The main features of the original banknote of 500 rubles

500 rubles fake Money

The banknote of 500 rubles is especially popular with counterfeiters; a fake is beneficial for scammers. It makes no sense to print banknotes of lower value, since the penalty remains high, and larger denominations are checked more often.

500 rubles
A banknote of 500 rubles is often counterfeited.

Historical information

Modern banknote of 500 rubles. released in our country in 1997 and began to be used from January 1, 1998.

Protection was increased when issued in 2001, 2004 and 2010, the changes were aimed at strengthening the security of the national currency.

Appearance and characteristics of a denomination of 500 rubles

The predominant shades of the banknote were pink and blue-violet. The front side depicts a monument to Peter I against the backdrop of a river station and a sailing ship in Arkhangelsk, a northern city that became the center of Pomorie.

On the reverse side is the Solovetsky Monastery, behind which is the Holy Lake.

There is a security thread vertically in the paper from which the banknote is made, where repeating characters are visible, there are watermarks on the margins.

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Banknotes of 1997

The banknote has been used since 01/01/1998. Despite the fact that the central image has been preserved on all 4 issues of money, there have been some changes. This affected both pictures and protection against fakes.

Banknotes of 1997
On the banknotes of 1997, the structure of the monastery has changed.

For example, on the banknote of 1997, a two-masted koch was sailing along the Holy Lake - a kind of Pomeranian boat. It was later removed. The structure of the monastery has changed: if initially it was without domes and dilapidated, then on the money of 2010 it is already beautifully depicted.

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Light control. Fake 500 rubles do not have:

  • watermarks in the margins in the form of a drawing by Peter the Great and "500";
  • security thread woven into paper, with vertical offset, inverted numerals and the sign "CBR 500".

Important! When viewed with light, there is an exact match of the parts located on both sides. Unpainted parts receive a shade due to the second side, with the formation of an integral pattern.

Checking with a magnifying glass with 10x magnification. Under a magnifying glass you can see:

  • ornament woven from lines;
  • from the upper back - "500";
  • on the bottom - "CRB 500".

The protective threads have purple, reddish, greenish hues, they are arranged in a disorderly, chaotic manner, without a definite structure.

When viewed from an angle. Browsing helps you discover:

  • hidden "PP" - when the position changes, the expressiveness of the letters changes;
  • under the rays, the numbers become silvery.

Important! During the tilt, the tone of the emblem of the Bank of the Russian Federation changes.

Touch control. How can you distinguish 500 rubles from a fake: the letters that create the “ticket of the Bank of Russia” have a high relief that is easily felt. The same principle is used on the label.

2001 modifications

The main differences between the two banknotes are found when viewed under UV rays. For people with vision problems, relief elements create a vertical sign "modification 2001". Banknotes were put into circulation on 01.01. 2001

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The main differences of the new banknote are:

  • reflection under ultraviolet light;
  • the presence on the right side of the relief embossing of the vertical text “Modification 2001” for the visually impaired;
  • the presence of a series of 2 letters and a number of 7 digits.
2001 modification
The 2001 modification has a series of 2 letters and 7 numbers.


The modification of the 500-ruble banknotes of 2004 increased the protection against counterfeiting by several points. To the previously existing 22 distinctive protective features, 4 more were added.

500 rubles 2004 painted with changing paint.

The security thread was replaced with a metallic one.

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The sign of the Bank of Russia was painted with color-changing paint, at an angle it appeared in different shades, iridescent shimmering when the banknote was tilted.

The text for the visually impaired in the lower left corner has been changed to “Modification 2004.” But the main achievement in the installation of protection was laser microperforation. Small holes were visible on the bill through the light. It is still difficult for fraudsters to fake this: you have to wield a needle, which makes the holes tangible.

You can distinguish the original by certain indicators:

  • according to the relief inscription "modification 2004";
  • difference in color gamut when tested under infrared and ultraviolet light.

New signs of reliability include:

  • metallized fibers that come out on the back side, and when viewed in the light look like a continuous strip of black;
  • microperforation - minimal holes create the number "500", the surface near them is smooth;
  • moire stripes - consist of randomly placed gray, red, green and two-color fibers.

Important! The modified version has been used since 08/16/2004.


The 2010 banknote modification is considered the safest and most secure. It was put into circulation in September 2011.2010

Modification of 2010 is the most secure.Some changes have affected the color design of the banknote and picture.

Light check

In banknotes of 500 rubles, how to distinguish a fake:

  • on the right side there are watermarks "500" and "Peter 1", it is lighter, and additional dark stripes create the appearance of volume;
  • the metallized thread has a thickness of 5 mm, it has “500” pictures (straight and inverted), a rhombus.

Watermark and hologram on the banknote of 500 rubles

Microperforation is located on the right side of the boat, consists of even rows.

Control with 10x loupe. Check shows:

  • the minimum image, indicated by thin lines located in the central zone of the front area, above and below in the margins - on the back;
  • sea station, the picture consists of small elements;
  • the text "500" (14 lines at the top of the bill and with dotted division on the lower and upper borders of the tape)), "TsBRF 500" (6 lines at the bottom);
  • security two-color threads with different cross-sections with gray, blue, red (the latter glow under UV).

Important! Colorless embossing is located on the left front and at the end of the index "ticket of the Bank of Russia".

Checking at different angles. The difference between the original and a fake of 500 rubles is:

  • iridescent glitter on the strip, interspersed with diamonds between "500";
  • hidden index "PP", visible at an acute angle;

When tilted, "500" appears with a different color for each digit.

Touch check. Banknote symbols can be recognized by the high relief on a special side section, in the emblem area. There are thin convex strokes along the edge of the margins on the front side.

The text “Modification 2010”, a watermark, embossed strokes on the margins became a difference from the previous banknotes.

500 ruble note modification

Important! The seaport station is displayed on the reverse side.

Counterfeit money

Among banknotes of 500 rubles, a fake is more common than in other varieties. Signs of a fake include:

  • lack of roughness, bulge and watermarks;
  • inaccurately inserted magnetic thread;
  • unreadable small inscription.

Important! Fraudsters use homemade sewing needles to create money, rather than a laser machine, to form microscopic holes.


Fake banknote 500 rubles

The statistics on counterfeit banknotes in Russia over the past nine years looks like this:


Total counterfeit banknotes detected (number of pieces) Incl. counterfeit banknotes, denomination of 500 rubles (number of pieces)

Percentage of total detection


132941 3273



155222 1906 1,23
2010 128700 1093



94567 2574 2,72
2012 88029 1417



71433 7494 10,49
2014 80243 2100



71949 2159 3,00
2016 61046 2015


2017 (Q1-Q3)

35393 565


Have you come across a counterfeit banknote of 500 rubles?

Appearance of a real banknote of 500 rubles

The main color of the banknote is pink. Three colors should be randomly distributed on paper: green, purple and red.

The paint, which depicts the number of a currency ticket, must be intact, not peeled off anywhere. It is made and reproduced according to a special technique, so even old banknotes contain a clearly executed numerical code.

In order to examine its reliability, you need to fold the bill in half at the place of the code, using a coin, and draw along the bending strip. The paint will not rub off.

You can also recognize the authenticity of a money ticket by moistening it a little. The fake will transfer its paint to the fingers, and the original banknote will be unified and safe.

The original money ticket makes sudden "thundering" rustles, and the fake one rustles softly.

Also, the original banknote is smooth, without any roughness, unlike a fake currency ticket.

The "Bank of Russia" sign on the 500 ruble bank note changes color from red-brown to golden-green when tilted. You can also see colored iridescent lines.

Real 500 rubles and a fake

Signs of the original banknote

Security features of a banknote of 500 rubles. are divided into two types:

  • visual - those that are determined by sight, by touch or through a magnifying glass;
  • machine-readable - they can be seen through special equipment.

Security thread

A metalized resurfacing thread 1 mm wide is introduced into the currency note, five parts of which come out on the surface of the money note from the reverse side.

In the light, the security thread is visible as a solid dark line.

It depicts the number 500 and rhombuses. On the other side of the banknote, this strip is gray; the same figures and figures are displayed in light shades against a darkened background.

Security thread

The banknote has a security thread.

Embossed inscriptions

All currency tickets have special marks for visually impaired people, as well as the phrase "ticket of the Bank of Russia", which have an increased relief, perceived by touch.

4 marks on the banknote are palpable due to the relief outlines:

  • line "Bank of Russia Ticket";
  • sign of the Bank of Russia;
  • a label for the visually impaired;
  • dashes in the margins.

Embossed signs on a banknote of 500 rubles


The watermark can be seen on the field of the 500-ruble note. It combines images of Peter I and the number 500.

Watermark - Peter I.


The banknote is microperforated in the form of the number 500, which is reflected in the light near the image of the sailboat. Despite the fact that this picture consists of an even row of small holes, it is intangible to the touch.

On a counterfeit banknote, perforation is done using ordinary needles.

Microperforation is made in the form of the number 500.

rainbow stripes

The iridescent sheen on the banknote is reflected by the security thread. You can see it by changing the viewing angle. Then from repeating numbers and rhombuses the picture changes to flickering colors.

rainbow stripes
Rainbow stripes.

If you tilt the banknote, then the text of the Bank of Russia logo should change its hue from brown to golden green.


You can examine the micro-pattern through a magnifying glass. The pattern is located in the middle of the front side, as well as on the top and bottom of the edges of the back of the bill.

In addition, with the help of a magnifying glass on the reverse side, you can recognize microtext: the repeated number 500 or the text "CBR 500".

Micro-pattern on the banknote of 500 rubles

Hidden image of the letters "rr"

The letters "pp" are visible when you look at the money at an angle. They are located on the ornamental ribbon of the banknote.

When considering a banknote against the source of the glow, the letters “PP” will be visible on the ornamental ribbon. When the banknote is tilted, the letters will appear light on a black background, or vice versa.

Hidden image of letters pp
"PP" is visible on the ornamental ribbon.

Hidden multicolor image of the number “500”

The number 500 becomes visible on the field under ultraviolet light and the banknote is tilted. All his figures are of different colors. With a slight turn or tilt of the banknote, the color of the numbers changes.

Verification methods

You can determine whether the 500 rubles are fake or genuine in front of you, through the light, by touch, using a magnifying glass, from different angles of view and using special equipment.

into the light

When viewed through the light, the original banknote is determined by the presence and features of the watermark, microperforation and security thread. All 3 signs combine 500 rubles. 2010

Checking a banknote of 500 rubles through the light

under a magnifying glass

The banknote has 500 rubles. 7 main signs that are visible with a magnifying glass.

sign Location Description
micropattern Middle of front side, top and bottom margins of back side Small line drawing
Image Banknote center The station building consists of isolated graphic drawings
microtext Top of the banknote The number 500 repeated in 14 lines
microtext The bottom of the banknote The inscription "TsBRF500", repeated in 6 lines
microtext Decorative tape on both sides Dot-separated, repeating "500" lettering
Protective fibers Chaotic Grey, red and blue fibers
Colorless embossing On the left side of the banknote on the front side and after the inscription "Ticket of the Bank of Russia" Line pattern turning into colorless embossing

Checking a banknote of 500 rubles with a magnifying glass

When viewed from an angle

At an angle on the banknote, there is a change in the pattern on the security thread. When tilted, you can see the hidden letters "pp" on the decorative ribbon and the image of the multi-colored number 500.

To the touch

Feel on a banknote of 500 rubles. manages a label for the visually impaired, the emblem of the Bank of Russia.

The relief of strokes on the edges of the banknote and the inscription "Ticket of the Bank of Russia" allows you to distinguish a fake by touch.

Distinctive features of fakes

The original banknotes are printed with a special ink that does not peel off. Even if you fold the banknote, its appearance will remain the same. The paint on fakes in the places of folds will begin to crumble and crumble.

You can also check the authenticity with water. If you wet the original, the image will remain unchanged. A fake will color the water, the picture will become blurry.

A real banknote is smooth, a fake is rough, because the microperforation of the original is applied by a laser, and the scammers use a sewing needle.

On the original, you can see iridescent lines and changing color on the sign of the "Bank of Russia", which are not on fakes.

Actions if a fake fell into the hands

If you find yourself with fake 500 rubles, you should not pay with them. This is a criminal offence.

The fake must be taken to the bank or the police. In the first case, a stamp will be put on the bill, indicating that the banknote cannot be used for payment. In the second, you will have to testify and remember how the money fell into your hands.

Interesting Facts

Denomination of 500 rubles. It is no coincidence that they are called "five-hat". This word originates from pre-revolutionary times - people combined 5 bills of 100 rubles each, on which Catherine II was depicted, into one, and it turned out - “five Katya”. Over time, the word was simplified to "pyatikhatka", and then the modern "pyatikatka" appeared.

Until 2000, 500 rubles. were the largest currency in the country.

In the past, counterfeiters were punished very severely. in England in the seventeenth century. such a crime was punishable by death: scammers were quartered or burned.

What will you do with a counterfeit 500 ruble note?
I will hand over to the police, I will go through the whole procedure according to the law
Contact Sberbank
I will destroy, 500 rubles is not such a lot of money
It's not my fault, I'll pay with a fake for purchases in the market
I don't know what I'll do
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Where to go if you sold a fake?


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  1. Michael

    To make life difficult for counterfeiters, the Central Bank came up with many surprises for them to overcome, which they are all unable to overcome for technical and economic reasons, in 500 rubles these “surprises” are probably the most, it will be extremely difficult to deceive a bank, unlike an ordinary layman who will remember all the signs of a fake it is difficult and even more doubtful that someone will check for all signs - there is simply never enough time and elementary laziness. I always check the bill for the quality of the paper, it should be smooth, if there is a thread and watermarks, this is usually enough.

  2. Vlad

    When I was still a student, my friend got into a very difficult situation. In the market at the checkout, when he paid, the cashier looked at his bill for a long time, and then asked him to step aside and wait. Realizing that there were problems with the banknote, he offered to pay with another one, to which he was refused. He was detained by security until the police arrived. Luckily, everything worked out for him. However, he didn't have a happy day. And all this, in principle, can be avoided by knowing simple rules.

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    In the bazaars, they very often give a fake, while taking real money, the article will help to avoid this and before taking a fake bill, you can familiarize yourself with it well, so thank you that there are such sites and help people avoid deception.

  5. Andrey

    “If you find fake 500 rubles in your possession, you should not pay with them. This is a criminal offence.

    The fake must be taken to the bank or the police. In the first case, a stamp will be put on the bill, indicating that the banknote cannot be used for payment. In the second, you will have to testify and remember how the money got into your hands.”

    На мой взгляд, не стоит сгущать краски. 🙂 Это уголовно наказуемо, если так называемое “государство” сможет доказать, что вы заведомо знали, что купюра поддельная. А вы ведь могли и заблуждаться, правда, да. 🙂 Какую выгоду вам принесет сдача подделки в банк или полицаям? Да никакой.
    A conscientious error is not punishable, but what you knew to be a forgery - this still needs to be proven to the prosecutor.