How to distinguish a real bill of 2000 rubles from a fake one?

How to distinguish 2000 rubles from a fake Money

Banknotes with a face value of 2000 rubles were developed in the new millennium, so their appearance and the system of protective elements are significantly different from other banknotes familiar to the inhabitants of our country. Ordinary citizens need to know how to check the 2000 bill for authenticity? What are the differences between fake and real 2000 rubles?

The new banknotes look modern, painted in a bright, easy-to-remember color, which is very convenient for recognition. But the main advantage of banknotes is thoughtful protection against counterfeiting. The set of security features has been enlarged and improved. In order to determine the authenticity of money, it is enough to identify at least three of them.

Description of the banknote

The design of the 2000 banknote was developed using new technologies that limit the activities of counterfeiters. Therefore, it is necessary to know what a new banknote looks like in order to distinguish it from a fake with the naked eye, without additional instruments and the help of specialists.

Front side of the banknote

For reliable recognition of the denomination by visually impaired people, banknotes are painted in different colors. For the 2000 note, a blue color of increased brightness was chosen. The denomination numerals are distinguished by their increased size, increased contrast and relief on the front side. Light-colored numbers are combined with a dark background, and dark-colored numbers are combined with a light background.

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For the first time, QR code protection was applied. It is clearly visible on the front side of the banknote, in the lower right part. The QR code redirects to the website of the Bank of Russia, where you can find information about the appearance and protective measures of this type of banknotes.

QR code

The denomination has the form of a rectangle 157 mm long and 69 mm wide. It is printed on white cotton paper with the addition of two types of colored security fibers:

  1. Grey.
  2. Red-blue.

The front side of the banknote is decorated with a drawing of a cable-stayed bridge between part of the mainland and Russky Island and the building of the University of Vladivostok, and the Vostochny Cosmodrome in the Amur Region is depicted on the back.

back side

Features of the banknote 2000 rubles:

  • The coat of arms of Russia is located on the front side of the banknote.
  • In the upper right part of the reverse side, the year of issue of the banknote is marked - "2017".
  • In the central part there is a protective holographic sign, which is a stylization of the bridge and the rising sun.
  • Also on the front side there is a holographic protective detail in the form of a wide tape (5 mm).
  • On the security thread and in the microimages there is a drawing of the ruble symbol ₽.
  • Each banknote is assigned a serial number. It consists of a two-letter series and nine numbers, and is located on the reverse side. One number is located on the left vertically, the second - on the right horizontally.

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A number of characteristic features of the original 2000 banknote are discussed in the table below.




into the light There are several elements No different from regular paper
trace elements Text, elements of astronautics, representatives of the flora and fauna of the Far East Can't be seen with a magnifying glass
Relief Easy to feel by touch Not
IR and UV Shows the use of special paints background glow

Verification methods

You can distinguish fake 2000 rubles from real ones yourself by applying several examination options. For quick recognition, simple methods are suitable:

  • oblique inspection;
  • probing;
  • light inspection.

By carefully examining and feeling the banknote upon receipt, you can determine the presence of the main security features.

More accurate information is provided by examining a banknote under a magnifying glass, as well as searching for security elements under IR and UV radiation.

In this way, banknotes are checked in financial institutions.

UV test

If there is an infrared lamp, it is recommended to shine it on the banknote. The original banknote in IR radiation is shown in the images below.

Translucence of a banknote of 2000 rubles with an infrared lamp

A detector with an ultraviolet lamp is a good helper in identifying fakes. The real two thousand should glow under UV as shown in the pictures below.

Translucent bills 2000 rubles ultraviolet

Have you come across counterfeit money?

Visual inspection of the face

It is possible to recognize counterfeit money with a consistent assessment of its appearance, for which it is recommended to examine the images by changing the angle of the banknote and the angle of view.

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When the banknote fluctuates, the movements of the gleaming ring on the stylization of the solar disk should be noticeable.


The optically variable element is the movable ring. It represents the sun. When the banknote is swayed, the ring moves and shines brightly.

Ring on a bill of 2000 rubles

Moving the ring on a bill of 2000 rubles

The movement of the ring on a bill of 2000 rubles

When the banknotes are turned away from themselves and towards themselves, the numbers should move on the protective strip, moving to the right and left.

Numbers on the protective strip

Change of numbers on the protective tape on the bill of 2000 rubles

In the position of the banknote at an acute angle, the symbol of the ruble in a color image will be visible on the iridescent background.

Images of banknote denominations should be interspersed with three-dimensional images of the ruble symbol in 3D format.

There are color-changing elements on the banknote.

multicolored numbers

The word "Russia" is read at a right angle.

The inscription Russia on the banknote 2000

At an acute angle, the number 2000 is clearly visible. If you turn the bill 180 °, the color of each number will change.

An inscription at an acute angle on a banknote 2000

When viewed from a different angle of view, the number 2000 should appear in the area with the inscription RUSSIA, while the numbers will differ in color from each other.

When the banknote is fully unfolded, the color of the numbers should change.

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Changing the color of the numbers at a different angle on the banknote 2000

From a different angle of view, the KIPP effect for the hidden symbol of the ruble should appear.

Ruble symbol on 2000 ruble note

By changing the position of the banknote, you can see the color of the symbol change from blue on a light background to light on a blue background. At an acute angle, the symbol of the ruble is visible.

Ruble symbol at an acute angle on a banknote of 2000 rubles

When turning the bill, it changes color and background.

Changing the color and background of the ruble symbol

If the banknote to be checked is placed opposite the light source, the following details can be seen:

  • A protective strip of dark color with continuous inscriptions of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is located vertically.

Security thread on the banknote 2000 rubles

  • Watermarks - drawings of the bridge and the solar disk, the number 2000, painted in dark and light colors with soft transitions.

Water marks

Watermark on the banknote of 2000 rubles

With a tactile examination of the banknote, one can feel the characteristic relief along the edges, as well as in the places of the inscriptions "2000 RUBLES" and "TICKET OF THE BANK OF RUSSIA".

By touch it is easy to feel the strokes along the edges of the banknote. They have high relief.

Strokes on a bill of 2000 rubles

The bill also has embossed inscriptions:

  • Bank of Russia ticket;
  • Two thousand rubles;
  • 2000.

Embossed inscriptions on the bill of 2000 rubles

Visual inspection of the reverse side

On the back of the banknote there is a map of the Far Eastern Territory, made of microimages of the number 2,000 and small drawings of representatives of the animal and plant world.

The remaining background space is filled with space-oriented graphic drawings.

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Looking under a magnifying glass

On the front side along the lower and upper edges there are inscriptions applied in microscript. The microtext consists of the repeated word "Vladivostok".


In addition, on the image of the university building at its base, you can see the word "Vladivostok".

The inscription at the bottom of the university on a banknote of 2000 rubles

A similar inscription is applied around the field with the denomination of the banknote, under the number 2000 you can see the microtext “2000 thousand rubles”.

Inscription 2000 rubles

On the back of the banknote, microdrawings are visible on the topic of space exploration and the nature of the Far Eastern Territory.

Micro-patterns on the banknote of 2000 rubles

At the top of the bill there is the inscription "BANKROSSIY", and at the bottom - "COSMODROME VOSTOCHNY".

Microtext on a banknote of 2000 rubles

Micromarking is also present on the back side. So on the banknote you can see the inscription "Bank of Russia".

Microtext on the back of the 2000 ruble note

On the back of the original 2000 banknote, there are small space-themed graphic elements. Under the magnifying glass you can see the astronaut, the stars, the month, Saturn.

Trace elements on a banknote of 2000 rubles

The banknote has an image of a map of the Far East. It is formed by repeating graphic elements of representatives of the flora and fauna of the region. Under a magnifying glass it is easy to see an elk, cones, leaves. The number 2000 is also present.

Microelements of flora and fauna on a banknote of 2000 rubles

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The Central Bank of the Russian Federation makes a number of recommendations, which are presented below.

Recommendations of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

What to do with fake?

People do not always know what to do if a counterfeit bill is caught. There is a certain procedure that must be followed.

First, you should not try to get rid of counterfeit money in a store or other institution. This is dangerous because a person may be suspected of counterfeiting, and such actions face criminal punishment.

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Experts recommend in doubtful cases to contact bank employees. After verification, the money will be returned or transferred to a bank account.

But, if the bill turned out to be counterfeit, its value will not be reimbursed.

Another correct option is to contact the police. Employees of the department should be told about the circumstances of receiving suspicious banknotes. The banknotes will be sent for examination, and if a fake is confirmed, an investigation will be launched. Compensation for damages in such a situation is possible, but not guaranteed.

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