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Engine oil is designed to lubricate the rubbing parts of a car engine. Only the use of a quality product guarantees long and stable operation of the motor. Due to the great popularity of Motul oil, a fake of this product can often be found on the windows of some online and offline car dealerships. Sometimes it is performed at such a high level that it is difficult for an unprepared buyer to distinguish a fake from the original. However, there are a number of signs by which even a beginner will identify counterfeit oil.

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motul oil
Motul oil is designed to lubricate car parts.

Distinctive features of the original Motul engine oil

In order for the engine to work properly, it must be filled with original engine oil, and every motorist must know how to choose it correctly.

Before sending the product to the consumer, Motul tries to protect its product from counterfeiting as much as possible. The appearance and features of the packaging can always be studied on the manufacturer's website. Here are the characteristics of all manufactured products.

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There are several ways to independently check the quality of the oil:

  1. Settling. To do this, the tested product is poured into a transparent container and exposed to the sun. If this is a fake, then after 15-20 minutes the liquid will begin to delaminate, a precipitate will fall. This is due to the use of low-quality additives.
  2. Color. For most brands, it is amber in color, while for counterfeit it is darker. There are green and red products. You can put a drop of oil on white paper and tilt the sheet a little. If the remaining trace is dark, then this is a sign of a fake with excess additives.
  3. Cold check. Each type of oil is designed to work in a given temperature range. Cool it to the minimum values, and if it loses viscosity, you know: you have purchased a surrogate.

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These methods have a significant drawback: you are unlikely to be allowed to conduct such tests in a store, so it will be possible to evaluate the quality of the purchased oil only after purchasing it.

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What to look for when buying in a store

To purchase original Motul oil, evaluate the following product characteristics:

  • workmanship of the canister and lid;
  • the appearance of the label and the information printed on it;
  • availability of certificates and excise stamps;
  • date of manufacture and batch code.
When buying in a store
When buying in a store, pay attention to the appearance of the oil.

It is unlikely that you will be able to buy an original product in a small store or on the market. When visiting a retail outlet, pay attention to the presence of advertising posters of the specified brand (sellers of counterfeit goods most often do not have them). There should be a large selection of oils on display. The seller is well versed in the assortment, knows the properties and characteristics of different brands of the product, can answer questions and help make the right choice.

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The main ways to recognize a fake

Many people think that checking the barcode will be enough to purchase original motor oil. This is not entirely true. If it is incorrect, then this is a clear sign of a fake, but even if the barcode is correct, this still does not give the 100% a guarantee that you have an original product in your hands.

You can determine that you have high-quality Motul oil, and not counterfeit, by a number of signs.


The first thing they look at when buying is the packaging.

The following components are evaluated:

  1. Canister. It is made of 2 parts, the seam is neat, without sags and zigzags. The plastic is dense and does not bend under light pressure with a finger. The entire surface of the canister is rough and does not smooth out in any place. The volume indicator is the same width along the entire length, the marks are convex and easy to read.
  2. Lid. The original is painted in a rich red color with a slight sheen. The teeth on the plug are relatively large, neat and regular in shape, located far from each other. This element does not allow the lid to scroll. If the integrity of the plug is broken, it means that the canister has already been opened and a low-quality product has been poured into it.
  3. Label. This is another component of the packaging, where all the information about the product is applied. The print quality is high. Most often, the label is multi-layered, each element is easily opened and glued again. The information is presented in several languages, including Russian. The glossy sticker is securely attached to the canister along its entire contour, there are no swellings.
Evaluate the quality of the Motul oil packaging and cap.

Smell and color

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Depending on the brand of Motul oil, its color and smell will differ. For example, product 7100, designed for motorcycles, is red and pear-flavored, while 710 2T, green, has a sugary flavor. Information about what color the oil should be in the canister is looked for in the instructions attached to it, and then the contents of the container are checked. True, this can only be done at home, after opening the container.

Date of manufacture and batch code

When inspecting the canister, it is imperative to check when the products are made (information about this is applied to the bottom of the container). Dates of production of packaging and oil spills may differ for a period not exceeding 8 months. Often, fake products are poured into the original canister and a fresh spill date is printed, but they do not take into account that the container was made several years earlier.

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Information about the time of oil spill is applied on the back and front side of the container. Its shelf life until the date of purchase is no more than 5 years.

The batch code is indicated on the bottom and center of the front or back of a Motul branded container for oil. It is applied by the method of factory laser printing. This stamp is not erased or washed off with water, it can only be removed with a sharp object. On fakes, the batch code is easily erased with a wet finger.


A store or service center selling original Motul oil must have a certificate from the manufacturer. Although it does not have any stamps on it and is easy to fake, sellers of counterfeit goods often do not have such a document.

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The store must have a certificate of quality.


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Motul adheres to a strict pricing policy, so the cost of oil in different countries will be almost the same. A small difference is due to the peculiarities of legislation, taxes and disposal fees in those places where these products are sold.

If the seller claims that he has the original Motul oil, and its low price is associated with importation, for example, from Poland or Lithuania, then this is a fake, and it is better to refuse to buy such a product.

To find out how much the products you are interested in should cost, it is enough to study the prices in official stores in other countries.

The cost of some types of Motul engine oil used for passenger cars is presented in the table.

Oil brand Volume, l Cost, rub.
Motul 8100 X-clean + 5W-30 5 3650
Motul 8100 X-clean 5W-40 5 3465
Motul 8100 Xcess 5W-40 5 4144
Motul 8100 Eco-nergy 5W-30 5 2990
Motul 8100 Eco-nergy 0W-30 5 4572

Place of purchase

We recommend buying original Motul engine oil here

The easiest way is to buy original Motul engine oil in official stores or service centers. You should not strongly trust unknown online stores, the market and small retail outlets.

The official seller of Motul products must be registered on the manufacturer's website. In addition to the quality certificate, at the first request, the buyer must provide the following documents:

  • a customs certificate of conformity confirming that the goods have legally entered Russia;
  • documents certifying that the sellers have been trained by the company and can professionally advise on any product of the Motul brand.

In addition, the store should have a large selection of Motul products.

Every canister of oil has an excise stamp, but the counterfeit product does not.

Quality Assurance

Motul is responsible for pricing. Its products cannot be cheap, the price in different countries is almost the same.

The second quality assurance factor is the ability to go to the manufacturer's website at any time and check whether the specified seller is an official representative of the Motul trademark. If he commits violations or is seen in the sale of counterfeit products, he is immediately excluded from this list.

The operation of a car engine directly depends on the quality of the engine oil used, so you need to be careful to buy an original, not a fake.

What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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