphones on your smartphone.

The main technical characteristics of wireless headphones include:

  • frequency range determines to what extent the headphones can reproduce frequencies. The higher the range, the better;
  • Sensitivity - there is high and low. Accordingly, the former play loudly, regardless of what sound is in the source, and the latter are quiet (it is recommended to connect such to a more powerful source);
  • Resistance (impedance) affects sound quality and power consumption;
  • Power .

Types of wireless headphones

Before moving on to the criteria that will help you choose the best wireless headphones, let's figure out what they can be:

  • vacuum - have good sound insulation, do not fall out of the ears;
  • Waterproof or waterproof - with such headphones you can swim even in the pool, even in open water.
  • Overhead - they are arched in shape, completely cover the ears and form a space closed for sound. Ideal for gamers. Can be open and closed type;
  • Intracanal - the most common type of wireless headphones. The main disadvantage of these is that not all models are fixed in the ears and do not fall out.
  • True Wireless - completely or truly wireless. An example of a TWS headset is Air Pods.

You can also type according to the type of relationship:

  • Bluetooth headphones - connect to any device that has Bluetooth: laptop, smartphone, computer, tablet, and even TV. This is the most modern and versatile type. The only drawback of these headphones is the signal range. Most often, it is limited to ten meters, depending on the model and manufacturer. Wi-Fi headphones work on the same system.
  • Infrared headphones – connect to an infrared LED device. Here, the main disadvantage is that the two devices must be nearby and "see" each other. An analogy can be drawn with a remote control from a TV or set-top box: in order to turn on the device, this infrared LED must be pointed clearly at the receiver.
True Wireless headphones.

How to choose wireless headphones?

The cost of such a device starts from 1500 rubles and reaches several tens of thousands. In order not to spend an impressive amount in vain, let's figure out how to choose the right wireless headphones.

  1. We designate the purpose of acquiring wireless headphones - playing sports, working or playing at a computer, constant communication. You can buy several types and have a separate device for each situation.
  2. In the selected headphone option, pay attention to noise reduction - with this function, the sound will not be scattered, and even in the noisiest place, such as a subway or train, you will hear only those sounds that are played through the headphones.
  3. Find out the battery life of the headphones - that is, without recharging. Chinese models can be used up to 10 - 15 hours without recharging, and the "apple" representative is only 2-3.
  4. Go through the main characteristics that we wrote about in the first section.

Top 21 Best Wireless Headphones

We figured out all the technical features of the gadget, learned what parameters it is important to pay attention to. We offer you to look at the 20 best models of wireless headphones according to our version.

1.CGPods 5.0

Tyumen wireless headphones CGPods have been in the TOP-5 best-selling headphones in Russia for the third year. They are bought more often than the models of market giants - Huawei, JBL and Sony.

Top 21 Best Wireless Headphones: 2022 Ranking

CGPods 5.0 has IPx6 level moisture protection. A rare feature even for expensive models. For example, Apple AirPods do not have moisture protection. And in the Tyumen headphones you can walk in the rain. You can listen to music in the shower, pool and in training - the ingress of water or sweat will not affect the quality of the device.

Case CGPods 5.0 can withstand 220 kg. The case is made from professional aircraft-grade aluminium. The same metal is used in the construction of Boeing. The case will not break if you step on it, sit down or drop it. By comparison, the Apple AirPods case is made of plastic and only holds 84kg.

Tyumen CGPods produce stereo sound - clear, voluminous and bass. Headphones work 18 hours without an outlet (almost a day - exactly like Apple AirPods).

For all its merits, CGPods 5.0 cost only 4,500 rubles (4 times cheaper than apples). Tyumen headphones are inexpensive, because they are sold at an honest direct manufacturer's price. The brand does not cooperate with intermediaries and chain stores like M.Video, which increase prices by 2-3 times. CGPods are sold exclusively over the Internet - directly to users.

Rating - 5.0

The price is 4,500 rubles.


  • There is moisture protection.
  • Spacious and clear sound.
  • Effective soundproofing.
  • Expensive headset from the Apple factory.
  • Modern touch control - 11 commands from the earphone (for "apples" - 3).
  • 18 hours of use without an outlet - almost like Apple AirPods.
  • Durable case (supports 220 kg).


  • Not detected.

2. Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro

The Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro is the latest generation of wireless earbuds, which is a more advanced version of the Liberty 2 Pro. Their main feature is exclusive coaxial driver(speaker) technology, which allows you to transmit sound at any frequency without any interference. They offer enhanced comfort, effective Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and have a HearID featureneeded to optimize the soundproofing performance. That is, an automatic analysis of the auditory profile takes place here in order to adapt the sound to each user.

Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro

This model boasts approximately 8 hours of battery life, although this figure can drop to 5 hours with noise reduction turned on. She supports ldac codec, which allows it to produce high quality sound with minimal delays under any circumstances. And if you prefer clear sound and have your own idea of high-quality music, you can change the equalizer settings using a special application.

These headphones have a comfortable fit. They are lightweight, comfortable and 4 pairs of silicone ear tips and 6 ear wingsto adapt to each user. They are extremely portable, which is to be expected from plugs, which means they will fit freely in a pocket or handbag.

The build quality is also undeniable. Liberty 3 Pro are made of plastic and silicone and have no backlash. They belong to IPX4 waterproof rating, and therefore are not afraid of splashing water, and can survive an accidental fall without taking much damage. However, the lid of the case may open if dropped. By the way, the latter supports both wired and wireless charging.

Average rating - 5.0

Average price - 14990 rubles


  • coaxial drivers
  • HearID ANC - personalized setting
  • 3 levels of noise reduction transparency.
  • Waterproof against drops and sweat.


  • Not found.

3. Bose Sport Earbuds.

The device, as the name implies, is ideal for sports. at the expense secure fit in the ears (three earbuds included) they won't fall out during your workout and provide you with the perfect musical accompaniment. Headphone developers talk about their own patented sound technology , which will not leave the user indifferent. Even while jogging in the rain, nothing will happen to Bose Sport Earbuds - they are not afraid of moisture.

Another convenient feature is the ability to receive a call, for example, during a workout, by double-tapping the earpiece. There is no need to be distracted by the phone - go about your business and communicate through headphones.

Among the advantages, users note the special natural sound of the compositions - it seems that someone is performing the composition nearby.

Bose Sport Earbuds

Rating - 5.0

Average price - 17450 rubles


  • Five hours of work without recharging.
  • Fast 15-minute charge, after which the headphones will work for another two hours.
  • There is a special application for work - Bose Music.
  • Available in four colors - yellow, black, white, blue.
  • There is a noise reduction system.


  • Expensive.
  • There is no volume control on the headphones themselves.

4. Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro.

At the beginning of 2022, the Chinese company Anker spoke about wireless noise canceling Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro headphones. The uniqueness of this model in three modes of suppression of extraneous sounds - in transport, outdoors and indoors. According to the developers, this device will be able to suppress various frequencies, adapting to a given situation . That is, sitting in the office in these headphones, in the "Indoor" mode, you will not hear other people's conversations. In addition, the company noted the super quality of communication that these headphones guarantee.

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro

Anker has taken care of everything - even the packaging, which will draw attention on the shelves in stores. And the case itself has soft touch coating.

Liberty Air 2 Pro with PureNote technology can even analyze your hearing quality and create a personalized sound setting. This function is called HearID .

The device is designed for 32 hours of work – up to eight hours without recharging and up to three recharges from the case. The range is almost the maximum possible - up to ten meters. Has a quick function 15 minute charge , which will allow you to work for about three hours, as well as the possibility of wireless charging of the device.

Built-in headphones 6 microphones , each earphone can work separately. For the convenience of equalizer settings and other parameters, there is a special application. It includes 22 standard presets with certain basic settings for specific types of musicRating - 4.9

The average price is 11990 rubles.


  • Active noise cancellation.
  • Long charge - there are battery indicators on the case.
  • Excellent and high quality sound.
  • Individually adjusted to a person's hearing.
  • 9 pairs of nozzles included.
  • Stylish device.


  • Not detected.

5. Apple AirPods2.

This model needs no special introduction. All known devices have long been recognized by millions of people. It was after the presentation of the first wireless headphones from Apple five years ago that the boom began. True Wireless gadgets.

The ideal design glossy white case nice to hold in hand. To find out the charge level of the case and headphones, just bring the device to the smartphone, and all the information will be displayed on the screen.

There is an express charging function, after which the device works for 3 hours (or two hours of talk time).

Apple AirPods2

Rating - 4.7

The average price is 12799 rubles.


  • There is an "Audio Sharing" feature.
  • Lightweight - the weight of one earphone is only four grams.
  • Sound quality.
  • Hands free system.


  • Up to three hours of operation without recharging.
  • Price.

6. HUAWEI FreeBuds 3.

Another novelty in the market of wireless devices. The device clearly recognizes extraneous sounds and suppresses them, leaving you with only clear and high-quality sound.

It is worth noting the original design of HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 - stylish and concise. This applies to both the case and the headphones themselves.

One charge cycle is four full cycles of the headphones. There is a built-in vibration sensor which recognizes the voice.

One of the main advantages of this device is fast charging, which takes only one hour. Headphones work enough four o'clock .

HUAWEI FreeBuds 3

Rating - 4.6

Average price - 8990 rubles


  • Active noise cancellation system.
  • There is a smart processor - Kirin A 1, which suppresses extraneous noise.
  • Quality microphone.
  • Two colors - red and black.
  • Cheaper than many analogues.
  • Full charge time is 1 hour.


  • Does not work with all smartphones.

7. Samsung Galaxy Buds.

The well-known South Korean company has not remained aloof from competitors and keeps its level at its best. Galaxy Buds wireless headphones are compact, original and of high quality.

They are distinguished from other models by the possibility of long-term operation - they can work in the call mode until five o'clock .

The model is comfortable, does not fall out of the ears even during active movement.

Good sound is an integral advantage of the device.

Rating - 4.5

Average price - 7470 rubles


  • Presented in four colors - yellow, black, white, gray.
  • There is a hands free system.
  • There are interchangeable mounts.


  • Heavier than analogues - weight 12 grams.

8. Sony WH-1000 XM 3.

The first representatives of closed-type full-size headphones in our TOP. Users are offered two colors to choose from - black or silver.

This model has a 1.2 meter detachable cable. The range of the headphones is ten meters. High noise reduction.

The peculiarity of this device is the operating time: 200 hours in standby mode, 38 hours of work . Recharge in three hours.

Sony WH-1000XM3

Rating - 4.6

Average price - 27990 rubles


  • Overhead (closed) headphones.
  • High frequency range.
  • Convenient fixation.
  • Smart Listening function.
  • Comes with a handy carrying case.


  • Dear model.

9 Soundcore Liberty Air 2

Another representative of the Chinese brand Anker, which differs slightly from the next Pro model in terms of characteristics, but for some users it may become more affordable.

Here, as well as in the model of a class above, there is a system for intelligent analysis of the quality of hearing, noise suppression And four microphones . The chip of this model is in diamond coating, with which the frequency range increases, which makes the sound even better and cleaner.

The headphones work autonomously for up to seven hours, the average charging time from the case is two hours. They can connect to almost all models of smartphones and even to an apple device. Included are Five pairs of interchangeable ear pads .

Design Soundcore Liberty Air 2 is made in two classic colors - white and black.

Soundcore Liberty Air 2

Rating - 4.4

The average price is 7891 rubles.


  • There is a proprietary application for managing parameters.
  • Clear sound and good signal.
  • Charging lasts a long time.
  • Quality microphone.


  • No active noise cancellation.

10. Marshall Major II Bluetooth.

One of the most famous American manufacturers of acoustic systems and audio amplifiers. Marshall stands for quality and design.

In the Major II Bluetooth wireless on-ear headphones, users note the special purity of sound and bass depth . The device works up to 30 hours without the need to charge.

The device can be used both via Bluetooth and connecting to a two-way cable.

Marshall Major II Bluetooth

Rating - 4.6

Average price - 6350 rubles


  • They fold up and don't take up much space.
  • Catch a signal at a distance of up to ten meters.
  • Powerful battery.
  • Connects to any device.
  • Price.


  • Discomfort while wearing - tight.

11. JBL Tune 500 BT.

Powerful sound of the world-famous model from JBL. These on-ear headphones will work up to thirty hours Whether it's listening to music, playing games, talking on the phone. They only need three hours to recharge.

The device easily switches between devices - you only need to synchronize it once. If you receive a call on your smartphone, and at this time you are listening to something on your computer through headphones, JBL Tune 500BT will quickly orient and accept the call from your phone.

JBL Tune 500BT

Rating - 4.6

Average price - 2850 rubles


  • Ability to connect via Bluetooth or cable.
  • Up to thirty hours of battery life.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Heavy - weight 260 grams.
  • Insufficient noise reduction.

12. Apple AirPods Pro.

Apple products are a certain guarantee of quality.

AirPods Pro are the evolution of Apple headphones. There's a system here active noise cancellation , they sit perfectly in the ears, are firmly fixed.

External noise does not break into the microphone - the headphones have a reverse compensating wave. Included with the device - t Three pairs of comfortable earbuds , which will precisely adjust to your ears and will be invisible during operation.

Unlike previous models, these work slightly, but longer: three and a half hours of talk time. The whole problem with Apple products lies precisely in low-power batteries that need to be charged frequently.

Top 20 Best Wireless Headphones 2021 Ranking

Rating - 4.7

Average price - 20490 rubles


  • Fast charging - just five minutes and the headphones can work for an hour.
  • "Audio Sharing".
  • Waterproof.
  • Transparency mode.
  • Design.


  • May fly out during operation. They don't sit tight in the ears.
  • Expensive.

13. HONOR Magic Earbuds.

The Honor device guarantees a deep and clear sound. And the interesting design will please fans of original devices.

Despite the cost - more than 6,000 rubles, the headphones are far from ideal. Users note that the battery runs out quickly, and the device itself is not designed for long-term use.

HONOR Magic Earbuds

Rating - 4.7

Average price - 6990 rubles


  • Not an expensive model.
  • Good active noise cancellation.


  • Works in talk mode 2.5 hours.
  • The battery drains quickly.

14. Sony WF-1000XM3.

Another interesting representative of Sony. To a greater extent, headphones attract attention with their shape. Although for some users, this design will look cumbersome in the ears.

In terms of parameters - good noise reduction, there is a function hands free And Headset , the ability to use only one earphone. The device picks up a signal at a distance of up to ten meters.

Sony WF-1000XM3

Rating - 4.5

Average price - 14990 rubles


  • Comes with interchangeable ear pads.
  • There is a function to improve the signal through the application.


  • Expensive.
  • No water protection.

15. Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic.

Manufacturers note the high quality of noise reduction and clear voice transmission. Headphones support the function of quick automatic connection to devices. Speaker - 14.2 mm.

The total battery life in the case is up to twenty hours.

A good option for those who are looking for wireless headphones for little money.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic

Rating - 4.3

Average price - 2490 rubles


  • Interesting design.
  • Not an expensive model.
  • Charged in an hour and a half.


  • Not detected.

16.Bose QuietComfort 35 II.

The name QuietComfort fully reflects the features of this model. Listen to music, podcasts, communicate with loved ones, all this you will do without being distracted by extraneous sounds. This device has an active noise cancellation system.

A feature that will appeal to many is the built-in Google Assistant. To activate, just hold down the "Action" button.

The premium class of this model is supported by the overall design and headband material.

The earphones have more than twenty hours of operation, and fifteen minutes is enough for fast charging. It also comes with a cable to connect to other devices.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Rating - 4.7

Average price - 21990 rubles


  • Premium design and quality materials.
  • Sound quality.
  • Highly effective noise reduction.


  • Dear headphones.

17. Sony WI-C310.

The most inexpensive headphones of this rating. They work autonomously up to 15 hours, so they will become an excellent “companion” on long walks, travels, and on the road.

The sound is good , but you should not expect something supernatural from this model for this money.

Sony WI-C310

Rating - 4.5

Average price - 1790 rubles


  • Presented in three colors - yellow, blue, steel.
  • Powerful battery.
  • Catch a signal at a distance of up to ten meters.
  • The least expensive rating model.


  • Weak noise cancellation.
  • Connected to each other by wire.

18 Bixton Air Ons Pro.

Simple model, fast connection after power on with smart phone. Through touch control, you can quickly accept or reject an incoming call, switch music, turn on the voice assistant. The device works with all phone models. The appearance will remind you of a well-known apple device - the design is made almost like a carbon copy, and the cost is three times less.

You can use the two earbuds together or separately. Working time - up to five hours.

Excellent clear sound and good sound insulation .

Bixton AirOns Pro

Rating - 4.4

Average price - 4940 rubles


  • Price.
  • Powerful battery.
  • Interesting appearance.
  • Decent soundproofing.


  • Weak microphone.

19. Jays x - Five Wireless.

Manufacturers guarantee excellent and clear bass, powerful and high-quality sound for twenty hours without recharging. The device easily connects to any devices, works flawlessly.

Frequency range within 18000 Hz. They quickly sync with other devices.

Jays x - Five Wireless

Rating - 4.7

Average price - 4940 rubles


  • Weight - 150 grams.
  • Operating time 20 hours, charging - two hours.


  • Bluetooth version 4.1
  • The outdated charger model is micro-USB.

20. Beats Powerbeats Pro.

Sports headphones are designed for those who cannot imagine their life without active pastime. This model will become a companion during jogging, exercising in a fitness club, walking, cycling, etc.

The ergonomic device has moisture and sweat protection which is especially true for athletes.

Each earbud has a rechargeable battery that can last up to nine o'clock.

High-quality sound will further set up users for sports. You can adjust the volume directly on the device, you do not need to take out the phone to switch the song or turn it up.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Rating - 4.7

Average price - 15990 rubles


  • Support for voice commands.
  • Great sound.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Powerful battery.


  • Not detected.

21. JBL Tune 600BTNC.

A good option for the price, its technical characteristics and appearance. Clear sound but weak microphone noise suppression working.

  • Headphones cope with their functions, charge quickly and work autonomously up to 22 hours.
JBL Tune 600BTNC

Rating - 4.6

Average price - 5990 rubles


  • Price.
  • Own Li-Pol.
  • High range of reproducible frequencies - up to 20000 Hz.


  • Bluetooth 4.1

See also: CaseGuru CGpods 5.0 Wireless Headphones.

Closes our rating TWS - a completely wireless device from the brand CaseGuru. The manufacturer calls the headphones "without alternative the best in Russia."

The battery is rated for 17 hours battery life . The waterproof device can even be washed under water. This model is perfect for those who play sports and are looking for an inexpensive way to listen to music while exercising.

Shockproof aluminum case .

CaseGuru CGpods 5.0

Rating - 4.0

Average price - 4490 rubles


  • There is a built-in voice assistant.
  • Touch control.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Price.


  • Headphones periodically lose connection with each other.


In 2020, wireless headphones have become the most purchased accessory. Listening to music freely, communicating and not “tying” yourself with a wire to your smartphone was the reason for this.

Choose wireless headphones, analyzing your rhythm and lifestyle, what exactly do you want from this device? What should it be? You will succeed!

Have a nice shopping!

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