How to visually determine the authenticity of a 5 euro banknote

5 euro fake Money

In the euro currency, the banknote of the lowest denomination is 5. The percentage of such counterfeit banknotes does not exceed 5, because. most often, scammers make bills of 20 and 50. However, in order to protect yourself from trouble, you need to be able to distinguish the original 5 euros from a fake.

5 euro fake
5 Euro is a banknote of the lowest denomination.

Features and appearance of the banknote

The euro was introduced into the world economy on January 1, 1999. However, during the first 3 years it was a conditional currency.

Cashing out of money happened only on January 1, 2002. Now this currency is used and produced in more than 20 European countries.

paper sample

The banknote with a nominal value of 5 euros has 2 series. The first one was issued on January 1, 2002, the next - on January 10, 2013. The 5 euro banknote is smaller than the others, its dimensions are 120 * 62 mm. Decorated in shades of grey. All banknotes of this currency have bridges or arches (doorways) depicted in various directions of historical European architecture. On banknotes with a face value of 5, buildings belonging to the classical antique era are printed.

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As with other banknotes, for 5 euros you can find the name of the currency, the denomination, the flag and 12 stars of the EU, the signature of the head of the ECB (European Central Bank), the year of issue and special security features.


The 5 euro coin is considered non-standard. Not all EU states issue it, and it is a legitimate means of payment only in those countries where it is issued.

The 5 euro coin is not issued in all EU countries.

Among them:

  • Portugal;
  • Germany;
  • Finland;
  • Austria;
  • Netherlands.

Most often, such coins are considered commemorative or collectible. Since 2016, a new form of this money has been put into circulation. The new coins have a special plastic insert in the form of a blue ring.

The polymer located in the inner circle is technologically difficult to fake.

Therefore, the release of such coins allowed to reduce the number of fakes. The plastic ring allows you to distinguish the original even visually.

The main signs of a fake

The euro has one of the highest levels of protection against counterfeiting. However, this is the main difficulty, because. it is difficult for a simple person to remember the abundance of distinguishing features. Signs of counterfeit banknotes:

  1. Increased banknote thickness.
  2. The absence of rustling that occurs when shaking.
  3. Smoothness, lack of relief.
  4. Lack of rainbow overflow on holograms.
  5. Lack of magnetic protection or its distortion.
  6. A more intense circle of stars in ultraviolet light.
  7. Imitation of a protective strip.
Signs of a fake
The absence of rustling and iridescent overflow on the holograms are signs of a fake.

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Methods for checking the authenticity of a banknote with a face value of 5 euros

There are many ways to check the euro for compliance with the original. These include an express test, a detailed analysis, the study of money using special devices or a calculator. In order not to run into a fake, you need to remember a few basic signs of the original.

Detailed examination of the degrees of protection

If you have time and desire, you can independently conduct a detailed examination of the banknote. You need to pay attention to the following:

  1. Material. Genuine banknotes are harsh and rustle when bent. This is due to the fact that euro banknotes are made from special cotton paper.
  2. Water marks. If you raise the bill to the light, then numbers should appear on 2 sides. This effect is produced by using different paper thicknesses.
  3. Protective strip. If you tilt the banknote, then you can see a mother-of-pearl-gold shade near the line. The denomination is also displayed on the strip.
  4. Seal. A special method of applying images and symbols to the banknote provides a relief. On the obverse you can find voluminous abbreviations, drawings, symbols, etc.
  5. Defense line. It is also visible to the light, on it is the denomination and the word "euro".
  6. Microtext. It can be seen on inscriptions, stripes and architectural compositions upon detailed examination of the banknote.
  7. Mosaic. If you look at the banknote against the light, then thanks to the hidden lines, the denomination will appear.
Detailed expertise
You can conduct a detailed examination of the banknote.

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With the help of special devices (detectors)

Special devices allow you to check the banknote for authenticity. Their action is based on ultraviolet or infrared light. The mechanism is simple: when special rays hit the banknote, some details of the banknote begin to glow, disappear or change.

Professional equipment is most often found in banks and stores, but there are also pocket options that you can carry with you.

Express test

The express test involves a quick inspection and probing of the banknote. Minimum set of actions:

  1. Raise the bill and look at it against the light. Watermarks, a protective band with a denomination, segments of numbers should appear.
  2. Look at the money from an angle. The golden stripe should change color.
  3. Feel the bill carefully. The paper should be thick and rough.

Under ultraviolet

Ultraviolet radiation allows you to check the authenticity of banknotes. The principle is based on the fact that one part of the elements begins to glow, while the other changes color. The shade of the paper itself should not become different.

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Under ultraviolet
Under ultraviolet light, the authenticity of the banknote is checked.

The following items are lit:

  1. Chaotic streaks in the paper itself. They are blue, green and red.
  2. EU flag. Becomes orange-yellow.
  3. Signature of the President of the Bank.
  4. Stars and a ring on the obverse.
  5. Architectural structures, map and denomination on the reverse side. These items are in shades of yellow.

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Using infrared light

Infrared light allows you to hide some of the symbols and pictures. The following elements should be obscured under IR radiation:

  • series number in the upper right section of the banknote;
  • protective strip;
  • banknote denomination on both sides;
  • right section of the center image.
Using infrared light
With the help of infrared radiation, some of the characters are hidden.

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Using a calculator

Another way to authenticate is with the help of computer technology. All banknotes have a special code consisting of 11 numbers and a letter. For example: U15293574239. The letter symbolizes belonging to one of the European countries (see table).

Letter Number in alphabetical order The country Check number
D 4 Estonia 4
E 5 Slovakia 3
F 6 Malta 2
G 7 Cyprus 1
H 8 Slovenia 9
J 10 Great Britain 7
K 11 Sweden 6
L 12 Finland 5
M 13 Portugal 4
N 14 Austria 3
P 16 Netherlands 1
R 18 Luxembourg 8
S 19 Italy 7
T 20 Ireland 6
U 21 France 5
V 22 Spain 4
W 23 Denmark 3
X 24 Germany 2
Y 25 Greece 1
Z 26 Belgium 9

In the example, the nationality of the banknote is France. The code of the letter is 21. All the digits of the code should be gradually added to this number, i.e.:


You need to add the numbers until you get a number consisting of 1 digit, i.e.:


If the bill is original, then you get 8. This applies to all banknotes. You should always get 8.

The second way is to add only the numbers from the code, i.e.:

1+5+2+9+3+5+7+4+2+3+9=50 then 5+0=5.

The control number for France is 5. The result obtained is the same as the test value, i.e. the bill is genuine.

How to check the authenticity of the euro-series "Europe"

Category "Europe" - these are banknotes issued after 2013. They have all the same distinctive and security features as the previous ones. However, there are a number of features:

  1. The deity Europa from ancient myths is hidden on a watermark and a holographic tape.
  2. Cyprus and the Republic of Malta have been added to the card on the back of the bill.
  3. On the banknote, the inscriptions "Euro" and "ECB" are made in Cyrillic because of Bulgaria's accession to the EU.
  4. On the main side, the denomination of the banknote is inscribed in a dark green shade.

As you test, keep these new details in mind. The principles of analysis are the same as for old banknotes.

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