The Timberland brand and its history

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Timberland is a popular American manufacturer of nubuck hiking, work and casual footwear, as well as clothing and accessories, originally designed for lumberjacks, workers and travelers. Today, the range of goods amazes buyers with its diversity.

Timberland brand boots.

The history of the Timberland brand

Over the years, the Timberland brand has gained millions of fans in thousands of countries and its own history, which began with a small manufactory, on the market.

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Nathan Schwartz spent many years nurturing the idea of both the product itself and how it was made - the first models used 39 parts that were fastened together in 80 steps.

This was the first technology for the production of the famous yellow waterproof boots, which was invented by the founder of this brand himself.

Timberland Founder

Nathan Schwartz is a fourth-generation shoemaker, born into a small Jewish family in 1902 in Odessa, Ukraine. He and his family later immigrated to Boston, USA. The 16-year-old youth got a job as an assistant in a shoe shop in New York, where he worked for many years before starting his own business.

Before Nathan created the world-famous boots, he had 2 sons - Cindy and Herman. Only in 1952, at the age of 50, he decided to buy 50% shares of the shoe factory Abington Shoe Company, which was located in Massachusetts.

He saved money for the purchase for about 30 years. After some time, Schwartz gained full control of the company. Soon, the sons of the creator of Timberland joined the creation of truly new shoes for that time.

In 1965, Schwartz invented the technology that made his brand so successful: the molded outsole. Under pressure, the base of the boot was pressed into the rubber sole, which ensured water resistance.

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Development in New Hampshire

In 1968, the company passed into the hands of the brothers, because. Nathan was forced to retire. Greg and Cindy, being young, full of energy and ideas, decided to move production to the state of New Hampshire, USA, where the working class of the country concentrated in those years.

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The state was notorious for adverse weather conditions, so the Schwartz brothers set out to create reliable waterproof shoes for workers in these places.

Products "Timberland" passed many tests, tested in Alaska. The technology of creating these shoes made it possible to connect the sole and the leather part of the boots without a seam, which made them protected from moisture even when immersed in water.

Entering the international market

After advertising in the American weekly The New Yorker, Timberland shoes appeared on the shelves of Manhattan stores. The brand's first official store opened in Rhode Island.

In 1979, the "timberlands" reached Europe thanks to the Italian Giuseppe Veronesi, who bought a batch of boots (900 pairs) and brought them to his native country.

In 1980, production spread to Italy, which can already be called an entry into the international market.

Timberland against racism

The success of the company brought its owners a lot of money, which the Schwartz family spent not only on their own needs, but also on charity. A lot of money went to support funds for people affected by racism.

The brand launched its own slogan, which called for an end to racial discrimination. "Timberland" personified the protest and the struggle for equality.

The company remains true to its ideals and beliefs to this day. In 2015, Timberland President Stuart Whitney terminated all contracts with the APC brand because its founder, Jean Touitou, allowed himself to offend people with dark skin with a racially incorrect statement.

At one of the shows, he used a sign on which was written the racist term "Negro". From the time of its founding to the present day, the company has continued to fight against racism.

The heyday of popularity thanks to hip-hop

Initially, “timberlands” appeared on the streets of New York thanks to thieves. When committing thefts, criminals needed comfortable shoes in which they could climb over the fence, step on broken glass or barbed wire without consequences.

And also a long time to be on the street under any weather conditions. Rappers noticed this shoe for themselves, because then it was a musical movement in disadvantaged areas - a ghetto where crime flourished.

At first, the company tried to isolate itself from such an audience, but then the popular hip-hop artists who wore these shoes began to bring the company wide fame around the world, and some even began to cooperate with the manufacturer.

Today, among the hip-hop artists who give their preference to this brand, one can single out Sean Corey Carter (Jay-Z) and Pharrell Lancilo Williams.

Sean Corey Carter (Jay-Z)
Hip-hoper Sean Corey Carter (Jay-Z) favors Timberland shoes.

Timberland Brand Collaborations

Over the 68 years of its existence, Timberland has presented a large number of collaborations with other brands of shoes and clothing.

The nine best collaborations of all time are:

  • Timberland x David Z;
  • Concepts x Timberland;
  • Colette x Timberland;
  • Bee Line x Timberland;
  • Stüssy x Timberland;
  • Ronnie Fieg x Timberland;
  • Supreme x Comme des Garçons SHIRT x Timberland;
  • Off-White x Timberland;
  • Supreme x Timberland.

No less profitable cooperation - with the luxury brand of shoes, clothing and accessories Jimmy Choo. The result of a combination of glamorous style and rugged work boots turned out to be unusual, but attractive.

Timberland brand geography

The popularity of these boots covers the whole world. Almost every European country has a Timberland brand store. In addition, the official products of this brand can be bought in Russia and India, China and Australia, Canada, some African countries and in the homeland of this company - in the USA.

It is difficult to find a country on the map that does not have these famous shoe stores.

But even if the products are not yet represented everywhere, the courier service of the official online store can deliver the pair of shoes you like to your door. Anywhere in the world, the buyer will receive the parcel directly into their hands.

The brand has taken over the world.

The main features of Timberland shoes

The advantages of this shoe include:

  • strength;
  • reliability;
  • durability;
  • water resistance;
  • comfort;
  • a wide variety of models;
  • wear resistance.

These boots are suitable for almost any clothing, have a long service life, keep you dry and warm in any weather. Shafts 13.5 cm high (for size 36.5) prevent dislocation of the feet.

Such shoes do not slip, all seams are made with high quality, there are no protruding threads on the original “timberlands”. The upper part of the boots is made of thick leather.

The sole consists of 4 components without insoles. The main part of the sole is made of rubber, which includes natural resins. In the center is a metal arch support.

In addition, Timberland boots have a shock-absorbing sole layer. For the convenience of users who choose these shoes, there is a soft lining under the heel, and the laces are securely fixed without distorting the shape of the shoes even when tied multiple times.

The next feature of branded products is resistance to sub-zero temperatures - the leather and the sole will not crack even in harsh winters, so these boots are popular on the Russian market.

Brand shoes for every taste.

Average price tag for branded shoes

The average price for winter boots of this brand in Russia is 17-20 thousand rubles. without discounts, promotions and special offers. The cost of individual models can reach up to 25 thousand rubles.

At the same time, the average price in the US is much lower. On the territory of the Russian Federation, Timberland shoes will cost a potential buyer about $ 304, while in the United States these boots cost about $ 190.

The cheapest thing

If you do not take into account clothes, accessories and children's shoes, the cheapest are men's Skape Park Canvas Oxford sneakers (6 thousand rubles) and women's slip-ons Newport Bay Bumper Toe Slip On (6 thousand rubles).

If we consider all the products that are offered in the official online store, the most inexpensive thing is Boot Laces 137-cm shoe laces.

Newport Bay Bumper Toe Slip On
Newport Bay Bumper Toe Slip On for women.

The face of the Timberland brand

The famous yellow boots, which are classics in most developed countries of the world, can be called the hallmark or face of the manufacturer.

This is the most popular Timberland model, which brought success to the brand. These shoes are worn by many famous singers and actors, and even the first lady of the United States - Melania Trump.

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