What to wear with jackets of different models

what to wear with a jacket Cloth

Tips from stylists and photos will help you figure out what to wear a jacket with at different times of the year, how to combine styles of outerwear with shoes and accessories. By following simple rules, you can create fashionable combinations of colors and textures to feel comfortable in any weather and be in trend.

Fashion combinations in clothes.

How to wear jackets at different times of the year: tips

With the onset of the cold season, fashionistas take out warm clothes from the dressing room, including outerwear - down jackets, parkas, dutiks. If the jacket is no longer in trend, it is worth changing it for a new, more stylish model.

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Jackets are in demand not only in winter, but also in the warm season - these are light windbreakers, jeans, bombers, which also need to be able to be combined.

in winter

Long and short down jackets are worn this winter with tracksuits, crop tops, hoodies, sweatshirts, leather trousers and leggings.

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Insulated leather jackets, sheepskin coats, parkas, models with fur inserts remain in the field of view of fashionistas. They are combined with trendy flared jeans, various models of pullovers and sweaters.


In the coming spring season, at the peak of popularity, jackets in juicy or delicate colors - lemon, lilac, blue, pink, emerald, coral.

Metallic shades, black, white, beige colors look stylish. The choice can be made in favor of a leather jacket, an elongated windbreaker, a sports model, a bomber jacket.

You can combine jackets in spring with a light printed dress or tunic, with mom jeans or other high-waisted models, with a leather skirt or noodle dress.

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In summer

In summer, jeans and windbreakers in a dark, bright, pastel design, in a sporty or urban style are popular. Trendy oversized can be combined with skinny jeans and a miniskirt, cropped - with shorts and straight jeans. Models with voluminous ruffles in the shoulder area - with tight-fitting dresses and midi-length skirts.

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In the autumn season, you can warm up with an inflated quilted model, and on warm days, opt for a leather jacket, trench coat, or velveteen model.

Wear autumn jackets with culottes or floor-length wide trousers, suede and leather skirts complete with a turtleneck, stylish jeans, and various models of warm, silhouette-replicating dresses.

What to wear with jackets of different styles: photo

Wrong combinations of jacket styles with the rest of the image can make even the most stylish outerwear look ridiculous or ridiculous. Recommendations of stylists and common sense will help to avoid mistakes.

Inflated model

An inflated jacket can be worn with any woolen products: suits, skirts, sweaters. With tractor-soled boots and ankle boots with thick heels. It will not be boring if you wear a dutik with palazzo trousers. A voluminous scarf or a stylish hat will be a good addition.

Models in combination with puffy jackets.

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Oversized jacket

Oversized models are valued for the feeling of coziness and security, for the warmth and comfort that they give to their owners. To create a harmonious look, combine this jacket with tight-fitting clothing.

The marshmallow model looks good with a leather skirt below the knee length and trendy jeans - straight, cropped, mom, skinny, etc.

Cropped down jacket

Wear a cropped down jacket with skinny jeans and trousers for a versatile option. A combination with rough shoes and a sweater dress, cropped leather trousers or a straight skirt is possible.

Cropped down jacket
Cropped down jacket with jeans.

Short sheepskin coat

A sheepskin coat with fur trim inside is combined with an elongated sweater, a knitted scarf and skirt, pastel-colored turtlenecks, warm tights and high boots. From a small number of things, you can create several city bows.

Short sheepskin coat
Short sheepskin coats in winter weather.

With short sleeves

In warm weather, such a model can be worn without protecting the open places of the hands; in cold weather, complete the look with long gloves or a turtleneck. The batwing cut with cropped sleeves looks elegant with regular length gloves.

Flapper jacket

Bulky things are best combined with a tight-fitting bottom.

A stylish scarf, stole or patterned scarf draped over the shoulders will help to add charm to such a model.

Sports windbreaker

The bow will be comfortable if you wear an elongated sports windbreaker with cropped leggings, sneakers and a baseball cap. You can wear a windbreaker with jeans, sports shorts or a denim miniskirt.

Sports windbreaker
Fashionable bows with a windbreaker.

Leather jacket

A daring and comfortable model is even more advantageous in a duet with a blue or black denim skirt, a flowing light dress, coarse knitwear, fashionable styles of jeans and trousers. A leather bag on a chain or other accessories with metal elements will complement the look.

Fur jackets

Both fully fur jackets and models made of denim or other material, decorated with voluminous fur inserts in the collar area or along the chest, are popular. Fur is combined with leather, denim in classic and bright colors.

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Asymmetric unusual models

Whether it is a short model with ultra-long sleeves or asymmetrical along the waist line, any jacket with a non-standard cut looks good paired with more calm, restrained clothes. When choosing a color for an asymmetric model, it is better to give preference to solid colors.

Asymmetric unusual models
Asymmetric jackets.

Fashion trends for jackets from different materials

In addition to styles, textures of fabrics should also be combined. Models made of suede, jeans and leather can be worn with skirts and trousers made of the same material, as well as combined with other fabrics.


A suede jacket will be emphasized by a midi-length knitted dress, oversized leather shorts, a sweater with a voluminous collar or neckline, and denim items. In spring and autumn, combine suede with bright accessories - a bag, a scarf, a stylish hat.

Suede jackets.


There are many ideas for bows with a leather model:

  • with a V-neck blouse and skinny jeans;
  • with a turtleneck and military-style trousers;
  • with cropped T-shirt and joggers;
  • with light and warm dresses;
  • with flared midi skirts, skinny models, miniskirts;
  • with all kinds of jeans and sweaters, pullovers;
  • with asymmetrical things.


A summer denim jacket is in the wardrobe of every fashionista - it is practical, comfortable and easy to combine.

When creating a bow with a denim jacket, its cut should be taken into account - shortened, oversized.

Wear a short model with chiffon and other light dresses of various lengths, oversized with skinny black jeans, elongated pullovers, a midi skirt and sneakers.

Denim jackets for summer and winter.


Jackets made of synthetic materials are practical and protect against bad weather. Combine them with the same versatile and comfortable items: pipe trousers or cargo. Practical shoes or sneakers are suitable as shoes.

What to combine popular colors with

The jacket is worn with different wardrobe items - jeans, trousers, dresses, skirts. The images are complemented by stylish shoes and accessories. But all things must be correctly combined in color.

black jacket

With a black model, you can create a total black look or dilute it with a bright detail, such as shoes.

This color is combined with almost all shades and styles of things, it can be worn with both juicy tones and delicate ones.

As an accessory, a bag on a chain is suitable. Shoes - light sneakers.

white model

A white jacket is combined with sneakers, skinny jeans, trousers in a sporty style. Not very practical, but monochrome images in various shades of white are in demand. A voluminous bag will become the decoration of the bow.

Bows with white jackets.

Gray down jacket

Gray color creates trendy combinations with shades of white, blue, pink, burgundy, beige. Like white, this color looks advantageous in monochrome bows. A jacket in shades of gray is worn with jeans and classic items. Accessories - a stylish backpack bag and a fringed scarf or tippet.

Brown jacket

Outerwear in brown shades is associated with warmth and comfort. For models of this color, you can buy things in a cowboy style - boots, a scarf, a hat.

Combinations with printed things will be successful - leopard, folk and ethnic ornaments, stripes, as well as with wardrobe items made in blue, red, green, pastel shades.

red color model

The red jacket is a bright accent in the image, so the rest of the things should be more restrained. The combination of red, black and white colors is one of the most successful. You can complement the bow with a medium-sized bag to match the jacket, wear straight jeans and shoes with bulky soles.

red color model
Bright red jacket with jeans.

Green jacket

There is a wide variety of shades of green suitable for outerwear: lime, khaki, emerald, acid, coniferous. A jacket in any of these tones will look fresh and relevant, especially if you complement it with the right pieces of clothing.

Pants can be black and white striped or leather, flared or skinny. Colors: black, white, denim, dark green. A knitted set of a scarf and a beret in brown, terracotta or white will complement the green jacket.

Green jacket
All shades of green in the design of jackets.

Blue or light blue

Blue is not chosen as often as others, so it can be used to stand out from the crowd. Shades of blue are combined with beige, white, dark brown, gray, black.

Puffy jackets can be worn with fitted and cropped trousers and jeans. Accessories are recommended to be lighter in relation to outerwear.

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