How to distinguish the original bill of 200 rubles from a fake one

200 rubles fake Money

It is necessary to study the main differences between genuine money with a face value of 200 rubles and a fake in order to protect yourself from counterfeiters. Banknotes are recommended to check at least 3 security features. This can be done in several ways.

200 rubles
The banknote of 200 rubles entered circulation in 2017.

General view of the banknote and characteristics

The green color of the banknote prevails, there is also a light green tint. It has the same size as banknotes of 10, 50, 100 rubles. (150 * 65 mm), and is made of white cotton paper, which has a high density and is impregnated with a polymer.

The banknote is equipped with 2 types of security fibers:

  • red-blue;
  • grey.

Images and inscriptions that are present on the banknote are presented in the table.

Front side Back side
In the center - Sevastopol monument to sunken ships In the center - the museum-reserve "Tauric Chersonesos"
Lower right corner - QR code (when scanning, you get to the official website of the Bank of Russia, which describes in detail the characteristics and signs of authenticity of the banknote) On the right and left sides - serial numbers of the banknote (consist of 2 letters and 9 numbers, must be the same)
Upper left corner - coat of arms of the Russian Federation In the upper right corner - the inscription "2017" (year of issue)


On the front side there is a protective holographic thread, from which only 4 fragments 3 mm wide are visible.

The currency ticket is made of snow-white cotton paper impregnated with high-density polymer. Two types of security fibers are embedded in the paper - multi-colored with parts that alternate, red and blue shades, as well as gray.

Banknote protection methods

Money with a face value of 200 rubles. are equipped with several protective elements that you should be aware of. The Bank of Russia did its best to protect the newcomer from fakes by providing him with easy-to-detect and difficult-to-repeat protections.

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Water marks

On the right side of the bill, in the light area, there is a multi-tone combined watermark in the form of the Sevastopol Monument to the Scuttled Ships, as well as the number “200”.

Watermark on banknote 200 rubles

Security thread

It is a dark band, where on the fragments coming to the surface there is a movement of light rectangles up and down relative to each other. It also depicts repeating denomination numbers and ruble signs on a rainbow background.

Security thread on a banknote of 200 rubles

At a certain angle, a pattern of the ruble sign appears, which is repeated on a multi-colored background.

Iridescent ruble sign on a banknote of 200 rubles

The thread also has a denomination image that repeats and can be recognized by the light.

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rainbow text

On the front side, on the left side, on the word “Russia”, there are multi-colored images of the number 200. A change in the color of the text can be seen in the following cases:

If you tilt a banknote to the left on the field with the word "Russia", you can see the colored numbers of the face value.

Numbers 200 rubles on a banknote of 200 rubles

If you rotate a currency ticket by 180 degrees, the color group of numbers will change.

When considering a cash ticket at an acute angle, a black ruble sign appears on a light color at the bottom left. If you rotate it 90 degrees, the ruble sign, on the contrary, becomes light on a black background.
Ruble sign on a banknote of 200 rubles

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With optical magnification in multi-colored areas, microimages and microtext can be seen. The microtext present on the front side is as follows:

  • the repeating phrase “Bank of Russia” is printed above and below, which is repeated.
  • under the Grafskaya pier, the inscription “Sevastopol” is found several times;
  • small graphic elements - the numbers 200, the flora and fauna of the peninsula - a stylized map of the Crimea is drawn.

Microimages on a banknote of 200 rubles

Microimages on a banknote of 200 rubles

If the banknote is turned over, then in the lower area of the image of the museum-reserve you can see the repeated phrase “Tauric Chersonesus”.

Tactile elements

To make it easier for visually impaired people to recognize money, tactile elements were applied to them. “Billet of the Bank of Russia”, “Two hundred rubles”, a large digital designation of the denomination and strokes on both sides of the bill have a protruding relief surface.

Tactile elements on the banknote of 200 rubles

All the hallmarks of the original banknote.

To determine the denomination for a visually impaired person, there are two groups of strokes on the right and left edges of the money note, as well as large numbers of the denomination at the top right.
Tactile elements on the banknote of 200 rubles

All the hallmarks of the original banknote.

To determine the denomination for a visually impaired person, there are two groups of strokes on the right and left edges of the money note, as well as large numbers of the denomination at the top right.

At the bottom of the Monument in Sevastopol is the repeated inscription "200 rubles". To the right of the phrase "ticket of the Bank of Russia" is a security element in the form of embossed multi-colored lines, turning into colorless stripes.

Table of tactile elements

Element name Relief
Strokes on the left and right side They have a high relief, so they are felt to the touch.
The inscription "TICKET OF THE BANK OF RUSSIA" Protrude above the surface
The inscription "TWO Hundred Rubles"
Numerical designation of the denomination of the banknote Has a relief

Information protection method

The information elements include a QR code, which contains a link to the Bank of Russia website with more detailed information about the banknote.

Do you check the authenticity of the 200 ruble banknote?

The main signs of a fake

The main distinguishing features of a counterfeit banknote from a genuine one are the following:

  1. It is made of soft paper, which does not have wear-resistant qualities, does not make a crunch when felt. Most often, a banknote is glued from 2 sheets, therefore it has signs of delamination.
  2. Watermarks are not always viewed against the light, images may have blurry borders.
  3. The metal security thread is made with paint; when translucent, it is a dotted line.
  4. There are no elements that change color at different tilt angles.

Ways to verify the authenticity of 200 rubles

There are several ways to check the authenticity of a banknote.

into the light

Without the use of special tools, you can check the authenticity of 200 rubles through the light. To do this, the banknote has a security thread.

In the light, it looks like a dark stripe with light repeating numbers "200". The figures are made by the microdemetallization method.

Checking the banknote for light

On the right side of the banknote there is a multi-tone combined watermark. A monument to the scuttled ships and the number "200" can be seen through the light. The sign has smooth transitions from light to dark areas.

Location of the watermark "Monument to the Scuttled Ships"

Checking the banknote for light

Checking the banknote for light

With a magnifying glass

With the help of a magnifying glass, microtext and small graphic elements are visible on the banknote. They are located both on the front and on the back of the bill.

From the front

At the bottom and top of the bill there is a negative microtext from the repeated words "BANKROSS".

Microtext on banknote 200 rubles

How to distinguish the original bill of 200 rubles from a fake one

At the bottom of the Grafskaya pier there is a microtext, which consists of repetitions of the word "SEVASTOPOL".



The repeated word "SEVASTOPOL" is located along the upper and lower edges of the border containing the digital designation of the banknote denomination.

Location of the positive microtext "SEVASTOPOL":


Location of the negative microtext "SEVASTOPOL"


At the bottom of the monument to the Scuttled Ships there is a positive microtext "200 RUBLES". There are also microimages of fish and waves.

Microtext on banknote 200 rubles

Microtext on banknote 200 rubles

On the back side.

The stylized image of the map of Crimea consists of individual repeating microimages of the flora and fauna of the peninsula interspersed with small numbers "200".

Microtext on banknote 200 rubles

In the lower part of Tauric Chersonesos there is a negative microtext. It consists of repeating the words "KHERSONESTAURIAN".

Microtext on banknote 200 rubles

Microtext on banknote 200 rubles

at an angle

If you look at the money from an angle, you can clearly see the hidden numbers on the inscription “Russia” and the symbols of the ruble in 2 places.

On a real banknote of 200 rubles there is a color-changing element.

The monophonic field contains the word "RUSSIA". At an acute angle, the number "200" appears. Each of its numbers has its own color. If the banknote is rotated 180°, the color of the numbers will change.

Rainbow colors on the banknote of 200 rubles

Change of color on a banknote of 200 rubles

Change of color on a banknote of 200 rubles

The real banknote has a hidden image of the ruble symbol. KIPP effect is detected at an acute angle. On the banknote you can see the symbol of the ruble. At the same time, its color and background color depend on the location of the banknote.

Checking a banknote of 200 rubles at an angle

Checking a banknote of 200 rubles at an angle


With infrared radiation, only a security thread will be displayed on the front side of the banknote, and the serial number and an old amphora will be displayed on the reverse side.

You can check the originality of a banknote of 200 rubles in the light of an infrared lamp. A real banknote should look like the images below.

Banknote 200 rubles in the infrared range

Banknote 200 rubles in the infrared range

Under the influence of UV

In the presence of ultraviolet light, it is also easy to identify a counterfeit banknote. The real 200 rubles are shown in UV in the photo below.

If you view the bill under UV, you will see:

  • red ruble symbol;
  • a yellow building with columns and a color-changing element on the word “Russia”;
  • red lines throughout the banknote and the number 200.
Under the influence of UV
Under the influence of UV on the bill, among other things, the red symbol of the ruble is displayed.

Special applications for checking banknotes for authenticity

“Gosznak” has developed an application for determining the authenticity of banknotes of the 2017 sample, which is called “Banknotes 2017”.

The program can be downloaded from the Play Market, App Store or from the official website of the enterprise for issuing money.

To check a banknote, follow these steps:

  1. In the main menu of the application, click "Define banknote 2017".
  2. Bring it to the camera lens. When the denomination is recognized, a picture will appear with the symbols of cities or objects depicted on the banknote.
  3. To track visible protection properties, select "Check". Next, the message “Signs of authenticity detected” will appear if the bill is not counterfeit.

In the program, you can view photos of money design and study information about security elements.

Checking banknotes in the application "Banknotes 2017".

Actions with a counterfeit banknote

If you had to deal with counterfeit banknotes, then you need to:

  1. Contact law enforcement immediately.
  2. Write an application there. In it, specify in detail all the circumstances under which the money came to you.

Next, the police will open a criminal case under the article “Fraud”, and you will be a witness. After that, law enforcement officers will search for criminals and bring them to justice. It will be possible to return the money only after filing a claim against the attackers for the recovery of damages.

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of the banknote, you can hand it over to the bank. Employees of the organization will accept the banknote and draw up a withdrawal certificate in 2 copies. One of them will be kept for yourself, and the other will be given to you.

The document will contain the following information:

  • information about the banknote (serial number, denomination, year of issue, number of banknotes);
  • passport details and contacts of the person who brought the dubious money.

The certificate must contain a round cash seal of the bank and the signature of the employee who compiled it.

After that, the banknotes are sent for examination, where their authenticity is confirmed or denied. If they turned out to be false, then the client is informed of this information. Next, you need to contact the police department and write a statement.

Tips and recommendations of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

The Central Bank strongly recommends that you study all the signs by which it is possible to determine the authenticity of banknotes, and be more attentive to them. In no case should you engage in the exchange of banknotes to unfamiliar or suspicious individuals.

During large transactions where settlement takes place in cash, each banknote should be checked by all means. It is better to make such transactions through banking organizations or by bank transfer.

Particular vigilance should be exercised when purchasing goods in small retail outlets, stalls, street tents or markets. Counterfeiters use them to sell fakes most often.

If you nevertheless found a banknote of dubious quality, then in no case try to sell it. You may be subject to criminal penalties for this. You should immediately contact the police.

How do you check the authenticity of a banknote?
Through the light with watermarks
By relief elements
On the tactile sensations of paper
By holograms and other visual elements
I don't check money
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