How not to be deceived and not buy a fake Michael Kors bag and watch

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The American brand Michael Kors was founded in 1981 and has become widespread throughout the world, which has given rise to a sufficient number of fakes. This logo is found on bags, watches, clothing and accessories. In order not to get into an unpleasant situation and not be the owner of a fake thing, it is important to be able to distinguish between Michael Kors (original and fake).

Bag and watch
The famous American brand Michael Kors produces branded collections of watches and bags.

Features of bags brand Michael Kors

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The bags of this brand occupy one of the leading positions in the market, because among them there is a suitable option for different types: a business woman, a sports or a romantic girl.

Like other designer lines, Michael Kors bags have their own characteristics that ensure their popularity:

  1. The highest quality. By purchasing a model from this designer, buyers receive an accessory in excellent performance.
  2. Long service life. Products do not lose color and shape even after 5 years of daily use.
  3. Expensive materials. Accessories are made of genuine leather or velvet. Inside the product, a durable fabric is used for lining, the seams are of high quality processed.
  4. Wide model range. Variety ensures that there is something suitable for every taste.

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Benefits of the original

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High quality, wear resistance, expensive materials are integral features of the brand. However, they are inherent only in original things. Buying a fake, a person gets a pig in a poke. There is no guarantee of the quality and reliability of the selected item.

Michael Kors bags are of high quality and recognizable unique style.

But there are times when the buyer does not suspect that he is facing a fake. To protect yourself from meeting with an unscrupulous seller, you need to be able to distinguish the original from the fake, to find the main signs of a genuine thing.

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Authenticity assessment: what to look for

There are several features that make it possible to characterize the original:

Category Original Fake
Material Genuine leather or velvet Substitute
Lining Thick and durable fabric Thin material
price tag Price tag in the color of the package. The price must be in dollars. There is information about the size of the product, color, material. Shown article, barcode. Price tag in a different color. No product information, prices in US dollars.
Clasps and buckles Square shape, clear cut, laser engraved Cheap, bendable material, burrs, lack of symmetry
Tag with code It is in the lining. The code image is clear. Fuzzy code printing or missing tag
Label Light brown Other color
Logo Made from good metal. Flat shape. Darkening. Fuzzy geometric shape.


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A branded bag is packed according to special rules. The product is placed in a special bag - anther, which is made in beige color and made of dense material. On the side there is a logo with the brand name. If the anther is glossy, easily torn, then the buyer is facing a fake.

Do you love branded items?

The dust bag is made of soft-touch material. Any defects are unacceptable for a branded bag, including in the application of the brand.


dust bag
Original Michael Kors bags must have a dust bag.

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Original Michael Kors bags always have a label. The tag is usually colored in the corporate color of cocoa, but there are exceptions. The quality of the cardboard used is extremely high. All available inscriptions from the original go without errors and flaws.

Bag packing

The bag itself is wrapped in thick beige bamboo paper, which is fixed with a sticker. If the paper tears easily, then it is a fake; the original packaging is hard to wrinkle. Sometimes not the whole bag is wrapped in paper, but only handles and accessories.

If the product is wrapped in transparent or colored paper, then it is counterfeit.

Manufacturing materials

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Fake Michael Kors impersonates appearance. In its manufacture, low-grade materials are used. Because of this, the fake does not hold its shape and there are noticeable dents on it.

Genuine bags are distinguished by corrugated leather, which, due to its density, provides the product with wear resistance. The original perfectly retains its original shape. There are no deformations even after long transportation. The product well restores its shape even after crushing. The bag must be symmetrical, any defects excluded.

Bag shape original and fake

You can check the authenticity of the Michael Kors bag by squeezing it a little. The original will quickly return to its original shape. A fake will retain deformation and become covered with dents.

The Michael Kors company never saves on materials in the manufacture of its products. Therefore, there are no original branded bags made of leatherette for sale. For the original, the highest quality thick leather is used. This allows you to make the bag as symmetrical as possible. Any noticeable defects are unacceptable.

All Michael Kors branded bags are comfortable and easy to use. This is also achieved due to the low weight. The fake has a large mass and is not so convenient to carry on the shoulder.

First of all, the inside of the bag must be checked for smell. The original does not have an unpleasant odor. A fake often stinks of cheap glue with which the lining is attached to the bottom. Also, the smell of cheap leatherette can come from a fake.

The lining is made of 3 materials:

  • skin;
  • velvet;
  • textiles.

The lining is not glued to the bottom of the bag and is not turned inside out. Faded brand logos should be placed on the fabric. If they are bright, and the material itself is smooth and glossy, then these are signs of a fake.

Lining Inspection
For a fake, the lining is glued to the bottom, so it will not be possible to turn it out.

Chip label

A chip label is attached to the side of the product from the inside, on which the barcode and the country of origin are indicated. Most of the brand's bags are made in China, Vietnam and Indonesia, limited collections - in the USA and Italy. If the tag is placed at the bottom of the reticule, it is a fake.

The chip label is made of transparent material, and a white insert with the batch number is also placed nearby.

chip label


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There is an engraving of the brand on each element of the fittings. Elements are made of high quality metals. They should be even, with well-finished edges, shiny and smooth.

The metal should not have flaws, and the forms of the original elements are always clear and expressive. The size of the letters that indicate the brand name may vary.

The presence of plastic parts or the absence of engravings are signs of a non-original thing.

You can check the authenticity of the bag by its accessories.

The brand name Michael Kors is applied to almost all fittings.

Button brand

The inscription can be found on:

  • ringlets of pens;
  • castles;
  • clasps;
  • carbines;
  • dogs;
  • magnetic clips;
  • legs;
  • other fasteners.

Brand on the buckle


Special attention is paid to the quality of lines and seams. Threads or glue are not visible on this product, stitching is neat and even, not only on the outside, but also on the lining. The seams inside the bag are made in 1 row, on the pockets they end with small triangles.

The lines of the original are always even and do not have broken threads. The stitches should be the same size and not overlap.

Fake seams
The lines of the original products are always even and do not have broken threads.

Fake Michael Kors handbags usually use copious amounts of low-grade glue. It is easy to notice at the junctions of elements. If glue is found, it is better to refuse to buy, since the bag in question is definitely a fake.

Glue on fake bags

Fraudsters in the manufacture of fakes try to hide the non-originality as much as possible. Therefore, all inscriptions are made in a noticeable font. For branded bags, on the contrary, the symbols used in writing the brand name are more accurate and compact. A fake can also impersonate the presence of spelling errors.


A feature of Michael Kors branded bags is the indication of the recommended price. It is printed in US dollars directly on the tag. Lack of value or the use of another currency is a sure sign of a fake.

Approximate prices for Michael Kors bags

bag model Price (EUR)
Daniela shoulder bag 164
Bridgette tote 295
Jet Set Shoulder Bag 147
Jet Set Travel Shoulder Bag 139
Ava tote bag 248
Sloan shoulder bag 228
Small shoulder bag 211
Portia tote bag 316

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The main sign of a fake is considered a low price.

Original products by cost are divided into 2 categories:

  1. The first price reaches several thousand dollars due to the high cost of the materials used.
  2. The second line is more budgetary and is designed for mass consumption. The price of such models is 300-600 dollars. Fake reticules are about 2 times cheaper than the original.

To confirm the authenticity of Michael Kors, it is recommended to ask the seller for a certificate. Branded products of the brand always have accompanying documentation confirming its originality. In case of a fake, you will not be able to see any certificate.

Particular attention is recommended to be paid to the place of production of bags. Most models are made in China, Vietnam, Turkey and Indonesia. These bags cost between $250 and $1,000. There is a premium series, the price of which is estimated at several thousand dollars. Such bags are sewn exclusively in Italy and the USA.

The difference between an original Michael Kors watch and a fake

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In addition to a wide range of bags, the brand has a large number of watch models that are created in different styles:

  • unisex;
  • sports;
  • glamorous
  • classic.
Wristwatches from Michael Kors are very diverse.

On the back cover of the product, with the help of engraving, the article, model and series must be placed, on the clasp - the brand logo. The markings on the dial are smooth and accurate.

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Watch packaging

Inspecting the packaging is a good way to spot fake Michael Kors watches before you buy them. The original has a square case with a lid. The edges of the packaging are even and clear. The presence of geometry violations is unacceptable.

The lid of the original box is embossed with Michael Kors. All letters must have a clear outline.

Spelling errors or any defects are not allowed.

The watch is packed in a leather box in the form of a cube of dark brown color, which should not have any defects, unpleasant odors, stains. The seams are even and clear.

The brand logo is depicted on the top cover and on the bottom side wall.

Inside the box, a pillow is placed in a tone lighter, on which the watch is put on. There should also be a square instruction book. If at least one of these items is missing, this is a signal that the buyer is not in front of the original.

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Check Michael Kors watch by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

There is a serial number at the bottom of the box. It is also embossed.

There must be a sticker on the branded box. Under it, the presence of air bubbles is unacceptable. All inscriptions on the sticker are easy to read.

Embossing on the watch box


On the side of the package must be the inscription Michael Kors. For its application, the embossing method is used. Glue drips are not allowed inside the case. The fake box often has a strong chemical smell.

After inspecting the packaging, it is recommended to check the contents. You should pay attention to the instructions. Its absence is a sign of a fake. Therefore, checking the contents is an easy way to distinguish a Michael Kors watch from a copy.

After checking the fact of the existence of the instruction, it is important to study it in more detail. The user's manual is a square booklet in beige color with a white edging around the perimeter. Replicas often have different colors.

You need to read the contents of the manual.

The absence of instructions in Russian is not a sign of a fake ..

Nevertheless, it is desirable that the booklet contains guarantees written in Russian.

Warranty in Russian

The clock must be fixed on the pad. They sit very tight. It is unacceptable to fidget the watch inside the box.

Product material

For the manufacture of straps, ceramics, genuine leather, stainless steel, silicone are used. The dial is protected by a durable mineral glass.

Branded watches are of high quality. The presence of roughness, flaws in the coating or uneven joints of parts is unacceptable. For replicas, some elements may differ in color or material.

watch face

A quartz movement is installed inside the watch. Products are decorated with rhinestones, stones, weaving on bracelets. For fakes use cheap materials.

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It is important to exercise the greatest vigilance when inspecting the watch externally. Paying attention to small details is a great way to distinguish an original Michael Kors watch. Replicas rarely reproduce various subtleties.

Real Michael Kors watches have all indicators working. A chronograph, a stopwatch, a window with a date on a fake are often simply imitated. The arrows of the copies are either drawn or glued.

Michael Kors designer watches are often encrusted with Swarovski crystals. The fakes use plastic jewelry. Replicas cannot boast of a uniform arrangement of crystals. In the presence of decoration with crystals on the front side of the watch, the presence of visible traces of glue is unacceptable. Everything should be placed symmetrically, unless it's an exception in the form of a design decision. In copies, the crystals are arranged inaccurately, as if they were glued in a hurry.

Fake and original
External differences between the original and the fake.


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A tag is attached to the watch with a barcode, price and model number, which must match what is located on the back cover. In addition, the tag has an inscription in English: "Japan movement, strap China". This suggests that the case is made in China, and the mechanism is made in Japan.

bag tag


In original products, sensors should work, the days of the week should be counted, the elements should be arranged symmetrically. The watch must not have scratches or defects.

It is important to pay attention to the bracelet strap. In the original, it is often made of anti-corrosion steel, prestigious alloys or precious metals. Scratches or other defects are unacceptable.

Damage on fake copy

On the back cover, head, dial and clasp should be branded engraving.

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On many models, the letter M is located at the end of the second hand. If the product has jewelry made of rhinestones or stones, then they should be neat, symmetrical and without traces of glue.

The gold color watch has a beautiful shade of the classic 585th test. If the strap is too yellow, gives off a red or lemon tone, then this is evidence of a fake.

Watch engraving
On the original watch there is always a company engraving.

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On the clasp of the original Michael Kors there is an engraving with the name of the brand. For replicas, it is often absent or applied with ordinary paint.

The clasp differs from the original and fake Michael Kors. Branded strap securely fixes the watch on your hand. The fastener is one-piece, monolithic, should not have any recesses. The fake clasp has backlashes. She quickly breaks down.

Bracelet original and fake

It is recommended to inspect the back cover. On it, by engraving, the code of this model, the material of production and the water resistance of the watch are indicated. In this case, the model code (letters MK and 4 digits) must match the number on the tag.


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The most important difference between the original and the fake is the cost of the product.

The minimum price of a real branded watch is $ 140, while a fake can be purchased for 10-30.

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Actions if you were sold a fake

In order not to buy it, it is best to choose stores from the list on the official website of the brand and avoid dubious sellers and big discounts. If, nevertheless, it happened that instead of the original you purchased a fake product, the seller can be held liable: civil, administrative or criminal.

To do this, you must contact law enforcement agencies or Rospotrebnadzor. You can return the fake item to the seller and request a refund for the product of inadequate quality.

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