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Brand Off White Cloth

Many people prefer to buy branded items. Although they are expensive, they are of high quality, durable and beautiful, and you have to pay for this. To purchase Off-White products - original, not counterfeit - it is better to make purchases in company stores or from trusted sellers.

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Despite the fact that this brand is still young, unscrupulous manufacturers have already learned how to fake it well. To recognize a copy, you need to stock up on knowledge and patience, otherwise it will be problematic to identify a fake.

Off-White brand.

Manufacturer of original clothing and accessories from Off-White

The history of the Off-White brand began in 2012 in Milan, founded by American designer Virgil Abloh. The company's specification is street shoes, clothing and accessories.

The peculiarity is that all manufactured items belong to the premium class. The goods of this brand are expensive, they are in demand and are in the wardrobe of many world stars.

The high price of Off-White products is explained by the fact that only natural materials (leather, cotton, wool) are used in their creation, they are recognizable, of high quality and made with love.

The popularity of delirium is also associated with the promotion of the name of Virgil Abloh. His talent was noticed by Louis Vuitton, in which the man took the position of creative director.

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Check Off White clothes by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

Original Off-White products are produced in different countries:

Product Name Producing country
Hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts Portugal
Leather jackets Romania
Bags, backpacks, belts, hats and jeans Italy

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Tag Off White

If, when buying products of this brand, you see that another country of origin is indicated on the tag, and it does not matter if it is the USA or China, you should know that you are being offered a fake.

How to identify a real Off-White hoodie

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If you want to buy the original Off-White hoodie, then be prepared to spend about $500 on it, you won’t be able to buy cheaper.

Some manufacturers have learned how to skillfully counterfeit goods of different brands, including Off-Ufet, but if you know what to look for when buying this or that thing, you can always independently distinguish the original from the fake.

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Tailoring and stitch quality

First you need to evaluate the appearance of the hoodie and the quality of tailoring. All seams should be even, the stitches should be the same and without protruding threads. The presence of hooks, micro-holes and other defects is not allowed - they all indicate that you have a fake in front of you.

Another sign that is taken into account when choosing is the smell. It should not be harsh, unpleasant and with a chemical tint. The company uses only natural materials, so any of its products smell good.

Original hoodie from Off-White.

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Additional tag available

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One of the differences of the original hoodie is an additional tag. On its white background, 8 black branded stripes are applied. The label is sewn qualitatively and reliably, inside there is an instruction for the care of the product.

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Additional tag. We see a white tag sewn on with black stripes. The first difference is the seam itself on it. As we can see, it is different, everything is done qualitatively on the original. The second is the stripes, there should be eight of them. The location of the stripes on the original and fake is different.

Seam on the Off White tag

print quality

All inscriptions are made in a smooth, high-quality and clear font. There should be no blurring, streaks, etc. Any gaps, fraying or uneven print indicate that you have a fake in your hands.

Brand name spelling

Do not forget to check the spelling of all names and other words - they should not contain errors, typos. And although this can only be found in outright fakes, double-checking will not hurt.

The original White Diag Caravaggio Hoodie features 2 pink stripes and blue MIRROR lettering. On fakes, the letters are fuzzy, pale.

Starting from 2016, pale green labels are used. They don't have the Off-White brand name that came before this period. Now the tags say OFF-WHITE c/o VIRGIL ABLOH™ Defining the gray area between black and white as the color OFF-WHITE™.

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In addition, they indicate the year 2013 and another name - MAIN LABEL. All letters are not printed, but embroidered, so when you feel them, you feel the volume. Also, when the letters are illuminated, they shine. On fakes, this is not the case, the text is often pale and illegible.

White Diag Caravaggio Hoodie
Original White Diag Caravaggio Hoodie.

Labels and tags

The main tag on the original hoodie is sewn on the inside of the neck.


The name of the company and the year 2013 are indicated here.

Items from the FW16 collection have 2 tags, one says OFF-WHITE™ and the other says VIRGIL ABLOH™. Between the name and the marking "TM" there is no big gap. On fakes, they often write R instead of these letters.

The tag is neatly and securely sewn to the hoodie, it has smooth, not shaggy edges.

For its fastening in the original, only white threads are used, on crafts they are of a different color.

Additional tag. A lot of text is written inside the additional tag. First, we look at the thickness of the text, on a fake it is clear that some phrases are not thick. Yes, the text itself is transparent. On the original, everything is done as it should. (Marked in red)

Additional tag

The label on the original hoodie.

In addition to the main tag, there is also a bunch of additional ones: orange plastic with a loop, rectangular cardboard and plastic, which contain information about the product. And they are all attached to a long rope.

Fake Tag Off White

Pay attention to the letter W on the orange tag: here it is made with rounded edges, so it looks like the letter U. The laces on the hoodie have grooved metal tips, on the end of which it says Off-White.

Information about the product on the tags located on the rope.

Stripes on the sleeves and along the edges of the print

Original sweatshirts with a hood on the chest have a pattern, along the edges of which 2 pink lines of different lengths are applied. Under the print, the inscription Mirror is made 2 times. There are white stripes on the sleeves of the designer item, there are 6 of them. Stripes and pattern should be of high quality, contrasting and with clear edges.

Dimensional grid of sweatshirts Off White

Sizing Off White

SIZE (cm) S M L XL
LENGTH 70 72 74 76
SLEEVE 61 62 63 64
BUST 100 104 108 112
SHOULDER 42 44 46 48

Original Off White T-shirts

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Due to the fact that the brand specializes in the production of streetwear, the T-shirts are made in a simple style. They come in different colors, but most often the manufacturer uses white, black, red, and other solid colors.

Most men's models are without drawings and inscriptions, sometimes there is a small print or diagonal stripes, the brand name is made in small letters. Some women's specimens have a simple ornament. The cost of T-shirts is within 20 thousand rubles.

Packing stuff

The first thing they look at when buying a new item is the packaging. The original Off-White T-shirt is placed in a transparent plastic bag with a resealable closure. On one side there are diagonal lines (company image), and on the other side there is a warning inscription and a sticker.

Packing the original T-shirt in a transparent bag.

Accuracy of seams

Like any other original product, a T-shirt must be of high quality. All her seams are even, the distance between the stitches is the same, there are no protruding threads and protruding edges.

Tags and labels

The manufacturer tries to protect products from fakes as much as possible, and one of the most effective ways is tags and labels. There are several of them on the T-shirt, and they are in different places.

On the inner side seam there are 2 plates of rubber and plastic. The first is made of a transparent material, and black and white stripes are applied to it. There is a tag with information about the product.

A red rubber tag is attached to the T-shirt on a long ribbon. A tag in the form of a book is attached to the side seam, there are black and white stripes on its front part, on fakes they are often placed in a black frame.

There is a label on the back of the neckline with the name of the designer and information about the model. On fakes, the inscription is often made inaccurately, there is no name of the designer (Virgil Abloh).

Differences between tags on the original and fake.

Serial number of the item

The tag contains a barcode that checks the country of origin, model number and size of this product. All codes must be scanned with a smartphone.

After 2016, Off-White T-shirts and hoodies are only available in Portugal. If, when checking the stroke, it turns out that they are made in Italy, France, China, etc., then they are all fakes.

Remember: the correct barcode will not 100% guarantee that you have an original item. They learned to fake it, so consider all the signs of the original that you know. But if the code is incorrect, then it is definitely a fake.

The barcode is scanned via a smartphone.

Quality of fonts and prints

When examining tags, labels and inscriptions on T-shirts, they evaluate the quality of the font and its clarity. On a fake, the text is blurry with spaces, the thickness of the lines is different, etc.

In addition, they also look at the correct spelling of the brand so that there are no errors and typos in the text. If there are drawings, then they should be with clear edges and distinct, without blurring or any other defects.

How to distinguish the original belt "Off-White"

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Among the popular accessories manufactured by Off-White, the belt is noted. It, like other branded items, is often faked, while there are both terrible and well-made copies.

To purchase an original designer belt, pay attention to the following features:

  • the accessory is sold in a special bag, and not in transparent bags with reusable fasteners, which are already difficult to close a second time;
  • the Black Rubber Industrial Belt model is made of high-quality rubber;
  • the base is transparent, the inscription on it is not smeared;
  • the place of gluing is securely and neatly stitched;
  • the edges of the belt without sagging, protrusions and irregularities;
  • all inscriptions are convex and well palpable;
  • there is a brand name on the plastic part, but such a part has already been learned to fake well;
  • on the original tag, the inscriptions are made in different languages, and on handicrafts there are only 1-2 of them;
  • there is an inscription on the reverse side of the plaque;
  • on the mobile mechanism and on the other end of the belt the name of the trademark is indicated;
  • the mechanism for fixing the accessory is made of high quality, it is reliable and with ribbed sides;
  • The belt is well stitched along the entire length, there are no protruding threads.
Belt fakes - no tag in place of the plaque and uneven edges.


Studying the packaging is one of the important ways to distinguish Off White from a fake before buying. The original belt is placed in a transparent plastic bag, which is equipped with a reusable zip fastener. In the original belt, the clasp on the package is very strong, it is difficult to tear it off, in the fake one, they fall off during the first use.

Check Off White belt by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

Branded diagonal lines should be present on one side of the package; they are bright green on the replica package.

When identifying a fake, it is important to pay attention to the color of the letters "PB". The original is bright orange. The replicas have the letters "PB" in shades close to red or brown.

Off White belt packaging


Examining the tag attachment is a good way to spot a counterfeit Off-White belt. The original has a compact fixer. It is usually made of bright orange plastic. For fakes, fasteners are used in a huge size.

Tags Off White original and copy

The tag retainer on the original belt is easy to break. Fasteners are easy to remove without the use of improvised means.

For a replica, the fastening of the tag is usually rigid and durable. It cannot be torn apart without the use of scissors. The plastic used is unpleasant to the touch and emits a strong odor.

The original Off White belts have a green tag.

All inserts are pleasant to the touch. Their number and order may vary depending on the model. Therefore, it is recommended to pay more attention to the study of colors and the search for spelling errors.

Pay special attention to fonts. The company tag has all the letters clear and without printing defects. Replicas have lower character accuracy. Therefore, the letters are slightly blurry and blurry. The color of the characters is also different.

Inscriptions on Off White

Belt buckle

It is recommended to inspect the belt buckle. It must contain all company inscriptions. Small abrasions are not a sign of a replica. The original should not have obvious defects in metal or painting.

Buckle original and copy Off White

A tag is attached to the buckle at the Off-White branded belt. The replicas have different insert lengths, so they are not folded neatly.

The buckle of the original belt has a strap.

It serves to attach the main tag retainer. Fakes don't have it. The tag is attached by passing the latch through the buckle.

Tag original and copy Off White

Lettering, metal, line

Fraudsters have learned to copy the main inscriptions well. Therefore, most of the exact replicas can be identified only by trifles. Nevertheless, checking the inscriptions often helps to weed out low-grade palm.

The original Off White straps have a nice metal finish. Soft touch emphasizes the prestige of the brand's products. Fraudsters do not have the opportunity to use such coverage. They use regular paint, which is often found on cheap belts.

Soft touch coating

Particular attention must be paid to the line. At Off-White, it is performed with a solid thread. The seam runs along the surface of the belt without breaks.


Comparison of the line on the original and fake Off White

Fakes use classic stitching. Thread breaks are allowed, which manifests itself in double rows of stitches. They can be found along the entire length of the belt. The line itself is not entirely straight. Replicas do not have the same stitch size.

Stitching on a fake Off White belt

Where is the best place to buy branded items?

We recommend buying original branded items here

If you don’t feel sorry for paying 10-20 thousand rubles for an Off-White T-shirt, then you will get a fashionable and high-quality product. In order not to get into trouble and not get a fake, it is better to make purchases in company stores or from trusted suppliers (both online and offline).

Now there are 24 branded stores, in addition, the brand's original products can be bought in such department stores as Harrods, Barneys, in the Central Department Store in Moscow.

Although most fakes are of low quality, there are some that are difficult to distinguish from the original. Considering the listed features of clothes and accessories of the Off-White trademark, you will be able to independently understand where the branded thing is and where the fake is.

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