How to distinguish a real Louis Vuitton from a fake?


The fashion world lives by its own rules, but there are those who try to break them. Famous brands such as Louis Vuitton are often counterfeited. If you don't want to waste money and be disappointed by buying a fake, you need to learn how to identify the original yourself. In this article, we will explain to you how to distinguish a real Louis Vuitton from a fake.

Haute couture flagship

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French fashion house Louis Vuitton since 1854 it has been producing bags, stoles, belts, scarves, shawls and luxury glasses. The company's products have earned an impeccable reputation both in the West and in the CIS countries.

Pochette Metis, Papillon, Christopher PM - such things emphasize the status of a person and his refined tastes. Taking advantage of the great demand for branded products, unscrupulous manufacturers have repeatedly tried to produce fakes with the logo of a well-known brand. The scope of fraud is so great that some experts say that 99% products allegedly "Louis Vuitton" are produced illegally.

The trendsetter himself in 2015 ensured that the counterfeiting of his goods was considered an administrative offense. Alas, this did not stop the scammers. Let's figure out what criteria can be used to recognize a fake, and let's start with the most popular product.

How to spot fake Louis Vuitton?

How to buy a real bag from Louis Vuitton?

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It's simple enough. You just need to remember the main features of the original and not let the thirst for purchase cloud your mind. Here's how you can recognize a fake:

A question of price

How much does luxury cost? The minimum price for an original bag in Europe is 300 euros. However, unofficial boutiques, especially those that sell elaborate imitations, also drive up prices. In this case, you need to remember that:

  1. Louis Vuitton never gives discounts.
  2. They don't do sales.
  3. If it was not possible to sell the entire collection, then Louis Vuitton will dispose of the remaining goods.

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By label

Original and fake label

Look closely at the inscription "Louis Vuitton". Fraudsters take advantage of the fact that buyers do not know French and throw letters out of it. Items marked "Luis Vitton" are very similar in appearance to the originals, but differ in detail.

By logo

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Louis Vuitton products have a perfectly symmetrical and even logo. The emblem is located clearly vertically and not upside down. However, there are exceptions: in the Speedy and Papillon models, the LV logo can be reversed, as they are made from a single piece of leather without a seam in the center of the bottom.

Inside the bag there is a label with the brand name. For a branded product, inscriptions are applied by embossing. The fake Louis Vuitton has not the highest quality paint.

Logo on the original Louis Vuitton bag and on the fake

There is a brand logo on the bottom of the bag. In the original, it is located strictly in the center. For replicas, the placement and number of logos is not standardized. So, for example, the copy in question has two inscriptions and they are hard to read.

Logo on the original Louis Vuitton bag and on the fake

By original packaging

An authentic Louis Vuitton will never be sold off the market for $10 each. Each product is sold in elegant light yellow or darker packaging. To the touch it is dense, slightly rough, wicker handles. Weaving looks like a pigtail cheese.

The Louis Vuitton bag is always packed in a dust bag. It has the brand name on it. The company package is unacceptable for spelling errors or printing defects. The material is pleasant to the touch. The size corresponds to the dimensions of the bag.

The pouch of the original Louis Vuitton bag

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Each correct package must bear the black inscription "LOUIS VUITTON - Maison Fonde'e en 1854 - Paris". On fakes, most of the inscription is often missed, leaving only the name of the company.

original packaging

Large bags are additionally wrapped in a mustard-colored flannel bag before being packed into a bag.

By material

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The fashion house is proud of Monogram canvas, a material they developed and patented. Forging this unique material, first used in 1896, is extremely difficult. The range also includes bags made of genuine leather, such as calf, ostrich, goat or crocodile.

Check Louis Vuitton by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

In the manufacture of original Louis Vuitton bags, exclusive, solid, high-quality materials are used. The skin of cows that have not been milked is often used. This creates a zest that is palpable to the touch.

Louis Vuitton original bag material

High-quality materials are also used in the manufacture of handles. At the junction, you can check the naturalness of the skin. Fakes often have traces of glue.

The handle of the original Louis Vuitton bag and fakes

All elements of the original are perfectly adjacent to each other. Their sizes are exactly the same. Therefore, the joint is smooth, without humps and wrinkling or folding of the material.

Stitches on the original Louis Vuitton bag and on the fake

The inside of the bag is lined with cotton. In fakes, the lining is made of something that feels like faux suede.

In the most low-grade fakes, defects are noticeable not only from the inside of the bag, but also from the outside.

Defects on fake Louis Vuitton

Usually the leather details on real bags are caramel and light beige, and the edges are dyed red and stitched with yellow threads.

Since the skin is natural, it will gradually fade in the sun and acquire a shade of dark honey. Fakes retain color.

Dreaming of a Louis Vuitton bag?
YesI have


Особенностью Louis Vuitton является стремление к максимальной симметричности многих элементов.  Так как бренду присуща симметричность, по ней легко вычислить оригинал. Например, рекомендуется пересчитать количество стежков. На каждой лямке ручек их число должно совпадать.

Moreover, the number of stitches can match between different elements of the bag.

For a fake, this pattern is not observed.

Stitches on the original Louis Vuitton bag and on the fake

A more obvious sign is the presence of protruding threads. A branded bag does not have such defects.

Stitches on the original Louis Vuitton bag and on the fake

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By bag color

The fact is that Louis Vuitton is known for his attitude to the colors of his products. There are strict rules on how to decorate a bag. For example, the CB Speedy model is not sewn from fabric with floral prints.

The Vernis handbag is never black.

Fraudsters sometimes do not delve into these subtleties, so that they can be recognized as a fake.

By individual product code

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Since the early 1980s, the company has been marking every bag with a specific number to fight fraud. It has two letters and four numbers.

The label on the original Louis Vuitton bag and on the fake

The first and third digits indicate the number of the week in the year, the second and fourth - the year itself. The letters represent the country of origin, and there are several combinations of letters for each country.

Manufacturer country Letters in the product code
France A0, A1, AR, AS, BA, BJ, CT, DU, A2, AA, AN, SP, SR, TH, ET, FL, MB, MI, NO, RA, RI, SD, SL, SN, VI
Germany LP
Italy SA, SE
Spain CA, CR, LO, LB, LM, LW
Switzerland FA, DI
France and Italy SA
France and USA SD

Bag code

This bag was produced in France in early February 2012.

And here there is a discrepancy between the place of production:

Inconsistency of information on counterfeit labels

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Little things

Stitches on the original Louis Vuitton bag

Louis Vuitton has done everything to complicate the counterfeiting of their products.

  • in the inscription, the letter "O" is almost round. The company uses a special font;
  • when sewing bag elements, the length and number of stitches on both sides should be the same;
  • there are Louis Vuitton inscriptions on the metal parts of the original;
  • there are no paper or plastic stickers on metal elements;
  • there are no tags and leather samples on the original bag, there are no branded patches inside the product;
  • large bags can be folded into an envelope.


Neat and symmetrical seams

The table shows the main differences between the original Louis Vuitton bag and the fake one.




Symmetry Seen in many elements Missing
seams With even stitches There are skewed or gathered areas of fabric
Material good skin Leatherette
Tag and serial number match each other Have inaccuracies

How to recognize an original Louis Vuitton wallet?

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Sophisticated design, elegant appearance and high quality - these are the principles by which the products of the French fashion flagship are created. Wallets are no exception. There are several signs by which you can determine what kind of product you are offered:

  1. Compared to bags, branded wallets are cheaper, but they still can't cost less than a hundred dollars apiece.
  2. The company takes a very responsible approach to the issue of transportation of the product. Therefore, all wallets are first placed in a dust cover, and then in a box. Comes with a product certificate.
  3. The same secret canvas is used. By the way, it is distinguished by the highest wear resistance, so that a genuine wallet can be worn for years, and it will not suffer at all.
  4. On the product, there is a mandatory label and company logo, their features are the same as those of the bags.
  5. The seams are stitched very soundly, they are symmetrical and neat, like the pattern on the product. A real wallet cannot have protruding threads or frayed seams.

Features of the original Louis Vuitton wallet

Louis Vuitton glasses

Louis Vuitton glasses

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The range of this company is not limited to textiles. Louis Vuitton offer quality optics at not the most affordable prices. Be careful: if a fake wallet, tippet, bag or backpack will only hit your ego, then buying a low-quality fake glasses is potentially dangerous for your eyesight. Here's what you need to know about their original Louis Vuitton glasses:

  1. The serial number should be on the inside of the temples.
  2. On the reverse side of the temples there is information about the conformity of the product to European standards, that is, the CE mark.
  3. Comes with box, glasses case, case and cleaning cloth. All branded with logos.
  4. The branded box is made dark brown on the outside and beige on the inside. It has a retractable part. The package is tied with twine, which feels like leather to the touch. Each box has a pull tab. By pulling on it, you can more conveniently open the box.
  5. The glasses must be accompanied by a certificate printed on high-quality colored paper.

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Glasses and their characteristics

Features of the original belt

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French trendsetters have excelled in making beautiful things for both women and men. The latter especially appreciate branded belts - an indispensable attribute of a successful businessman or sophisticated city dweller.

Original Louis Vuitton belt

Of course, the Chinese willingly forge them too. Here's how you can identify a fake using the popular Initials Damier belt as an example:


Original Louis Vuitton belts are available in a limited variety of colors. Fakes can be painted in the most daring shades. Therefore, it is advisable to look at the appearance of the selected belt on the official website.

The original is produced in three colors: ebony, graphite and azure.

Types and colors of belts from LV

Patterns and logo

The pattern on an authentic Initials Damier belt doesn't start with a solid square. It should be either half or a third. Fraudsters often overlook this.

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There is often a brand name on the belt. The inscription should be symmetrical. Its circumcision or the presence of spelling and other errors is unacceptable.

The Louis Vuitton Paris inscription is repeated along the entire belt. It first occurs on the tenth whole square from the beginning, then it repeats every ten. The font is branded, with a very round letter "O". The inscription is located obliquely and is read from the lower left corner of the cell to the upper right.


The manufacturer makes a lot of attention to the belt buckle. It is attached with high-strength and oxidation-resistant screws, their heads are visible from the back of the belt. The color scheme of the buckle matches the belt.

The color of this element depends on the color of the belt itself.

  • graphite - gold buckle;
  • ebony - brown matte;
  • azure - gold.

Underside of the belt

Original Louis Vuitton belt

The reverse side is made of leather. Its color also depends on the color of the belt.

  • graphite - black;
  • azure - beige;
  • ebony - brown.

Belt buckle and reverse Louis Vuitton

Belts of this model are made only in Spain, they must be inscribed "Louis Vuitton Paris" and "Made in Spain".

On the reverse side is a five-digit item number and indicates its length in inches (inch) and centimeters.

Shawl, scarf or shawl

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Fashion connoisseurs know that a scarf is not only a knitted product from a grandmother. Fashion houses have long occupied a niche in the production of light, stylish and practical shawls and scarves.

  1. The authentic handkerchief is packaged in a brown box with a label.
  2. It comes with a case, an envelope and a certificate.
  3. The box is of very high quality, there should be no traces of paint or flaws on it.
  4. On the shawl itself it is indicated that it was made in France, also be sure to find the company tag.
  5. Recently, Louis Vuitton has been releasing their handkerchiefs in sizes 142x142 cm and 142.5x142.5 cm. Deviations are not allowed.

original scarf

Look at the sewn-in label with the composition. On the original, it is sewn with threads in the corners. It has the serial number on it.

How to choose an original Louis Vuitton backpack?

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When it comes to practicality, some prefer not a bag, but a small backpack. Louis Vuitton went forward. Their models are not huge tourist trunks, but light and elegant urban backpacks.

Backpacks Louis Vuitton

Here's how to identify a genuine product:

  1. The backpack is sold in a dust bag with a branded inscription on the side.
  2. The backpack is made of wear-resistant material - it's still the same canvas or leather.
  3. The stitching of the seams is of high quality, which allows you to safely load the backpack with things.
  4. Gold-plated zippers must bear the LV emblem. If it is on other parts of the product, then, of course, it is made symmetrically and neatly.

Features of the original Louis Vuitton backpack

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Where to buy original Louis Vuitton?

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Buy products only in official boutiques, so you will protect yourself from scammers at 100%. There are Louis Vuitton stores in Moscow in Stoleshnikov Lane, in the Central Department Store and in GUM.

Louis Vuitton in Kyiv is located on Khreshchatyk Street.

When buying products from the hands, pay attention to everything that we wrote about. And never buy Louis Vuitton in unofficial stores - there you will find anything but the original.

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